January Part 5 – Last Day Before Coartem

Dave wasn’t home when I got up, so I was running a little behind. I use him as my second alarm clock in the mornings on the weekend, because I usually don’t hear my alarm clock going off in 5 minute intervals for at least an hour. Oops.

I got ready, taking a bath, and putting my clean clothes in the dryer for a bit to stay toasty warm. I had extra work to do for the day as it was suppose to be really icy on Monday.

My legs hurt a lot that morning. It was odd, but I started getting these bumps on my arm and on my back. They much looked like mosquito bites, itchy but extremely sore. I have since asked about them and got two possible scenarios, a detoxing issue, or a Bartonella rash. I feel like there is always a mystery going on with me. LOL


Work was extremely frustrating for me. I was trying to figure things out, but my mind was complete mush. My Quickbooks program kept crapping out on me, closing every time I wanted to look something up, and while I was trying to do some bills, I was never given receipts for half the things, so I didn’t know what they were, how how to enter them. At that point, I was getting really angry.

I got home and asked Dave to pick up a ham while he went grocery shopping, so I could make a batch of pea soup. What did he come home with? A PORK TENDERLOIN. Ugh. Rage increasing.

Do you remember the Christmas cookies? Here is an illustration of my thoughts of his shopping this week:


Men, if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself… Oh wait, I can’t.  I need to simmer down and not get so angry at him, since he does in fact do just about everything. So pork tenderloin pea soup this week it was going to be! (On an added note I made it this week, and it was still good. 😉 )

Dave and I watched a Star Wars marathon and he made me dinner. We relaxed together for the rest of the evening. Sometimes I miss him because he works outside a lot. Even if we aren’t talking and just watching movies it is nice to have him there.

As nighttime net in, so did my paranoia. My right arm was killing me. Another mystery. From the inside part of where you bend your arm, all the way halfway up to my shoulder. Bicep? I don’t fucking know. I don’t have any muscles anyway.

Dave was kind of worried, and said if it got any worse to wake him up and he would bring me to the hospital. Not going to be lie, it made me really nervous. You really need to be careful with arm pain when you have any sort of an IV line because of clotting. But I figured I would wait it out and it would be better by morning.

The next morning would be the start of my third Coartem challenge. If you remember, my first time was miserable. The second time I was more fluish than anything. With it being the third time around, I was thinking it wasn’t going to be so bad at all.

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