February Part 4 – Last Day of Coartem

Wednesday was my last day of my protocol. Last day! It has been another long month, so it is a welcomed break. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be an easier break than last month, as Dr J really looks at how you are doing off of the antibiotics. I relapsed pretty quickly, and I was completely toxic ( no Dave, not toxic in my wonderful personality!), but from the die-off and all of the antibiotics. 


Here in New Hampshire we had a pretty decent snow storm. I forced myself to get up early, and took a shower with my special patch, since I was entirely gross as I had not showered after my massage the day before, and I hadn’t washed my hair for nearly a week. Dry shampoo just wasn’t cutting it anymore. 


I noticed that the inside of my mouth hurt while I was brushing my teeth and getting ready, and saw a few white spots, and my tongue a gross yellow color. It is either oral thrush or the toxicity kicking in. 


I was so mad, that I got up early, got ready, turned my car on and cleaned it off, ate my banana to take all my pills, and then got the phone call I didn’t have to come into work. DAMNIT! I COULD HAVE BEEN SLEEPING!  Well, I figured I would go out in the snow, since i didn’t want to attempt to use Dave’s coffee thingybabobber. My car was cleaned off and warm anyways! The roads were pretty bad, but it was worth it to get a good cup of coffee.


I headed right home, and spent nearly the entire day on the couch. It reminded me of my incoherent vegetable day last month when I started Coartem again. I still felt better than I did last month, but I felt like my body was weighed down and just could not move. 


For some reason, around 3 in the afternoon, I got out of my trance, did some much needed dusting, and vacuumed since it had been far too long. I did a batch of laundry, washing my new clothes I got in the mail that I had no idea I even ordered. Gotta love late night shopping! At least I have good taste when I order things I don’t remember.


When Dave got home, I was in a mood with everything he had to say and everything he did. The rage came out. I think what sent me in a downward spiral  was a button falling off my coat. My favorite coat! I can’t sew worth a shit. I am really hoping my Mom or someone can help me. I don’t even have a sewing hit anymore. 


Back to Dave… 


First of all, he put his lasagna I made him on top of our wood stove to heat it, and well, it got too hot. Probably losing my favorite casserole pan. Dink. Strike one. Then, he wanted to show me his finger injury from work, rubbing his cold, dirty, oil covered hands on my face. Really Dave? Really? Strike Two. And then I went to tuck him in. I was in so much pain at that point at night. My legs were excruciating. I don’t know if it was from the antibiotics, being sick, or being completely useless on the couch for most of the afternoon. Anywho, when I tucked him in, he did what he usually does, which I always find annoying. He covers his mouth with the blankets, so I can’t give him a kiss. “Fuck you! Just give me a kiss. God! You are so annoying!!” Strike Three. At least he went to bed until I got to strike four. 


Due to all the pain, I took a Mobic in hopes it would calm some of my inflammation in my body. I don’t know if it helped my pain issues, but I felt as high as a kite. On the plus side, it helped me go right to sleep! I needed it. I knew my first day off of antibiotics was going to be a busy one. My dressing change, an adjustment with Dr S, and going to the gynecologist to get my Depo Provera shot, which is the furthest I have driven since September 2012. Probably a 15 minute drive I am guessing. It makes me nervous either way. And it made me nervous that I had so much to do the first day off of antibiotics. No seizures this time please and thank you! I was armed for the first day. Another day of disgusting juicing to detox as well as plans for a lactated ringer. I will conquer this break, and show it who’s boss. I need to have good news to bring back to Dr J. 


Hey guess what? ANOTHER MONTH DOWN!!!! 


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