March Part 3 – End of IV Week


I always wake up Dave as soon as I crawl into bed in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes he rolls over away from me and kind of groans, probably because he is annoyed at me, and if he doesn’t do that, it is always the same old question. “Did you turn the heat down?” “Nope”. What can I say? I am always cold at night. But I will tell you, the best decision I have made in a long time was to try to take a bath BEFORE bed. No knee pain, no leg pain. Ahhhhhh….


My Dad called me in the morning, not too long after I got up to start my IVs and get ready to go to work. “When are you coming in?”. Darnit.  I felt terrible since he needed me to be in the office but I was nowhere close to being ready. My IVs take well over an hour alone.  I have offered before to do my IVs at work in the morning to save time, but he always says no. I think the real issue is that he doesn’t want to see his daughter hooked up to an IV pole. Understandable. I don’t want to see myself hooked up to an IV pole either. 


I was pretty nauseas after doing my morning IVs. I am pretty sure in my hurry I took my nausea medication too close to the time I was ready to infuse. Maybe it was because it was coming to the end of the week. Last month I got really nauseas and sick at the end of the week so maybe my stomach was also wanted this week to be over and done with. My feet and legs were a little uncomfortable, but felt much better than the day before. Damn you edema. I think it’s an IV week thing. 


Luckily, there wasn’t any pressing phone calls when he was gone. One of our suppliers called about some pricing changes that will be coming up, and she has been following my progress and has sent me many well wishes. She then said to me, “Thank you for sharing your story. You are just an inspiration”. It really made my day to hear that people are listening. 


After work I did a little online shopping. Two friends are having babies, and I love love love shopping for baby clothes. If you are asking in your mind, yes probably you Aunt Linda LOL The answer is no. I am not planning on having baby. Obviously now I am just too sick, but in the future to be honest I would be terrified to carry this all on a baby. I know some people can be extremely lucky and have perfectly healthy babies, but, that isn’t how life can work sometimes. Adoption somewhere FAR down the road might be something to consider. Someday we’ll see. 


I got to sleep in Thursday guilt free, which was a nice treat for me. I slept so late that I had to skip my usual Thursday hair wash in the morning before I head to the hospital for my dressing change. 


My bloodwork this week was a bust. Once again, I wasn’t getting a blood draw. It started to come out and pretty much stopped and just wasn’t budging. Looks like I will be having a heavy lactated ringer flush, cough and heparin day to try to get it going again, or else I will have to send my nurse a message and have to go in for a “declotting”. 


So getting pricked it was. It sucks having a line that isn’t working, since I will admit it is one of the big perks of having one if you are continuously having bloodwork done. They usually have to prick me a half a dozen times to actually get a vein, so I was pleasantly surprised it only took one prick to get the job done. 


I went to work for a little bit after I was finished, even though it was my day off, to do some dub work like e-mailing customers. I looked at the clock and realized Dave would be home soon, so I ended up heading home myself. 


As soon as I got home, Dave handed the phone to me. “The hospital called, call them back”. Apparantly they didn’t spin my blood in time and that I would have to go back again. Arrrghhh! You know what that means. Another prick the next day. Even if I got my line working, the labs cannot draw from my line, only the RN’s can do that, and unless it is dressing change day and someone is designated to me, it is really hard to get someone to the labs to be able to do it since they are usually really busy. 


When I got home I started to do a little research for another research blog, but all I ended up doing was reading through my large and double spaced papers I had printed out to be able to read them, and highlighted topics I want to read more about and discuss. I was pooped. That was enough for the day. 


It was the last of my IVs for the month. I can’t believe how much easier it it has been for me so far, with only three more treatment days to go. Now don’t get me wrong, it still isn’t “easy” by any means, but it has been a huge difference from my treatments in the past. It has made me really come to the realization that I am making much more progress, and am headed further down the road into the right direction. I have made it this far, three more days to go, in which I will be solely focusing on Babesia, and I am having a confidence that I will be alright. I’ll let ya know. 😉 


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