January Part 17 – Sipping on Lots of Juice

 I would prefer to be sipping on gin and juice, but that really isn’t something that is feasible at the moment. Oh wellll…  Shortly after I got up in the morning, my FedEx package came to me for my one-day juice cleanse. I only signed up for a day, to see if I would like it or not. I have read even a  single day of juicing has a lot of benefits so I figured, why not? I was planning to do this on Wednesday, but forgot it might not be a wise decision since I usually have to have a full stomach to do my nighttime IVs or there will be puking. 


The Fedex woman knocked on the door, and I got a big laugh from her. She told me she always wanted to try juicing, as she heard it was great for detox (she could see the company’s name on the box). I told her I have Lyme disease and it is a good tool to flush out all the bad stuff, and she surprised me by saying, “Lyme and it’s confections are tough, and hard to kill.” Yes! Someone gets it!  


But then, she spoiled the moment going back to the truck…. “well, at least it’s not cancer!”. Fuck you lady. Don’t get me wrong, cancer is terrible. Very terrible, but at least there is acknowledgement, treatment across the board, COVERED BY INSURANCE, and doctors willing to treat you. Don’t you tell me that what I have been through is a joy ride. 


Anyways, since I am ending my rant, there were 6 juices to try, the morning beginning with probably the worst one. A green juice, with kale and all sorts of vegetables. GAG. It kind of reminded me of a puree salad without any dressing. Well, I guess technically that’s what it is! I was tempted to squirt some blue cheese or ranch in it, but figured that kind of defeats the purpose the juice. 


After sorting out my numbered juices and getting ready, I finally made it to work. It was one of those “Hi, Bye” days for me, one that I feel like as soon as I show up I pretty much turn around to go home or to one of my appointments. 


My appointment of the day was to see Gayle for my therapeutic massage. My feet and legs were an issue (no surprise), but the back of my neck was worse than per usual, and behind my ears were completely inflamed. My nose was pouring. Definitely a detox day, between the massage and the juice fast. Oh yeah, and my lactated ringer I needed to do in the evening. Once I got done with my massage, I noticed she had new organic makeup and products there, so I of course hd a ball testing everything, and butter fingers Kimmiecakes spilt half of her bath oils on my jacket. Well, it least it smells eucalyptusy fresh now. 😉


I had a few errands to run, but I honestly just wanted to go home. I was pooped. It’s exhausting drinking juice all day! Well, I am doubting it’s the juice, more likely the disgusting plethora of antibiotics the day before that was whooping my ass. 


The evening I was herxing pretty badly. Or overdetoxing. I don’t know. I was definitely detoxing in the form of #2 though. Who knew beet and kale juice gives you the shits? LOL  I think I was just herxing because especially after the seizure I had last week due to toxicity, I am positive I didn’t overdo detoxing for the day. 


I was all Parkinsonsy and my tics came right back. “Baa Baa BaaaBaaahhh!” I was freezing, yet my wood stove was cranking some good heat, and I was fully bundled up. So very cold!  I got up to get my second to last juice (by the way the one before that I remember being excited it was lemonade… then realized it was cayenne lemonade… gag gag ) and I went straight from the couch and slammed into the chair next to me. My balance was just a wee bit off. 



AHHHHHH me so hungry! Cheese! Chips! Leftovers! Hot cocoa? Oh my god someone please bring me some Chinese food! I am starving, I am going to die drinking this juice that tastes like sock sweat!


And then.. the final one. Cashew milk with vanilla and cinnamon. If they all tasted like that, I would have a way more awesome feeling about this juicing thing! That one was really good! Hopefully when I start to feel better I can learn my own recipes that don’t taste like dirty lawn. Kudos to those who regularly do 3 to 5 day cleanses. I like bacon and chocolate better.


I went to bed early as I wanted to be ready to tackle the next day. And eat. 🙂

6 thoughts on “January Part 17 – Sipping on Lots of Juice

  1. When I can muster the courage I’d like to make my own green drink. I have a Vitamix and I could make it but then I would have to tackle cleaning the Vitamix…

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