January Part 10 – Sleeping the Day Away

Wow, I couldn’t have been any later for work on Friday morning, or should I say afternoon. It doesn’t help that I can’t get to sleep at night, so this is my body catching up. I missed my alarm going off for three hours. THREE HOURS! And Dave even texted me asking if I was awake. My alarm and my phone going off, still sound asleep. My dog was even resting his head on my shoulder, probably to make sure I was breathing at that point. Not because he cares, but to see if I was going to give him his morning kibbles or not LOL


Of course, I called Dave on his lunch break, just shortly after I had gotten up.  He told me he texted me because he had heard that there was a bad accident on my road. Then he said, he realized just after he sent that text, was around 9:30, so he knew there was no possible way it could have been me since I would have still be in bed. Yes Dave, you are correct. 


Once again, not a bath day, I figured it was no big deal since my best friend was going to touch up my roots later on, so I would at least have a good hair washing. I made it to work, and checked my e-mail because I am unfocused and a slacker like that these days. Dr. S wrote me back about my question about having CRPS… with a link to Wikipedia. REALLY DR. S? For realizes? Cheese and rice, I could have done that, oh wait, I did do that on my own. Hahaha. I guess it is the thought that counts, and he did care enough to e-mail me back. It made my morning, hrmm… afternoon, as it definitely gave me a good chuckle. 


I went in to see my bestie, and she washed my hair. My legs were in excruciating pain, and she could tell I just plain didn’t feel good. I had a blank stare, and wasn’t talkative at all, which isn’t really like me, unless of course I feel the way I did. 


Dave picked me up dinner, and it ended up being another very late night. At least I knew I could sleep in on Saturday morning, so no alarm clock, just sleep, uninterrupted, beautiful sleep. I had an added bonus to my day, I checked my e-mail, and I got a number for my insurance policy! I still don’t have the card yet, but it is a step in the right direction. I really needed that this week. Even though I didn’t feel good, I felt like the storm was subsiding, at least on an emotional level. 


It was the first whole day since I can remember that I had without any tears. I was upset about hearing of a very young girl that passed away from Lyme the other day, and it made me feel so fortunate that although I feel like I am living in hell, I am alive. I am going to stay alive, and I will continue to fight. For me, my family, for Dave, and for all of those who aren’t as lucky. It reminds me of all I want to do one day. This girl has big plans in her future. Everyone has hopes and dreams, but I promise you, I will make them a reality.


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