January Part 4 – Feelin’ Sassy

 Saturday I got to sleep in. I woke up with a splitting headache, that made my eyeballs hurt. My muscles were sore and my joints ached. But I pressed on and got ready for the day. I slept half the day away, so I really needed to get out of bed, even though it seemed like the best place in the world to be. 


I was afraid to take a shower as it wasn’t even a question if I should wash my hair or not, but after my patch issues, even with my protective patches, I didn’t want to take that chance. So it was kneeling down in the tub and washing my hair from the faucet. It hurts my back and my legs a lot, but you gotta do what you gotta do. And I felt a lot better. A little more human after an extensive hair wash that took 3 shampooings to get it clean. 


Not having a particular time to go to work, I spent a little extra time on me. Taking off my nail polish still decorated from a week before Christmas, once decorated with little wreaths, snow and holliberries, was then just little pieces of polish still left on my fingers. I tweezed my eyebrows as they looked like big catipillars, put on some lipstick, and mascara, and tried but didn’t succeed at getting rid of the giant circles under my eyes. 


I don’t care who you are, but if you feel like you look better, you feel a little better. I am not superficial as I am by no means a supermodel, and I have been on both sides of the weight spectrum, from underweight to obese, but there is just something about putting on a cute outfit, makeup, and doing your hair that just feels really good. It raises the spirit a little bit. And I needed that after jumping on the scale the day before.


Did it cure my massive pounding headache? No. But I DID feel a little better after an emotional few weeks. And after the fact that I had been not bathing or washing my hair for the past several days, I did the world a favor. 


There wasn’t a lot that I had to focus on at work, but I got a little extra help in the office which was appreciated. Even little things like stapling papers together can be a huge help to me right now. It takes me longer to get things done, and I get so overwhelmed and upset at everything that it ruins any sort of productivity for the day. 


I went home to find that Dave had made plans to go to Buffalo Wild Wings with our friends. I was pretty happy about this, since other than work, massage, and the many trips to the hospital, I haven’t gone and done ANYTHING for weeks. We usually at least go out to dinner but I just wasn’t up to it. I remembered to take my seizure meds as I sometimes forget them in the afternoon, and relaxed until it was time to head out. 


It was nice to see my friends. I feel that the lights, tvs, and all the noise bothers me in there, but I did my best to mute it all out. We ended up going straight home from wings.


 I stayed up and watched documentaries on Nat Geo, ones that you want to change the channel but just can’t.  Some of those people I find it amazing that they are still alive, and without the channel probably paying for their medical care, they would not be so lucky. So, not a wild Saturday night. LOL But I sure was glad I got to go out to dinner.  


I ended up going to bed before my usual 2 a.m. I had one more day of freedom before I was to start my third round of Coartem. One day of freedom I knew regardless of how I spent it, I would definately enjoy it, and not want it to end. 


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