January Part 3 – I Swore to Tell the Whole Truth

 This was a day I was looking forward and counting down the days for. My first day of three days off of my antibiotics. If you have been following, you would know that it was a long and extremely aggressive few weeks. It wore me down, physically, and very much emotionally. It made me realize that although I have made a ton of progress, I still have a long way to go. I was hoping it would be a lot easier than it was.


I slept in. A lot. Usually the first day off antibiotics is really tough for me. I think the extra sleep helped out a lot because I didn’t have any issues once I was awake and got out of bed. It has made me really lightheaded for the past month, but so far so good. 


I decided to take a bath as it would be the third day I didn’t wash up. I just didn’t give a shit. I didn’t wash my hair though. I didn’t feel like it as it is a task and a half to do while taking a bath. Taking a bath at all was already a big improvement.


 My hair is gross. It is sticking up in the back. Maybe I will do mini dreads. LOL Don’t cringe at me. You aren’t the one who goes to bed with me at night! 😉 Poor, poor, Dave. I promised myself that I would give it a good wash the next day. 


I went into work even though I didn’t have to, to enter invoices and keep caught up. My mind was definitely drifting. Looking at new computers, as I don’t have a desktop although I don’t have the money. New furniture for my living room that I can’t afford either. And puppies. One of my favorite secret pastimes is to stalk puppies online. Maybe in the spring we will add to our little family. *sigh*


I began to get really tired so I decided it was time to go home. I was really sore, but I was blaming it on the weather. I hate it when non-Lymies blame everything on the weather ( see https://kimmiecakeskickslyme.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/things-not-to-say-with-someone-with-a-chronic-illness/ ), but to be fair, it was REALLY cold. I actually think it might have been the coldest night of the year here in NH. 


Dave picked up dinner for us so I didn’t have to worry about cooking. I relaxed as much as I could, and tried to stay warm. I have been freezing this entire month, but with the extra cold, I couldn’t get enough blankets on me. Cold nights also remind me of how drafty my house is. I swear if I put a flag by my living room wall, it would blow in the wind. This definitely didn’t help with the cold thing. 


My stomach was beginning to hurt really bad. I then remembered that I hadn’t gone number two… in a few days. Damn you Zofran! I am certain it was my nausea med because I really couldn’t think of anything else. Sorry if this is TMI for you, but let’s be real here. LOL


Bloated, and feeling chunky, I hopped on the scale to see what it would say. I have officially gained 30 pounds since April when I was starting to get my immune system back and running. I always see it as pounds of deli meat. That would probably be an entire deli, all in my gut and ass. A super way to boost your self confidence. 😉


I had a cup of peppermint tea to help my stomach ache, and stayed up late as my Lymie insomnia was kicking in. When I got up off the couch to get ready for bed, I had very painful soles of my feet, and began to lose my balance. Walking like a drunk. Doing the crab walk as I like to call it. It still wasn’t nearly as bad as my last break off of antibiotics, which is such a good thing. I hope that these breaks get easier and easier. I finally forced myself to go to sleep, comforted by the fact that I could sleep in on Saturday morning.


4 thoughts on “January Part 3 – I Swore to Tell the Whole Truth

  1. When I was on Dr. J’s really tough protocol, I would get so cold that I would seize and my lips would turn blue. So after like you said a million and a half blankets–heater blankets too….they’ll save you, this warm pack http://www.lilblueboo.com/2012/01/diy-homeopathic-hot-packs-a-tutorial.html , and ativan….I would then get super high temps….My highest was 105.4 :/ Awful…then I would just sweat like a maniac…be soaked, ick! But I would try taking a super hot bath when you feel the cold spells coming on, and get a heated blanket for sure….drinking hot water would help too:) Hope some of my tricks can help you too:) I don’t know what your cold spells are like, but I do know that it’s absolutely awful to not be able to control your temperature. :/ Good luck!

    • They aren’t as bad as they use to be. I use to run in the 95’s. I would usually end up going unconscious. Now I run a little low, but not that bad! I actually think my parents have one of those… maybe I will steal it 🙂 Good luck to you too!

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