February Part 18 – Week One Down


The last two days of my first week’s protocol I always dread. I dread them because I add Diflucan, and my best friend Flagyl. I woke up and spent some time procrastinating. Couch. Bath. Couch. Laundry. Couch. I really didn’t want to take my pills. Anyone that knows Flagyl will tell you it can be really rugged, on you and your stomach. It is used to attack the cyst form of the Lyme bacteria. Diflucan is an antifungal, but there is beliefs it also causes the spirochetes to not further replicate. People can also herx from antifungals, however, due to yeast die-off. 


Well, it was finally time for me to get my act together. The metallic taste of Flagyl makes it really hard for me to get the pill down. It is enough to make me nauseas on its own, let alone the rest of the day. You know what that calls for? A hangover sandwich. I was better behaved and had a mini hangover sandwich, one of those flatbread ones, instead of my usual sausage, egg, and cheese on a multigrain bagel with a side of cream cheese. Gluten and terrible for you? Yes. Pukey pukey? No. 


I still had some time until my dressing change so I made my way to the pharmacy to pick up a box of lactated ringers they had waiting for me. The owner is always really nice and carries the box of ringers out for me since they are pretty heavy. I thought to myself, oh shit. How the hell am I suppose to carry this inside? Dave’s not home and they are going to freeze in this cold! 


I ended up using all the strength I had to carry that big box inside. By the time I got to the door I kind of kicked it out of the way, but I was proud I did it myself. Dave seemed kind of mad at me when he saw I carried them inside, since I am not suppose to be lifting anything heavy, but whatever. If I can start doing anything, even if it is a struggle, I am up for trying if I feel like it is something within my limits. 


My dressing looked good. No blood work for the day. It is nice to not have the blistery red skin anymore, the IV 3000 is really working well for me.


After my dressing change I went to work. I accomplished basically nothing, other than boxing up some old paperwork to get it out of the office. I wished I could have done more but I was starting to feel out of it. Maybe carrying the ringers inside spread the Flagyl lol. Or I was just plain pooped. 


Flagyl nights are Chinese food nights. We ordered enough food to last the next couple of nights to combat the nausea. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got sick on Friday, but I would just have to see. 


Friday was the bomb day. My orals and my IVs. I needed to get my butt in gear for work, so I at least didn’t have time to procrastinate in taking my meds. No one was at the office for the day, which is okay by me, as I really can concentrate this way. I started to get really tired after I at least accomplished some things at work, and decided to go home. Leftover Chinese food and TV with Dave. I took my Marinol and looked at the clock, waiting to finish up week one. 


Drip drip drriiiiiiip. Sometimes it seems to take way longer to do my IVs than another day. Maybe because I was looking forward to it being over, even though I would be having just a one day off. Not even a day off!  I would be doing a ringer that day to do some detoxing. 


I took my time between taking my IVs and then doing my orals. I didn’t want to overload myself all at once. My stomach was beginning to hurt before I even took my Flagyl, and I was feeling pretty loopy and fluish. I was trying to fill my stomach in hopes that it would make it feel better by eating a mass quantity of food. A bottomless pit. To be honest, it didn’t help at all. It just made me feel ashamed if anything for being such a piggy. 


I was up pretty late, which is nothing new, and even though not having a wonderful evening, I think it has been the easiest time with Flagyl that I have ever had. I do a stacking, pulse style therapy and Flagyl is always the last one to add. And it always wants to hurt me. I will more than take it. Week one down. 🙂

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