March Part 4 – Time Out


Three days off and then I will only have three more treatment days this month. It seems to have gone by pretty quickly for me this time around, which is a very good thing. I mean, some of the days did drag on, but I took it like a champ. I actually got up when my alarm went off, but I think it helped a lot that I actually fell asleep at midnight. That has been a first for me, other then the times I have been entirely nervous to go to DC or Dave is there to wake me up. 


I spent some time fighting with my IV line, trying to get a blood draw. No luck, but my nurse, H., taught me a trick to put in a single cc of of heparin in and clamp it, and to try again later. Another piece of advice was to try after doing a lactated ringer as that is basally a big flush when it is run on full boar to flush out those toxins.


Since it had been a few days, I figured it was worth taking a shower with one of my Anchor Dry patches and giving my hair a good scrubbing. 


It was time to head to the hospital to get yet another thing of bloodwork done. I was happy to hear at least just my end out lab test was ruined, and the others were fine. Drum roll people, it was the first time in a year and a half that ALL my tests came back NORMAL! Do you hear the Hallelujah music playing? I sure do. I almost thought they accidently gave me someone else’s test results. I kept checking to see if it was my name on top, and it was. 🙂 


I was pretty focused at work. Sore, but was really not feeling as bad as I usually do off of my antibiotics. I was going to the bathroom ALL DAY, but I guess that is my natural detox. LOL :-O 


I ordered another BluePrint cleanse when I am all done Coartem next week. That day always scares me since I had my really bad seizure the day after Coartem a few months ago. Better safe then sorry. Detox detox detox. Dr J thinks my seizure was caused my toxic overload so I am going to do what he says and make sure I do a really good job getting rid off all the bad stuff. 


My friend A. came to visit me in the evening. I hadn’t seen her in awhile so I was really happy to see her. We caught up and Dave, her, and myself just watched TV together. Simple is always good. I was pretty tired so this was absolutely perfect. 


It was a fairly late night for me, since my mind would not shut off and I am having some tendon issues and foot pain, so I relaxed and put on my microwavable rice booties to try to make my feet and tendons feel better before I could finally drift off to sleep. 


I was a little angry my Dad called me in the morning. “I got the mail!” Err okay? I guess I need to remind him unless it’s a dire emergency to let me sleep. I laid in in bed, feeling like I had a massive margarita hangover. Yayyyy. Just kidding. That really sucks. I didn’t even have a chance to get out of bed to feel like crud. 


I took my time on the couch, with the coffee Dave brought home for me. He is probably the best husband ever, but maybe I’m a little biased toward him. 🙂 


No one was at work, which was kind of a good thing since I didn’t feel well and just wanted to get everything I needed to get done finished for the day. I was shaky and rubber legged, and beyond exhausted. Thanks for waking me up Pops. 😦 I ended up calling it a day when I felt like I was straining my eyes to look at the computer screen. Damn headaches. I don’t get them all that frequently, but it is one of those things I am a wicked baby about. Break my arm, that’s cool. Headache, not cool at all. 


I hooked myself up to a lactated ringer when I got home and laid down. No blood draw still. Damnit. I messaged H. and told her what was going on, and now I will be going to the hospital on Monday to try to get it working again. 


After resting I still didn’t feel all that well, but wanted to go grab dinner with Dave and A. We decided on a lobster and seafood restaurant a few towns away, since we had a coupon. Of course a LOBSTER restaurant didn’t have lobster. No lobstah? Friggin unreal. Pshh… At least my rages are way better controlled now or I would have had a tantrum like a two year old and would have probably walked out hungry. Ok… Grilled scallops it is.  


It was an early night for us. Full bellied, we sat and watched TV. Even I went to bed much earlier than my usual late nights. My feet and ankles were really painful at this point, but I was just so tired I could step past it and fall asleep. At least I will not be on Cipro for about a month, if even at all anymore. I win some and lose some with this antibiotic. It works so much with my Bartonella symptoms and brings me much more clarity, but that is the price I pay. At least it is superficial since the tendon issues always seem to go away. 


I was to have Sunday off, which I was more than looking forward to. Dave promised not to wake me, and we had high hopes I could wake up in time on my own to make breakfast or brunch. Did I get up in time? If you guessed no, you would be correct. 


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