Feb Part 3 – Coartem Day Two

Two more days! Hip hip.. hoorayyyyy! When I got up in the morning. I saw that my edema in my legs in feet was completely gone. 🙂


My feet were still a really bad issue. Gayle, my massage therapist said they were extremely tense, and my leg and toe temperature was off. I think my blue toes were a telltale sign that my circulation was a bit off. LOL She had to do a lot of work on my neck and connective tissues. My body was definitely feeling the week before with my aggressive IV treatments. 


Once again, my back has another Bartonella flair. I really need to get Dave to take a picture of my back, since it is kind of hard to do it myself but Lyme brain, I keep forgetting. Sorry folks. 😦  I kept awkwardly posing to get a picture for my readers but it just wasn’t happening. I think there are three or four spots on my back now. But I will tell you, holy fuck pain and it itches around the nodules so bad. At least there isn’t any on my arms this time. So I guess that is an improvement, right? 


During the day, Coartem didn’t do me in too bad. I did feel pretty out of breath, which had me a little concerned since it has been every day all the time for the past few days. Breathing and heart issues are pretty common with Babesia. Makes sense that I am having a herx reaction since the Coartem is fighting those parasites. 


My legs really hurt when I got home. Since I have been eating kind of.. well.. entirely poorly for the past couple of days, I ordered another juice cleanse. It tastes like shit but detoxing will be my friend once I am off of my antibiotics. I need to focus on this as much as possible. Last month I had a really bad seizure the day after I stopped taking my antibiotics. Dr J has already told me he believes it is because of my neurotoxicity. With my meds coming to an end, I am avoiding it as much as possible, even though I really don’t have any control over it. I am just going to do what I can. 


There was a big snow storm on the way, so I think that made everything in my body start to act up. Who needs a weatherman when I can tell you bad weather is coming. 🙂  But I was hoping I wasn’t going to get stranded at my house all day, since I don’t know how to make coffee in Dave’s thingymabobber. I can’t find the right words at the moment. Ugh. This seems to be happening to me a lot lately. You know what I am talking about right? The thing that makes coffee. I feel like an idiot. 


At least once I was home I didn’t have to do a darn thing, since I made extra dinners for the week.


As I had mentioned, the out of breath thing was getting me more concerned. It is really a terrible feeling. Feeling completely winded by doing anything. Like standing up for instance. I helped Dave make the bed and I had to stop and make him finish the rest of it. The breathing makes it hard for me to stand for a few minutes as it even starts to make me a little dizzy.  


My mind was messing with me all day. I was a little low on the self esteem. Maybe it was the notes from the other day from Dr J about gaining two pounds with the quotation “noted”. Or my pig fest for Super bowl eating an entire tub of Helluva Good french onion dip and chips. I know realisticly it is only two pounds, but when you have tendencies of OCD, you  completely obsess over it. Ahhhhh whyyyy????!!! I really need to get a CD to play with Christina Aguilara’s “Beautiful”, James’s Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”, or maybe some Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are” next time I step on the scale. 



When I was about to go to bed, the spiders came back. If you haven’t read any of my past blogs, (you should because I am awesome), one of my manifestations of Lyme and Co’s is hallucinations, mostly of spiders. They were appearing out of the corner of my eye. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. This hasn’t happened to me in quite awhile. When I see them, it makes me itch uncontrollably because I always feel like they are on me. A lot of Lymies have this itchy situation, but not so much the hallucinations. Call me crazy, whatever. At least I know they aren’t really there. Spiders just give me the heeby jeebies. I will be upping my vitamin C stat! Vitamin C has natural antihistamines, since I am very allergic to Benadryl, and it seems to help me a lot. Once I upped it the last time, my hallucinations went away. I will have to look up the dosages. I take 1000 mg a day now, I am nearly positive I can double it. We shall see.


Well… day two down, one more to go! 


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