February Part 5 – Overloaded

 Finally. A break from the antibiotics for a week and a half. Last month, I didn’t do so hot off of the antibiotics, the seizure being one of the issues on my first day off, and it was hard for me to tell if it was better or worse than actually being on the antibiotics. I was a dumbass and had three appointments for the day, and of course I was behind on work due to the storm. AHHHH. Why do I do this to myself? 


I didn’t get a chance to sleep in, since I was waiting for my juice cleanse to come in. Oh yeah… I decided to do add this to my busy day. They don’t taste very good, but the benefits are certainly worth it. I was worried since it was the first day of my break, so I didn’t really wanted to do my best to detox and get this crap out of me. The antibiotics. The die-off of those little bastards. 


My juice cleanse came in right on the dot. My first one was a nice green vomity one. MMmmMmm so delicious! I had two of those to do during the day. I brought my first juices with me to work, but stopped by the store to have my small cup of black coffee that I was allotted. After all, I didn’t want to really hurt anyone with a crazy coffee deprived Lyme rage. 


Payroll done. Profit and loss statement done. Okay. Ready for appointment one! My dressing change. This time, I didn’t need bloodwork, so it went a little more quickly. I had to sit in the day surgery waiting room, but found myself pretty entertained by the kids toys, writing “Kim was here” with the letters on the game board. 🙂 


Everything looked good. This new dressing seems to be working out really well for me. No rawness, no blisters, blood, or weird fluids. Yay! 


Well.. since I am real about everything… I had to run home ASAP. These juice cleanses sure make me detox. Out the bum. Ugh. It’s horrible. But I guess it works. 


Appointment two was visiting with Dr S to get a chiropractic adjustment. I wasn’t super talkative with him like I usually am, and started ticking while I was waiting for him. Ahhh! *clap* Either detox, or the day was beginning to wear on me. 


Then, I had my final appointment, which of course was the furthest I have driven in a year and a half. I was really beginning to get tired. My fellow coworker messaged me earlier in the day for a visit, as I haven’t seen her in what seems like forever, and she has been really busy. This appointment was just a Depo Provera shot. It is really beneficial during a Lyme treatment to take an ovulation suppressing birth control, since symptoms tend to really flair at that time of the month. Having a blood clotting disorder really limited me to progesterone instead of estrogen, but I really like the Depo shot. One shot and I don’t have to worry about it for 3 months. 


I started to feel my blood boil. I waited in their waiting room for an hour. Tick tock tick tock. I was having my friend meet me at my house at 5, and my one minute appointment was taking way over an hour. The anxiety was really kicking in, but I didn’t want to be an ass since I really like my gynecologist. Grrrr. Her other patient came out, and it took me all I could to yell at her, in a rage. Damn teenagers and their crotch critters… taking up MY time. Pshh. My doc really apologized, and said if she knew I was coming in, she would have just given me the shot and left her to wait for a few minutes. 


Quick shot, time to head home. My friend came over, and surprised me with a ton of gluten free goodies. Gluten free bars, chips, peanut butter, gluten free crackers… all sorts of things! I was really excited that she did that for me. It really made my day. 


We chatted for a little bit and then when she left, I sat in the kitchen, looking at all the goodies, wishing I wasn’t on my juice cleanse for the day. I really wanted to pig out. What a tease for the day. 


I was exhausted for the night, and I knew I would pay for it the next day. I do too much, and set myself up for harder times than I need to. I sat and did a lactated ringer, to continue on with the detox process, and took it easy for the rest of the night. One huge bonus was after this long day for me, I didn’t have a seizure. Halla-friggin-luiah. I guess my poop juice and ringers really do work 🙂

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