February Part 11 – A Wintertime Tick

The weekend started off rough but I was hanging in there. You would think not taking medication would make you feel better, but so many if us Lymies quickly relapse. 


I woke up just after noontime, but felt like it was really early in the morning. I did some stretching in the bed, and as I turned my head I completely pulled the muscles on the left side of my neck. Damnit. I kept pressing on it with my knuckles as hard as I could to loosen up all the knots. Yup. Not working.


My rubber legs stuck with me from the day before, and I was pretty lightheaded. I hung out on the couch but knew I had to get back up for work. Half the day was already wasted after all. 


I went to the laundry room to grab some clothes, and bending down to get them from the dryer, I fell over, right on my left knee. Son of a bitch! Okay.. is it bedtime yet?


Luckily, the day went a little better. I did a few things at work, and headed right home. I really wanted to get out of my sad mood I have been in so Dave took me out to dinner. We picked an italian restaurant a few towns that we had never tried before. I was happy because they had a separate gluten free menu to choose from.


Long story short, our waitress sucked. She forgot our salads, my water… and lastly probably the biggest important detail of all. I could tell I didn’t get gluten free pasta after my lymph began to swell and my stomach had a lot of ahem..issues. Thanks lady. At least it tasted really good but really not worth the suffering. Lesson to you Lymies, be very careful at restaurants. I will now check and double check to make sure my products are gluten free! 


After awhile from being home, I decided to hook myself up and do a lactated ringer to flush some of the toxins away. I was tired from our date night, but found myself to be up into the wee hours of the morning once again. At least Sunday was another day to sleep in.  Just kidding.


Ahhhh day off why am I up at 9? They is just not fair after a late night. I was completely looking forward to sleep and bed as long as humanly possible on Sunday, since I only get one off from work a month. 


I was sore, I am sure the gluten didn’t help, but I was determined to get some things done around the house. Sweep, vacuum, wash the floors, clean the bathroom.. well, after the sweep and vacuum I was DONE for the day. LOL So much for being a good little housewife. Now it is housewife Dave who has to take care of most of the chores around here. 


I figured since I was all gross from the 20 minutes of cleaning, sweating like a pig, and the regular night sweats I would take a shower with one of my protective patches. I had the time to do my hair, and I really could use a good scrubbin’. 


At least I took a shower that day.. a tick was half buried in me just below where my sweatpants line would be. I don’t know if I would have seen it taking a bath, it was pretty tiny. It has been cold here in NH, but thought maybe the dormant ticks came out from the snow where the sun was and Chance brought one in. Then I finally thought of the most likely scenario. Firewood in the house. Yup. Had to have been. Dave brings a lot of it inside to dry out. Imagine that! Those little suckers love me. 


On the plus side, I think I am covered since I won the lottery on tick borne diseases. And I get an antibiotic bomb every single month. I will live. 


At that point I wanted to Frontline my dog, change the bed, maybe burn my sheets. The couch. Anywhere those bastards might be hiding. Well, I didn’t end up doing any of those things. I just plain didn’t feel good at all, and was extremely lack in in motivation. I couldn’t feel my feet and my calves we’re slowly following my feet. And of course I had the itchies after finding a tick on me in the middle of friggin winter!


Dave came home with some clearance candy from the store, and we ended up having our fair share, even though I was hoping it would last a lot longer. lol. Oink oink. 


Okay… so maybe another lactated ringer tonight. 


I would be starting Minocycline (are you happy you jealous and insecure whiner? No one can read it crossed off! ) the next day, and I was actually looking forward to trying it. I am not doing well off the meds. Dr J thinks Mycoplasma may be to blame. Hopefully this will bring me a little less pain. I had to pick it up at the pharmacy and run errands first thing in the morning, plus I was pooped for the day, so no 2 a.m.’s for me, 🙂 


Let’s do this! It is going to be a better week. Maybe. We’ll see. It is too early to tell, but Monday would surely be a hard day for me, emotionally and physically.

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