December Part 22 – Happy “Helliday”

 It was my one day “holiday”, or “helliday”, as many of Dr J’s patients will refer to it as. I still had to do my Xylitol and Lactoferrin, but at least it was still more or less a break. Sometimes I find it to be nice to have a break, aside from the extra exhaustion which is normal for me, but this time was different. This time had me wondering, and a little worried. 


I awoke in the morning to my cell phone ringing. It was my Dad, telling me he picked up the mail for me. Thanks! I hung up the phone and immediately felt like I was going to pass out. I wanted to get my clothes ready, so as an unorganized Lymie, I needed to pull clean clothes from the dryer or my “clean hamper”, but had to sit in my kitchen and stop for a minute. My head was down between my legs, and I was dry heaving. Closing my eyes, I just wanting it to stop. Whyyyyyyyyy… this is my day off antibiotics!


I felt like I got hit my a ton of bricks. It usually does not hit me this hard when I have a break from my antibiotics. I was worried because I don’t know was going on. This was either the beginnings of a terrible flu, or a ton of toxicity in my body that I needed to rid myself of. I had tightness in my stomach, completely bloated and distended, and pain in my upper abdomen where my gallbladder once was, and also the middle left part of my stomach.


 I am not sure if it is a neuropathy type issue I have faced in my past, but I can’t help to be worried since I am indeed taking an absolutely disgusting amount of antibiotics to try to kill the bugs inside of me.  I also fear for liver and pancreas issues as I have had several issues in the past. This weeks bloodwork will tell. I am also concerned because I felt like my chest was heavy and full of fluid. Nothing I could cough up, but like something was there. I took a big breath in, and I would wheeze and I could feel the denseness in my chest. If it doesn’t go away, I will definately be asking day surgery their thoughts on this. I am lucky and have day-surgery staff that love me, believe me, and will do anything they can to help. 


I didn’t have a lot of work to do thank goodness, only entering invoices and getting things ready for the following day because… I had the day OFF! I spent the night in my usual insomnia, and took a few selfies out of boredom and did a lactated ringer since I would not be able to for the next several days. At least while being on the computer I remembered to pay my mortgage. That’s a really good thing. 🙂


Yeah. I am definitely not a supermodel but I promised to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I look pretty heinous. My face muscles were acting up. A face only a mother could love.. right Mom?!! (I know she will read this)


A new IV protocol to start on my day off, Sunday. Meropenum and Cipro, both twice a day, but no oral antibiotics other than my lactoferrin and xylitol mixture for two more days. But this protocol is every day, which I am not use to with Dr. J’s IV protocols. No pulsing. This will be rough, but I made it through round one, now getting ready for round two. Ding Ding Ding!


8 thoughts on “December Part 22 – Happy “Helliday”

  1. Hi Kimmie, I’m so glad you posted this even though you are going through such torment. I showed it to my 14 year old daughter who is experiencing the exact same thing today. She just can’t remember when she last felt “normal.” I don’t comment much, but I wanted you to know that your musings are so validating and informative for me, a Lyme Warrior over 25 years and for my 14 year old daughter, who wishes she could participate in school again, do all her sports, and just get through a day without feeling like “death.”

  2. We are on the exact same protocol or I am on a very similar variation! I have met several of dr J’s patients and none of them have been on this protocol before so it was very cool to read about someone else’s experience for once. I wish you all the best in finishing this protocol and the protocols in the figure! We will overcome this wretched disease.

    • Neat! I have yet to meet someone with this protocol. Seems like everyone has had a lighter load. Hmph. Maybe Dr. J just doesn’t like me. LOL

      Good luck to you and finish off strong!

  3. I too hated the weeks where you had to literally be attached to a pole all day….it was awful:/ How long have you been with Dr. J now? You’re protocol seems similar to what mine was….but I had a ton of orals too….and did Tygacil in the evenings instead of Cipro both times. Maybe that is just something you have to look forward to :/ Yuck….I just hate antibiotics, now….makes me almost sick just thinking of them! :/ But hang in there….hopefully soon you’ll be done with the IV part….it’s such a relief:) Good luck sweetheart….stay strong:)

    • Yeah I am doing orals too. Just not this week.
      Week 1 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Meropenum and Tigecycline IVs 1 x day, Septra DS 2 x day, 700 mg Artimisinin 2 x day, Leucovorin 1 x day, Pyrimethamine 2 x day , Thursday, Friday – Flagyl 2 x day, Diflucan 2 x day

      Monday – Monday – 250 mg Lactoferrin 1 x day, 4 tbs Xylitol 1 x day

      Week 2 – Sunday – Thursday – IV Meropenum 2 x day, IV Cipro 2 x day

      Week 3 – Monday-Wednesday – Coartem Challenge

      Week 4 – Off, back to DC

      This will be my 6th month. I saw him earlier but I needed a break from my previous treatment with other docs.

      I have the feeling I will have the Tig more next month since I was just introduced to it. Yayyy (totally kidding.)

      Thanks, you too 🙂

      • What day do you go back to DC? I go back soon to and I can tell by the way our protocols go that you are a few days ahead of me but not by much! I am starting cipro today!

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