January Part 20 – 4 IVs a Day Make the Lyme Go Away

I woke up not feeling restored, but my mind was in a better place. Saturday was an emotional day for me. Sunday a day of rest.  It was the first day of a long week ahead. Meropenum and Cipro IVs in the a.m.,  Meropenum and Tigecycline IVs at night. I wasn’t really looking forward to this week since I knew how rough the last time was, and now I am adding Tigecycline (6 times stronger than Doxycycline) to the mix. Yayyyyy! Can you sense my excitement here?! 😉 


I covered myself in blankets while wearing the same sweatshirt and pjs I had worn the previous evening and night before. It was around 12:30 , so I knew it was time to get crackin’ on those IVs. 


As soon as I got done my IVs, I unhooked, flushed, and took a quick catnap. Once I got up I noticed how terrible my house looked. But my body felt weighed down, and I couldn’t move. I stayed on the couch until around 4, and decided the least I could do was take a bath and brush my teeth for the day, and possibly wash my hair. Already being 4 p.m., I don’t know why I even bothered with it being so late in the day. I did put on the same clothes, but I somehow felt a little better. I look back and can’t believe how much I have changed. I use to be completely obsessive compulsive about hygiene and obsessed over how I looked. Those days are gone now.


I decided to cook some gluten free pasta with cheese and spinach to have something a little heavier to eat before my IVs. After our dinner, I fell right asleep again until after 9, when Dave woke me up insisting I got up while he was still up to do my IVs since I am generally feel really sick during my nighttime ones.


He did try to get me up earlier, but I guess I yelled at him “Shut up! It’s not fair!”, then rolled over and went back to sleep. I wouldn’t really argue with my subconscious self with that one. 😉 


After my IVs , I stayed up late. The nausea set in, and I could feel so much pain in my legs. It seemed to at least help to keep them elevated. I was ticking again, my hands doing the “thriller dance”. I had a cup of tea (how I have only spilt coffees at the store and never tea on me is beyond me)  and couldn’t stop late night snacking. I think it is a mental thing when I am nauseas. I feel like eating will make it better. Sometimes it does, but most of the time it really doesn’t make much of a difference. 


My stomach hurt. It felt so full and uncomfortable. Yup, didn’t need the late night snacks. Uncomfortable, I still decided it was best to get to bed.


I slept a few hours past my alarm. I was glad there was no Cipro IVs for the day, so one less IV bag to do. I woke up with the continued stomach pains. So much pressure and pain. I wished it was the type of “poop” pains, but I knew it wasn’t that sort of pain. LOL. What it was though, I couldn’t tell you. My thighs and back hurt, but I have noticed thus far my feet haven’t been as much of a problem as last month.  One plus! 


I figured since I took a bath the day before, I was all set, but 3 days with the same clothes on is a no-no. Do they still have “What Not to Wear” episodes running? I could surely be on the show and win a whole new wardrobe. $5,000 of more fashionable pajamas. 🙂


I went to work, but I was a grumpy Gus the whole time. I just didn’t want to be there. Things are getting hard for me to concentrate, especially having two work computers now and working using new programs, so I immediately get pissed and frustrated. Word vomit to everyone around me. It runs thru my mouth without knowledge it is going to come out, then I inevitably feel bad for taking my anger out others. 


I ended up finishing what I had to do, and headed straight home. I had anxiety the entire ride home because there was still things I could have done, I just didn’t have the oomph to do it. 


I decided to make a big batch of gluten free meatloaf once I got home, that way I wouldn’t have to worry about dinners for the next couple of days. 


We ate our dinners, and since my stomach had been bothering me, I took two Marinols and had a glass on ginger ale. Dave kept me awake during my IVs in hopes I would go to bed earlier. I should have slept because it didn’t end up making a damn difference. I was up late, with my stomach pains and leg pains, until I wobbled my numbed feet and painful legs to the bedroom. Two days down of IV week. Three more to go. Ehh.. I think I’ll feel better when I’m more than halfway thru! 


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