February Part 15 – The Week Comes to An End

I was beyond friggin’ tired on Friday morning. Thursday was another really late night for me. One of those nights that I would sit on the couch almost in a trance and completely unable to move. There is no pain, just a heaviness that I can’t get to stop. 


I scrambled around to get ready, as I was running a little behind, even though that is something that is not very new lol. I looked in the mirror and was completely grossed out by my hair, all stringy and lost any type of shine, but I just wanted to get to work. Eh, it’s only hair. Tomorrow is another day. 


I got a lot done at work. I didn’t feel well at all and had to keep sitting down. Sorting through totes for papers I needed for taxes left me completely out of breath. Thanks a lot Babesia. I was stuttery and I could just tell I was running a fever. I can always tell in my head. My eyes always feel funny and my head feels “full”.


Feeling accomplished, I went home and immediately plopped onto the couch. I felt a lot better getting some rest. I think just being really tired made things flare for the day. After eating some leftovers, I completely passed out for nearly 4 hours. Dave tried to wake me up earlier, so I wouldn’t sleep too long, in hopes I wouldn’t have another late night, but I rolled right over on the couch and ignored him. I got up and thought to myself, crap, why didn’t I listen to Dave? Dave always knows best. Pshh. I hate saying that. Because I should always know best. 🙂


My left foot, in the ball of my foot really hurt but other than that I felt quite alright. This week has definitely been an interesting one. It showed me how bad negativity and stress can really flare my symptoms completely out of control, even to the point of pissing my pants. It showed me that Dr J was right though because I really didn’t have a relapse like I usually do. I trust him.


My plans were to enjoy my weekend as much as I possibly can, as I will be getting back to the grind on Monday. Three weeks that I hope will be much easier on me than last month. I couldn’t wait for Saturday, even though I thought in the back of my mind it was just one day closer to Monday. Even just going out to dinner is a real treat for me. For quite awhile there were months and months during treatment last year that I couldn’t even do anything. A little less couchbound but it is a real treat. 


I slept in until after noon on Saturday, even though I felt like I could sleep for quite a bit longer. Dave’s clock is rather big, and I squinted my eyes to see it, and noticed that I needed to get up or I would have felt like a lazy P.O.S. 


Well, I stayed that way for a while. Couching it. I didn’t want to go through clothes to wear so I waited for the mailman as I knew a new outfit was going to be coming in the mail. Too bad the leggings were see through LOL That is precisely why I ask Dave these things before I walk out the door. 


I had quite a few little things to do at work, from sending e-mails to the customers, to aging reports, bitchwork like licking envelopes and stapling papers.. lots of little things. I was going to button up tax stuff to send off to the accountant, but was loosing steam, began to be really dyslexic, and home we went. 


We were going to do dinner and hang out with our friends but plans kind of fell through, so it was a “Dave and Kimmie date night”. That’s okay with me. We ended up going to a buffet, which can be rather difficult with temptations being gluten free and low sugar. I was good though. I need to start the week without being all toxic and have a fresh start. 


I thought we were going to head right home, but Dave surprised me and pulled into the movie theatre on the way home. There wasn’t a ton playing, but we both decided on Pompeii. We both enjoyed it but agreed we didn’t like the ending. Just our opinions. We are both really looking forward to the new 300 movie coming out in March. That might be Dave’s birthday present. Even though he would have to drive there. And pay. But it would be my idea. That counts, right? This is where you are suppose to nod and agree with me. 


I did a lactated ringer as soon as I got home, and dubbed around on the computer. It is now early Sunday morning, and still wide awake lol. I need to go to bed. I have a lot to do at work, and my mother-in-law will be stopping by later in the afternoon. I guess I am off to bed. I will be counting sheep, even though sleep sounds really good right now, and enjoy my last day of freedom. 🙂


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