January Part 6 – Coartem Round 3 Ding Ding Ding!

My third round of Coartem. For those of you not following, Coartem is an anti-malarial, used to treat Babesia infections. It is a three day antibiotic course. I have had my ups and downs with this drug, so I was really hoping for an easy time around.


 It was a really rainy day, so I was told not to come into work because the driveway would be too icy. That was a relief because I certainly didn’t mind getting the extra sleep, guilt free. 


When I got up, I noticed my arm was feeling so much better, which was great since I was really worried that something was really wrong. Having an IV line and that type of pain makes you wonder if there is something more going on like a blood clot. So needless to say, I was just in pain, and to me, that was a beautiful and wonderful thing under this circumstance.  


My new tegaderm was starting to peel up in a few spots, so I patched it up after I took my morning bath. Yes! I took a bath! My goal of the week was to not be a ragamuffin and at least take a bath everyday. Did I complete my goal this week? Of course not, but it was a good thought. 


I had a small snack and a glass of almond milk to take my first 4 pills of Coartem. I left the house with plans to run some errands, like go to the bank for work because I had a deposit to make, go to my bank, as I still hadn’t gone to my bank since I got last week’s paycheck, get a coffee, and go to the post office and drop of the mail for work that needed to go out.


After the couple minute drive into town, I felt terrible. I was sweating, and was beginning to feel really lightheaded. I got my coffee and knew that I would have to cut my errand running short. I went to the drive thru for my work’s bank, and dropped the mail into a box on my way home. 


I didn’t even bother with the drive thru at my bank because I am always afraid as it is super tight to go in there, that I will crash into the building. LOL 


Anyone that knows me personally will know that I have certainly had my fair share of “oopsies”, all going under the speed limit of 5, usually in parking lots or driveways, and the way I was feeling, I wasn’t going to even try. No “oopsies” were going to happen that day for Kimmiecakes.  I was happy I at least got work things done, even though they frown upon the drive thru, but whatever. Better than nothin’. 


I went home, and felt much, much, worse. I sat on the couch, completely incoherent. I did absolutely nothing all day. Literally, nothing. Just sat. My eyes were so blurry I couldn’t even see the TV. I tried to listen but the words all seemed to be so far away, and I couldn’t comprehend anything. I wanted to lay down but I felt like my body was just frozen there, unable to move. The whole room was spinning. I so I just sat there, in outer space, and the time lapsed all the way until Dave came home from work, nearly 4 hours later. 


Dave got me a little more “alive”, and made me dinner. As soon as I finished eating, I passed right out until 9 or so. I got up in a pool of sweat, dripping off my neck and down my shirt, so I think maybe the Coartem was stirring up the Babesia a bit and doing its job. I force fed myself as I really wasn’t hungry a piece of cheese and some more almond milk, along with a nausea pill, and took it easy for the rest of the night. 


Overall, I had a total of 15 hours of sleep that day. I guess my body really needed it. I was really surprised by this day, as I thought it would be the easiest round of Coartem yet. I was definitely wrong. Either way, one day was down, two more to go! 


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