Flash Steaming Mad

Hi to all my friends and readers of my blog that I have created to share my experiences while fighting Lyme disease. Evidently, stating treatments that I have experienced in a world of correctness, political or otherwise doesn’t stand. Unfortunately the loudest whining, standing off in the corner by themselves seemed to get their way. As a result, I will be over time be removing my specific protocols from my blog, in an attempt to be correct in their mind as to not offend that one individual. Hopefully if in the future when I start my life experiences the best I know how, that person will have moved on and cease to cause any further headaches and then I can be allowed to focus my energy on recovery from this mess.

All my love, Kimmiecakeskickslyme

34 thoughts on “Flash Steaming Mad

    • It was requested to change it. This will take some time to do, but it was requested to do so. It only takes one person. I will be saving all of my writing for the future, however, since I have already had a few publishing offers, although I wasn’t particularly interested in them.

    • It was requested so I will have to do so out of respect of the Drs office. Not out of this person. 99.999999% positive I know who it was since it was read on one group and my personal wall. From heavy blogging since May, this will obviously take time.

    • Thanks. I am going to very slowly pick at it. Just deleting any pictures that someone might be able to associate with the drs office if they use a magnifying glass haha. I am too tired to deal with a negative person with extreme jealousy and immaturity at the moment. I need a nap! haha

  1. What a bunch of horseshit. One of the things I love about the online Lyme community is the things we share. Our personal stories, the treatments we’ve tried and how they affected us. In my mind the sharing of this information is CRITICAL. The medical community largely ignores us… Where are we supposed to turn if not to each other? I can’t begin to imagine what my daughter’s life would be like right now without blogs like yours & people like you. Surely there’s a way to save the information but delete the bits that tie the it to the Doctor’s office?

    • yeah I just deleted the photos of me holding up the antibiotic schedules. Thats it for today. Pooped emotionally even though I don’t want to be. I just can’t handle people that need to grow up.

    • Yeah. This person is just ridiculous. I am 99.999999% positive I know who it is, and she is pretty delusional and has a warped sense of reality. Flattering that someone cares that much with a sense of jealousy to go out of their way about me. 😀 Whatev. haha

  2. Get a good nights sleep, then think about it. Can you delete this person? This is your personal blog, this country has “Freedom of the Press” and you can write whatever you want. We like your blog the way it is. I don’t have Lyme, but am learning a lot from you. I hope this jackass is reading all of the replies – she needs to get a life!

    • I already deleted this person, but I think she can still see in groups. I deleted any pictures that could be affiliated if someone had a god damn microscope and thats all I am going to do for now and not share any protocol at the moment because I already did. But took the pic down. Now there is zero affiliation with the Dr, there shouldn’t be any reason why. P.M. me and I will tell you more Sandy 🙂

  3. I have loved reading your blog – please don’t delete anything that can help those of us out there that are struggling……… Your blog has been intense and had me crying for you and cheering for you…and hoping that I will find things to glean from your successes that will work for me. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    • Thank you. I have deleted the pictures of me holding the protocols but am not going to worry at the moment. There is zero affiliation with my doctor now so this delusion whinass that sees me as a threat cannot call and complain.

  4. Love your blog and all of the information contained. Total crap to have one remove information which is helpful to an entire lyme community as well as provide insight to people looking in from the forest.

  5. You should never limit your words or expression for anybody. It’s your right to express the way you feel and you should never change that. If I allowed all these judgements, opinions, etc, to affect me, I would not be were I am and not be who I am. You can’t let anybody get to you, no matter what, it’s not worth it and does not allow you to be who you are and fully heal and come into your true self.

  6. I didn’t read the comments before me. Please tell me you’ve backed up your articles as they are posted!! You can still privately communicate with people.

    This SCARES me, as I just had a Western Blot test come back positive for Lyme. That blood was drawn on December 9, 2013. I just got a call from the STATE OF MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, notifying me that my case is being surveiled. Yep, that’s the word this nurse used. Of course, my case is just like yours… pick the ticks off and burn ’em! How the hell do I know when I picked up Lyme?

    Funny part was, she kept asking me questions as if my symptoms had a sudden onset. She kept insisting I went to the doc because I was specifically sick. I had to stop her so many times to tell her I’ve had this for YEARS.

    Please to NOT stop talking with us! Anyone. Please.

    • I edited my pics that were found offensive or someone might be able to identify, but I am just going to go with it for now. I don’t have the energy for this crap. And I will keep sharing. It is important.

  7. Okay, when you say “flash,” is this akin to “lyme rage”? So, something hits you on top of the head, and you react, very definitively?

    Yeah. I think when I got the call from the dept of health, I just flashed. I’m furious. Livid. I can’t believe it, and I’m pissed. What happened to privacy??

    Ah, well. You have another fan on your side, rooting for you to get better.

  8. Kimmie do not let anyone tell you what you can and can not write. Sharing your story is too important, there r people who are sick and need to know they r not alone. Hang in there be strong and keep blogging.😎

  9. You know you have a right to free speech, unless some one changed the Constitution. It is a right our forefathers gave us a long time ago. So no do not change a thing if someone does not like it they should not read it! Now I am mad too!😠👿

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