January Part 9 – The Start of a Much Needed Break

 It was my first day off of antibiotics. The day I have been waiting for, since the past few weeks have been in no exaggeration hell. This break will be the longest since going under Dr J’s care. I usually really feel it when I get off of my antibiotics, then other than exhaustion, I am not as bad. I am wondering how this time will be since I did have such a rough month, if it will be a positive thing for me. I am really hoping so, as I could use a little positivity. My body and mind have both had a rocky road. 


It was my first dressing change since I got my “diaper patch” put on. I was wondering how it was doing, and was glad it was Thursday since it didn’t adhere all that well, so it looked like I was ready to be painted, with all the blue tape around it. It was a work of art, created by yours truly, KimmiecakeskicksLyme. 🙂


My dressing change went great! My skin was completely clear. No blisters, no redness, no signs that I had even had any issues, which was completely surprising to me since my skin was raw and blistered just a week earlier. 


My new tegaderm didn’t come in yet, so another diaper patch had to do. Of course it came in on Friday, but that is just the way things work out. I haven’t decided if I am going to try my new patch next week or not, in case if there is an issue, since I will be flying to see Dr J. Dave made a good point though, if it IS an issue, one of the nurses can swap it out with the dressing I really wanted to try, Sorbaview, but let’s face it, I am not made of money. And that particular kind, although would likely be a good choice, is ridiculously expensive. 


Since I like to complicate things and overdo it in every way I can, I decided to go to the bank. THEN, had a visit with Dr. S, to give me a much needed chiropractic adjustment. We always chit chat about how the treatment is going, and I mentioned to him my “press release” I had recently gotten, and that I couldn’t find a lot of information about CRPS. He said he would see what he could find, and get back to me. 


After my afternoon of running errands and seeing Dr. S, I was so tired and beginning to feel woozy. See? Overdid it. It was a very busy day but I had to do it. Needless to say, it was another Thursday I missed out on wing night with Dave. They are probably going to think I hate them over there now, as I haven’t been in nearly two months, but I really haven’t been up to it. Maybe soon here, I will be well enough to be able to go up there, hell, maybe I can make it up the stairs there and not have to use the elevator! Probably not in the realm of possibility at the moment, since it is three sets of stairs, but one can wish. 


I am definitely going to make sure next week I keep an open schedule so I can relax as much as possible (yeah right). It would be a really good thing if I did for once though, and do the best to get into the right frame of mind for my next appointment, and ready to start another month’s treatment. 


Later on in the night, the insomnia kicked in once again. Wide awake until the wee hours of the morning, even though I was spent. I began getting overly emotional again, and couldn’t stop crying. Ugh. Hoping this part wears off, FAST! Ain’t nobody got time for that! 😉

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