February Part 6 – Return of ACA

 Remember my last post about overdoing it? Yeah. I was certainly paying for it the next day. My butt was whooped from all the running around going to all my appointments on Thursday. I was so sore when I got up in the morning and just didn’t want to get out of bed.  It was so comfortable keeping warm under the blankets. Brrrrr…


It has been really chilly the past couple of nights here in New Hampshire. Lyme and cold don’t get along, so it generally causes pain symptoms to flair even more. My feet hurt. My neck hurt. I think perhaps Dr S purposely injured me the day before with my chiropractic adjustment. 


Ok. Well probably not. But it sure felt that way. I have read a few things that although chiropractic adjustments are very beneficial, it can cause spirochetes to release. I generally have less pain the day of, but feel worse for the next day or so, then feel better until I gradually have more back pain and need to have another adjustment.  


Being cold, it was a splash water and wipe my armpits sort of morning. I put on my usual : fuzzy socks, jeans, a tank, a tee, and sweatshirt to bundle up.


I was really late for work, but ended up getting a lot done. By the end of it I was extremely grouchy, and knew it was time to call it a day. When I start getting really tired or frustrated, that is when I seem to make a lot of mistakes. Definitely time to call it a day. 


After doing a juice cleanse, you aren’t suppose to stuff your face ( which is really hard for me) , and not eat anything like red meat or gluten for a day or so. That part is easy. It’s the stuffing my face part. I decided on making turkey chile, loaded with veggies. I have been a bit stuffed up, so a little spicy food clears things right up 🙂


Out of shits and giggles, I went onto one of those medical sites to “Ask a Doc” a few weeks ago, asking about fasting and high glucose levels, as well as high creatinine levels, edema, and see what that may mean. I gave a brief description of my medical history. I hadn’t thought about it but in the early evening, I checked my e-mail, and low in behold, I got a response.  “I could say here that you have to stop un-necessary medicine, taking medicine for no good or valid medical reason always brings something bad, elevate the limb, cut down the salt in diet”. Really? Fuck you doctor. No seriously.. fuck you. It use validates one of my many reasons for writing this blog. One of my reasons is to bring awareness and one day this sad excuses for doctors, no, human beings, gets their heads out of their asses and realize that they are causing so many people to become incredibly sick and debilitated because they won’t accept new science or do any research. It’s what happened to me. Fibromyalgia, IBS, CFS, and anxiety. About 6 years ago when I have had series of issues from the time I was a small child. LOL Sorry for that little rant. But it has happened to so many of us Lymies. You really don’t get it until you get it. 


For the rest of the evening, Dave and I watched a movie, and during a commercial we got up to make Jiffy pop as a snack to share. It was one of the snacks that my friend had in her goody bag for me.  I have never had jiffy pop, unless as a kid I have and just can’t remember, so I was nervous and made Dave do it, as he proclaimed he had it all the time. Well, an explosion of the bag, popcorn in flames, and a fire on my stove later, I think I will forever be afraid of Jiffy pop.  Thanks Dave for tainting that special Jiffy pop memory for me. 



We salvaged some of our popcorn, continued on watching our movie, as I browsed on my iPad on Facebook. I get the local humane society on my newsfeed, this time I really wasn’t stalking puppies. There is a rescue dog that was just transported here from Tennessee that looks just like our Chance.  Dave wants it so bad, but it just plain isn’t feasible right now. I can’t even imagine two giant terrors, romping through the house, and with our luck follow in Chances footsteps and disappear if he gets off his leash. There has been so many times I have had to chase him down, in my Hello Kitty pajamas in the neighbors yard. Not to mention the fact that the first two years of having him, there has been pillows, comforters, shoes upon shoes, the trash, the door frame among a million of other things destroyed at our house. Two of them? Not a prayer. Springtime when I am better (yes, I have set a mental deadline as to when I am going to be 100% “cured”… yeah right) okay, functional, we really would like to. More Dave than me, as he promises he will take care of them, which also, I WILL take care of them. Nice try honey buns. 


Enough puppy talk, it kind of makes me sad. I was having a really hard time at night trying to find a comfortable position on the couch. Things have definitely been pretty painful since I started my break. I suppose I was before too, but what can you do. I had Dave check out my feet. One of my worst problems. Although the rest of my toes hurt really bad, I thought I may have had an ingrown toenail, even though I have never had one I was convinced that was what it was. I pulled off my fuzzy socks and low and behold, all my toes were like that. Welcome back ACA. 


What was really bothering me is that my son was splitting on my big toe by the nail, and the toe pain was little blisters forming at the end of them. Like my little swollen vienna sausages? I guess it is a nice change from blue, right? 


Well, this day was a valuable lesson for me. Do not overdo it. I know I won’t abide by it, since I never do, but I really want to report back to Dr J I’m doing better. And I want it to be true. I’m not off to a super start but I got a half a week. Let’s change this all around. 🙂  


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