January Part 18 – The Hangover Sandwich

To be honest, Wednesday was kind of a blur to me. I didn’t write any notes, which I need to do these days to remember everything, and without, I have had to sit for a few days and try to remember. Okay.. now I think I got some of it… maybe.  


I do remember that I was glad my juice fast was over. I was ready for FOOOOD! Well, you actually need to go light the next few days. Your stomach just went an entire day of not eating everything and detoxing so you have to start slow, instead of the free-for-all that I really wanted to do. 


I was able to get to work at a reasonable time. Much earlier than usual, sayings how Mike, the driver who helps me in the office was still there. Lately on Wednesdays, I get there so late he has already come and gone. I did what I could at work before my mind just stopped working, so I decided it was time to go home. 


I laid down at home for awhile, and then realized that I needed to do my taxes. I had all the information, W-2’s, mortgage statement, receipts separated.. well kind of in a ledger of mine. H&R Block is super easy to get through on your own, so I was able to finish it fairly quickly. One less thing down. Too bad they aren’t going to be accepted until the end of the month. Pshh… It’s not like I didn’t need that money or anything. 😦 


It was an IV day. I did all my morning orals already, but hadn’t started the nighttime IVs yet. I was so nauseas. I kept staring at the trash can in our living room, which is better than the dog food bag to hold my IV trash that I had more months (thanks to my mother in law she gave me a trash can instead) and was thinking about throwing up. I could feel it inside of me. But I mind over mattered it, and never threw up. Woot woot!!! 😀


Thursday I was so sick. I felt like I got hit by a bus from the second I woke up. It took everything I had to put my dog on his rope outside. Ok, time to sit. I was so lightheaded, but I did my very best to get ready. It was dressing change day, so I always try to take a shower. I am always afraid the protective patch leaking, but if it  leaks, it isn’t like I am not going to the hospital shortly. So shower it is. I needed it. The sweats have been unreal lately. 


After I got done my shower and drying my hair, trying to look decent for the day, my nausea really set in. Dry heave. Dry heave. Oh commmonnn I haven’t even taken the Flagyl yet!  With a small cup of almond milk, I got down my pills. If any of you know Flagyl, it is a tough pill. A very metallic and nasty taste that seems to follow you for the day…


I called work and told them I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it in. I technically don’t need to go into work on Thursdays, but I have been going in on my day off for months and months, to make sure I don’t straggle behind.  I was definitely hurting. And I hadn’t even taken my Flagyl and Diflucan yet! Although I was suffering, I knew my body was fighting all the hell that is inside of me. 


I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a couple of things after I took my meds, and everything seemed like it was out of focus. My head was so fuzzy. I sat out in the parking lot, closing my eyes and hoping the feeling would go away. Dry heave. Oops… A little something came up that time around. After that last dry heave throw up in my mouth, whatever you would like to call it, I forced myself to get my errand done. 


I hated standing there. Luckily, there was no line so I didn’t have to wait. That is the worst, but they do have a chair right near the counter that I have used a time or two. The woman at the counter, as soon as she sees get through the door me starts getting my stuff ready. As soon as I got up to the counter she said. “Looks like a rough day. How are you feeling?” Itold her, not a good day at all. I paid for my goods and wobbled myself back to the car.


Fuck you nausea. I am breaking the rules and having a hangover sandwich. What is a hangover sandwich which you ask? A Dunkin’ Donuts sausage, egg and cheese on a multigrain bagel. I was driving, so minus the cream cheese dipping sauce.  Ohhhh 600 + calorie gluten filled GMO sandwich, how I adore you. It did sop up a lot of my nausea. Thank you! These sandwiches have magical healing powers from nausea and hangovers. I may have had several of these before Lyme and co’s decided to take over, when I use to go out and have a little too much fun. Dr J told me if eating certain things to help nausea, like my love for Chinese food during these days, to do it. I would rather have swollen glands than be dry heaving, and having things come up for the entire day. 


When I got to the hospital and into my bed, I didn’t have my regular nurse, but another male nurse that I completely love. When he took my vitas, he was pretty concerned. I had a temperature of 100.4, and a heart rate of 110. As I have said I have had some chest pains on my left side. He was concerned about me having pneumonia again. My lungs sounded good, but they decided I should get bloodwork this week to be safe. 


That made me pretty nervous. But maybe it is something else that is making me so sick. After all, when you don’t have the best immune system, any sort of flu or bug is a danger, since it will take much longer to get rid of it. I have even worn face masks in high risk areas, like the ER. I always make sure there is hand sanitizer around and am obsessive about washing my hands. Ahhh whyyyyyy!!!?!!


I felt loopy and cloudy, so I went straight home. I didn’t want to wait for my results, so after a few hours I headed out and got the results. The hospital is roughly two minutes away, so I didn’t mind the trip. 


Some of the hematology panel was on the lower side on the fence, but everything within normal ranges. My glucose level was pretty high, and my creatinine level was high. Potassium low. Hmm. Kidney issues? If there is anything to worry about Dr J will call me. From what I hear, it takes a few days for them to get the results, and then they still have to look at it. So I’ll see. If not, I was just having a bad herx day. And I should eat a banana in the meantime. 😉 


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