January Part 7 – The Kettle is Boiling

 I actually got up just past my alarm. Not bad not bad… especially considering I am notorious for being extremely late these days. It probably would have been better if I had gotten more sleep though, as I found myself immediately annoyed right off the bat ad things usually go downhill from there. 


I had some cooking preparations to do in the morning before I got ready. My split pea and pork tenderloin soup, since I didn’t get the ham I asked for. LOL Dave said he sorted the peas for rocks before he left for work and what is the first thing that I see, plain as day? A big giant fucking rock. Men. Bah! The tea kettle inside my head was beginning to whistle. 


I didn’t feel like getting ready, so a quick splash of water on my face was the extent of it. This seems to be a common reoccurring theme with me these days. I feel like a little kid who hates bath time. You can’t make me!


I battled all day trying to get a policy number on my insurance, only to find out that not only have they already taken my money once, it turns out they they have processed it an additional three times. Adding to the anger. I am going to have to wait that one out, which is unfortunate because I don’t have that kind of money, but I also can’t wait 6 months to get refunded and still have to pay every month, so I guess a big credit is what I will have to do! 


It was stressing me out beyond belief, as I paid and had a confirmation of payment December 18th, and I did it EARLY because I really need the insurance and I always like to get things done ahead of time whenever possible.  I tried calling the insurance company, one of I believe two that you can choose from in my state, and now because of the high call volumes, they are no longer putting people on hold and the message tells you to call back at another time.


At that point, I was literally in tears talking to my insurance agent because this all should have been taken care of before the new year. I know I am not the only one going through this, and a lot are in worse situations than mine. Ugh. Completely frustrating. My bills are hundreds of dollars a week, which I feel should be covered because I have indeed paid… possibly four times already.. and I really wanted to be covered by my dressing change on Thursday. I can only imagine how frustrating the thousands of families that are dealing with things like cancer treatments and dialysis are facing….  


I went to work and took my Coartem after I had a bite to eat. I felt out of it but managed to get a lot done. It was nothing like the day before and the hours of being completely incoherent.  After I got finished with work for the day, I went to my  massage therapy appointment. My feet were doing much worse than they usually are. My toes have absolutely no circulation going to them, she said it might have been the worst she had seen. I am not really sure why, since I always try to keep my feet elevated while spending all my time on the couch, and I always have on a pair of fuzzy socks to keep them warm. 


As soon as I got done my appointment, I checked my phone. Work. GASP. I call back, and it was a question that I was trying to explain, ( a customer skipped an invoice), and trying to explain that type of thing over the phone, even though it is completely easy for me to understand, can be confusing to someone who has never done any bookkeeping or can’t understand the notes I wrote in their file about their payment records or my note to the bossman about it. At this point the tea kettle in my head was officially boiling and I think anyone could probably see the steam coming from my ears. It wasn’t so much as that, but I really honestly hate that customer, because they make mistakes over and over again, even worse than me! Maybe they have Lyme…  


After that, I went to visit with S. on my drive home to make a hair appointment, and seeing my friends always cheers me up a bit. She washed my hair while I was in there, which is great because I am having such a hard time with that sort of thing right now, and trimmed it for me because it would be a few days until I could get in. I love her, and having a good friend was the silver lining of my day.  


The most bizarre thing happened on my way home. I had a sudden HUGE burst of energy. Wait, what? This isn’t me?! Instead of relaxing, as I needed to, I  hand washed the kitchen floor. Holy moly. That is the most intense workout I have had in nearly a year and a half. I was so proud. Even though it wasn’t perfect, it was better than it was, and I did it. 


Of course, I undid any positive effect of my massage, but you know what? This was worth it to me. Another silver lining. 


I relaxed for the rest of the night. I was incredibly sore, which I am sure cleaning the floor had some to do with it, and completely wiped out. I sat and wrote, and finished a research blog I had been working on for over a month, but have had such a hard time this month I could only do very small pieces. I ordered a new tegaderm to try. My diaper patch is much less itchy but it peels up a lot, so I need to constantly reinforce it with tape. This new one is called IV3000. I figure it is worth a shot. Trial and error! If this doesn’t work I can always go back to my diaper patch. 😉 


I stayed up late to get all of this done, and once I was, had a cup of tea. I was glad that my second day was better, aside from all the frustrations, but it was definitely a night and day difference between my first and second day. What would my third day bring?

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