March Part 2 – Words I Needed


I was already counting down the days until I am done with this weeks protocol. My alarm went off for nearly two hours before I actually out of bed. My IVs seemed to take forever and I did them so late in the morning I would have to wait until way later at night than usual to do my nighttime infusions.  


I had a little burst of energy while quickly getting ready, washing my face and underarms instead of taking a bath to save some time, and threw my dog’s ball for him a few times. I was happy considering I feel like my poor little guy has been neglected since I use to be so active with him outdoors. After a few minutes, I was DONE for the day. 


At work I did some end of the quarter preparations, since it takes me awhile to get things like that ready, and papers that should have been entered weekly sat piling on my desk. I was getting frustrated with the Excel program, but luckily figured it out before I got too angry and frustrated. At that point I have to call it a day at work. 


We had some simple leftovers for dinner. My stomach was still bothering me so I didn’t want to go nuts with anything too exciting or heavy. It was improving from the past few days which at least put my mind at ease knowing it wasn’t getting any worse. 


My nighttime IVs made me lightheaded and I had lost all balance. My legs really hurt. My calves and feet were sore, and my knees and thighs didn’t like me much either. I couldn’t even put my knees together while lying on my side. Someway somehow, I finally fell asleep. 


Another late morning, I didn’t feel well from the get go. I felt out of it, very high and loopy, and the cold weather wasn’t helping any of my muscle pain or joints that day. My eyes were heavy, I was so ready to go back to bed. 


I completely timed my IVs wrong, as sometimes it seems to take twice as long, got ready a little bit since it was massage day and I am sure Gayle doesn’t want to work on a wooly willy. I got to work and did everything as quick as I possibly could. My Dad saw that I was barely there and already ready to leave.  “Thanks for making an appearance!”. LOL Glad he is understanding for me. 


My feet and legs have edema again. Maybe thats why they were bothering me. I was told to make sure I keep them elevated, and to keep those tootsies warm to help promote circulation. The sesson was pretty much large focus on the legs, with epsom salt and peppermint on my back for circulation and detox. It was certainly working, my nose was running like a sieve and she didn’t focus on neck lymph that day. 


Afterward, I went and saw S. at the salon. She washed my hair for me and give me a trim. She has been so great to me throughout our friendship. Always there for me and helps in any way she can. It can be a pain in the ass to wash my hair, and blowdrying and styling it can be even harder as it still takes up a lot of strength for me. 


I went to the pharmacy to pick up Coartem for next week and Gabapentin (with clean hair!). At least I remembered both so maybe next week I won’t have to go. They will just have to miss my beautiful face for a week, but I will be fine with that!  


I got home to see a letter from my insurance company in the mail. I am automatically enrolled for payment but I guess they are no longer accepting automatic payments anymore…. without any notice. I got a bill in the mail 3 days after it was due. I called, and was told there is a 24 day grace period for late payment. Not good enough. Send me your bills on time. I am one of those people who pays everything early. Holy moly. I was so proud. My rage didn’t kick in enough to scare the customer service guy and make him fear for his life. A big step for me. Maybe the bugs leached to the anger part of my brain have let go a little bit. 


I also got my notes from Dr J. I am always a little nervous opening them. As per usual, he discussed some of the issues I talked to him about, such as my “off” bloodwork, pain issues and reoccurring fevers. He talked about Mycoplasma, which he thinks is one of the reasons why I have been taking longer than originally planned to make progress. It was funny, there was some testing such as grip and reflexes ( 4/5 and 2-3 for results), but I can’t remember for the life of me taking the tests. Hmm


The last part of the letter put a smile right on my face. ” She will not return until late March, at which time we hopefully convert her to an oral program”. You read that!? It is coming closer and closer than I will have freedom from this IV pole that has become a part of my life. It is official and on paper. Please please please make this come true. I am doing much better, but I will just have to see. I really don’t want to give my hopes up if he feels differently. But at that moment, I soaked it in and enjoyed every bit of it. 


My legs and feet felt like rubber after my day hustling around. When I got home, as ordered, I put on my warm booties and elevated my feet. I was so tired butt wanted to stay up doing my infusions in hopes to go to bed a little bit earlier. 


After Tuesday, there was only two more days left to hell week. This was the first day that I felt like things have really struck me like a bag of potatoes… or however that saying goes? Hoping the next two days are easy peasy. I could use it.

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