January Part 12 – Aftermath of A Night Out

 Since it was the weekend, I had my own personal alarm clock, Dave, to make sure I got up on time.  I was so tired. I feel like I am not recovering from being off of antibiotics as quick as I normally do. This time isn’t all that super. Not that they are at all “super”, but this is definitely a fair trade off this time around. I suppose that is why us Dr. J patients call it a “Helliday”.  I wonder what Dr J will think about this and if it will effect treatment. 


I woke up in a ton of pain. My legs just didn’t want to work. My feet, calves, and knees were giving me the big ol’ “fuck you”. Gluten causes inflammation in your body, which could be a big culprit, after my binge of mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers at the theater the night before. I even had to put my feet on a box at work because my knees were in so much pain. The only way that I found any comfort is when I had them extended, instead of bent. 


I was stuttering like crazy all morning, and kept drawing complete blanks with any question that was asked of me. I was really appreciative that some of the work was done for me when I got there, regardless it was busy work, like stapling and filing papers, but even the smallest things like that are a huge help to me. That way, I wasn’t completely falling behind. 


Dave’s parents stopped by, and later on in the evening, so did A. I was so tired. It was one of those days that I felt like being rude, putting the blanket over my head, and falling asleep on the couch. I am a bad entertainer sometimes. Whatev. It was just one of those days. I didn’t feel good, and I didn’t want to talk. It is okay when A. is here though to keep me company though. I don’t feel weird about it. She always tells me how things are going, but she knows it is okay for me to just listen, and we have that type of friendship that we can  sit and watch a movie or TV without any communication. It’s just us. I love that girl with all my heart, and it is wonderful to have a friend with that type of relationship, especially during times like this. 


Once my company went home, after myself being rude and barely able to keep my eyes open, BOING! Wide awake. It was my 9 p.m. wake up call to stay up until the early hours of the morning. Since I was wide awake,  I booked my hotel since I had completely forgotten to do that and my trip is only a few days away. I decided I am going to try a juice cleanse this week. I am only trying a day, especially if I decide I hate it, plus it is super expensive. I don’t have a juicer nor the energy to do it,  but the website said even a day was beneficial. The company is BluePrint Cleanse if anyone is interested. I figured it couldn’t hurt after all the crap I ate at the movies, and a little extra detox wouldn’t hurt for what is going to come this month. Just you wait, I am going to be starving, have my entire days worth of juices in one sitting, then go to Dunkin Donuts and eat a sausage, egg, and cheese on a multigrain bagel, and dip it in cream cheese. As you can tell, I might have possibly done this in the past. 


My tegaderm dressing was becoming itchy. REALLY itchy. It didn’t hurt at all, so I am hoping it is just dry skin under there. That is one thing I hate about my diaper patch, you can’t see underneath it. So if it is doing something it shouldn’t be, I can’t tell. I went to flush my line and realized I had no saline. I lucked out and found some in my closet from when I had my PICC line in. Gosh darn it! After the patting of my dressing, or scratching to relieve the itching, I had to add some more tape to my dressing. I am super high fashion with my decorative blue tape. 


It was a late night, but I felt a little accomplished. I wished for Monday to be a little easier on my body. I am sick of being sick, and in pain. I am sick of being so tired. I still had a week to go until treatment starts again, this time will likely tell what my next course of treatment will be, and if I have the possibility of getting my line out the following time I go back. *enter dramatic music here* 🙂

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