February Part 16 – Back to the Grind

I woke up ready to yell at Dave since it was a day I HAD to be at work somewhat on time. Yes, of course I had my alarm, but Dave is my personal alarm clock on Sundays. Luckily, he showed up shortly after I got up with coffee in hand, so all was forgiven. It was the last day before my break, so I planned on relaxing and putting my mind in a good place for healing. 


Since I knew I was going to be back to the grind, I tried to finish up some extra work in case I felt terrible on Monday. I had a splitting headache and then it hit me… I hadn’t taken my Ativan for an entire day. It was sitting on my kitchen table since I just had it refilled, and all my supplements, neuro meds, and oral antibiotics are all on my bedroom bureau, all sorted by my OCD order how I should take them, although it really doesn’t matter. 


So, Ativan once I got home. And guess what? The headache went away. I am pretty lucky I am assuming. That won’t happen again. My mother-in-law paid a visit to us, as we had not seen her in awhile, and she was nice and brought me flowers and us dinner. Anyone who brings over dinner is good in my book, or dessert. 🙂 We chit chatted for a little bit and then she went home. 


Couch time. Lots of couch time. Dave and I watched… something.. sorry I am going by memory here and I have bits and pieces here and there. I forgot my notes! lol It was a really late night, and I couldn’t quite figure out why. My legs were bothering me, but nothing that would keep me from sleeping. I honestly just think I was scared. I wanted every moment before starting the next three weeks. I am not afraid of anything until Friday to be honest with you, when I will be on my week’s antibiotics, and adding my precious and beloved Flagyl to the mix. 


This is what tired looks like. But this is hypersolomnence with a hint of insomnia.  It is ruining my potential modeling career. 😉 


Well, Monday came. Damnit. I guess I need to look at it as the next three weeks are another step closer to getting this damn line out. Ready set go! I would be starting Rifabutin, which is like Rifampin, and doing IVs that I am far too familiar with. I was a little worried about things turning orange, as it seems like I am the queen of side effects, but I guess that is better than vomiting.. anaphylaxis.. or excessive diarrhea. Worst comes to worse I can sing the Oompa Loompa song. 


It was a rough start, not going to lie. Before I even started treatment. As I laid in bed first thing in the morning, my eyes were GUNKED shut. All I could think of as conjunctivitis. What the fudge? I need new glasses before I get conjunctivitis! I splashed cool water onto my eyes, and they felt a lot better. A lot less goopy. Whatever, I’ll just put my contacts in. I popped them in, and thought to myself, Oh my god! I can’t see! ANYTHING! I’m not going to panic, I’m not going to panic. I pulled my contact out only to find I not only had the contacts I just put in, in my eyes, but also yesterday’s instead. Problem solved. Vision is nice. Lyme brain to forget to take my contacts out is not. 


At work I was getting beyond frustrated. About an hour into any antibiotic, it hits me like a ton of bricks. I felt incoherently high, and just could not figure out things on my Quickbooks program. I was throwing a tantrum, throwing papers, just being a baby trying to get things done. I was pretty clueless for the day. It sucks when I have had a glimpse of a sharper and coherent mind for it to disappear again. 


I went home, forgetting my errands, thinking we were a week behind and it was President’s Day. It was one of those late afternoons that I was home that I had no idea what the hell to cook for dinner. I am not a chef, as you have probably read in some of my past posts, but I really enjoy it because I hadn’t been able to do it for so long. I don’t mind my cooking.. most of the time, but I think some things I cook leave Dave wondering about his choice to marry me. It’s not the Lyme and being sick for so long, it is my cooking. LOL A random concoction of whatever random things I had in the fridge (from Siracha to ranch dressing, to worchester,  turkey meat loaf it was. And it wasn’t too bad!    🙂


After dinner, the time came. Marinol. Wait. Do IVs. Drumroll please.. it wasn’t bad at all. Other than my oopsie of forgetting I was plugged in and my bag was done, bringing blood into the line. Yup. Oopsie. No biggie though. Perfectly normal. 


 I personally think my morning was a lot rougher than my evening. I might have to alter my mornings until my buzz goes away, but it is what it is. Safety driving, and productiveness at work trump waiting it out. 


Another late night, but I think it will not be a 2 a.m. kind of night. My mind is going, really about nothing but things just running through my head, and I can’t shut it off for the night, a bit sore in the usual spots ( my legs and feet) and I know I am freezing! I think it will be a full pajama night, fit for a day in the Arctic. Night y’all. 🙂 Sleep well. I promise I will remember to take my contacts out this time!  


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