February Part 13 – A Better Day

 I felt a bit better on Tuesday emotionally. Sleep definitely helped Monday’s needless to say terrible day. I actually had a better time getting up and ready in the morning, more so than I have in awhile. YAY! That’s a much better start to my day! 


There was more messages of love and support to me, and it made me so grateful and helped me try to avoid negativity in my mind. It was a new day, a new start. Since Monday was a bust and every symptom was flaring, I wanted to see how this day was going to pan out. 


I had to do some morning errands, and was so happy that I made it into the bank and the post office. Usually something I can’t to first thing in the morning. Well, first thing meaning around 10, but that is first thing in the morning for me. 😉 


After a more productive day of work, it was time for my therapeutic massage. For all you Lymies reading, I completely recommend trying it, especially to focus on lymph, it helps tremendously for detox. No lemon water touches your detox like this does. I notice every time I go see Gayle, there is always some issues. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.  I had no circulation in my right leg, and left leg wasn’t all that much better. Compression stockings it is. Boy, I feel like a friggin’ old person needing compression stalkings. I could probably use a cane or a walker some days, so maybe that would help add to the feelings like some old person at the age of 26. My neck and back of my head felt “spongey” as she calls it. I am assuming thats not good. LOL  It hurt like hell but she did some cranial sacral therapy and it loosened things up, including my jaw that has been sore and loosened up the tension in my head from my pounding headache from the day before. I always leave feeling so much better than when I walked in. Some things I didn’t even know were bothering me really are, as a lot of times parts of your body compensate for what is not working. 


It was a snow day. Holy moly a snow day. I honesty can’t remember diddly squat but I think this was definitely the snow storm of the year. Don’t quote me on that though. Maybe it was because I had to drive in it! 


I hung out and watched an SVU marathon. It took forever but I finally made my way to the shower to wash my hair and get the massage stuff off of me. 


I started getting a headache again, but did a lactated ringer and it went away. Maybe I was a bit dehydrated, maybe coincidence. I am assuming it was dehydration since it went fairly quickly, and I didn’t have to pee after. Usually after a ringer I have to pee every half an hour lol Add it to the old lady list? 


I stayed up, not my usual lateness, and realized something nice. Something very different for me. I was not in nearly at much pain as I usually am at night. Without the agonizing pain I was off to bed. This hasn’t happened to me in months. 


Although not perfect, it was a much better day. I need another. And another. And another. I surely needed it after my Monday. No Kimmiecakes Miss Pissy Pants. 🙂  I am hoping my prayers did work, and things will change for me. No negativity in my life, more progress. Either way, I will take it. I went to bed focusing on the next day. A better day today, let’s make it tomorrow too. I have my mind on the prize. 


8 thoughts on “February Part 13 – A Better Day

    • It might have brought some buggers out for killing. Yes I will take anything good! It feels like it is always one thing after another. No good! I think I need to win the lottery or play with puppies. I need a pick me up hahaha

  1. Yea! It’s those moments of feeling good that help us through the awful ones. I had a moment this morning where I forgot some important paper (well, my lyme brain THOUGHT I forgot it – I really didn’t!) and I was LATE to see a lawyer so I ran from the car to the house and back again and I thought afterwards “I just RAN!” My heart was beating like crazy but it was so wonderful to have the feeling of running, just for a moment! After wards I thought my muscles were going to go into after-the-adrenaline-rush shock.
    I wanted to tell you I think it’s great you are doing those juice fasts. I think juice fasting is the thing that has kept me as healthy as I have been over the last 30+ years I’ve had lyme…. I didn’t know I had lyme at the time (not until almost two years ago), and juice fasting was my last resort at trying to get better since doctors could do nothing. Fasting always made a huge difference. One time I even juice fasted for 28 days….. until I couldn’t take not eating any more – and I think those fasts (I did several one week juice fasts after that big long one) helped me go into a sort of remission for about 4 years…. You’ve reminded me that I need to fast again.
    I love hearing about what you are doing and which meds you have taken and their effect.
    I don’t know if you have posted anything about your insurance company (If you have, I’m sorry I missed it), but I’m just wondering how much do they do to help? I was diagnosed by two different ND’s, and after all the negative things I’ve read about medical doctors and insurance companies when it comes to Lyme’s, I haven’t even tried to fight it medically yet. After reading your blog and also learning about Olympic Skier Angeli VanLannen and her success in getting better, I might be changing my my about not just fighting it all naturally, and am wondering where to start in trying to find a doctor and trying to get my insurance company to cover long term antibiotics.

    • I have different insurance now but both that I have had cover the dressing changes, when I got my line in, bloodwork, and oral prescriptions. It does not cover the IV meds for me.

      We wil definitely get better. Takes time. I totally know what you mean. I have jogged through a parking lot to avoid the rain. I felt like shit for the rest of the day, but I did that little jog! Woot woot!

      And thank you I appreciate it. 🙂

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