February Part 10 – Home for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day! Yayyy. Just kidding. Nothing special happened here. Just another day in this household. We did say Happy Valentine’s Day to one another though, and Dave vowed to pick me up some half price candy the next day at Rite Aid. Poor Chancey wasn’t feeling well all night so Dave had to keep getting up to let him out. Between getting out of bed, and worrying to death about my dog that is is my “fur baby”, I could not sleep AT ALL. The troublemaker must have gotten into something at his Grammy and Grampy’s aka my parents house. My mom thinks it was an old bone in the garage. Either way, it caused even more of a sleep disruption. Poor pup.


As soon as I got up and let Chance out yet again, I had to sit down because I was so lightheaded. Ugh. I was freezing since we have been trying to keep the heat costs down, so it was a very quick bath day. As soon as I got in my warm bath, I could feel my toe split open again from my ACA rash. Holy heck it hurt. It drives me crazy. Now I keep touching it or pushing it laying down with my other feet. It is one of those things I can’t just stop touching, even though it hurts. 


We had a snow storm the day before and into the night, but I was lucky enough to have Dave clean off my car before he left for work. The plow guy came right after he left, of course, and I could barely get out of my driveway. Back up, go forward. Oh wait, I can’t go forward. Back up. A long process but I finally got out. It’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru! 😉 


With it being Valentine’s Day, I picked up a flower and brought it to my friend S at the salon. She has been a great friend to me so I had to get her something! 


When I got to work, I did as much as I possibly could to catch up since I had already missed two days of work. After I was finished all I could do for the day, I was really dizzy. No bank for me. Just a straight shot home. 


At least I got to relax since we weren’t going out, and we had leftovers for dinner. Doesn’t get much easier than that! I was kind of glad for staying in, not feeling well, and after a juice cleanse you really can’t stuff your face or eat any heavy foods.


I couldn’t help but to feel a little sad as the evening went on. As positive as I can be in this situation, I just plain get sad sometimes, and I really don’t know why. Things happen. That is a part of life. 


It all started with doing my lactated ringer. Why the fuck am I doing this? When did this become my life? 


And then someone sent me a message that changed my thoughts for the evening and made my day. She talked about my strength, and how she could relate to the struggles I had during my teen years. She thanked me for my sincerity, humor, and bluntness. It meant a lot to hear that my story made a difference to someone. I hear thank you’s from sharing my story, but I really needed to hear that during that evening. 


I stayed up as late to the point of nearly collapsing to be able to get to sleep. My left leg and neck were in a lot of pain. I am actually excited to have a few days of antibiotics on my “off weeks” to see if that helps out any. I laid in bed,  unable to sleep, hoping Saturday I would be able to do something fun. Something to keep me happy. For some reason I have been in a complete funk, and I need more “good” to come soon in order to keep my sanity. 

2 thoughts on “February Part 10 – Home for Valentine’s Day

    • Sorry I missed your post! This one was Urban cleanse. It wasn’t super delicious.. at all. But the nutrients were much higher than BluePrint as far as I know. Blueprint is the first one I did. Much more appetizing.

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