March Part 5 – There Will Be Blood

 I completely missed out on being up early enough for breakfast or brunch on my day off. Dave worked outside and ran errands in the morning while I slept a chunk of the day away. He came inside to check on me and I was still curled up in bed at 11:30. He came in an hour later, and the only progress I had made was transferring myself to the couch. That’s a start, right? 


“You really aren’t ready yet?!” Okay okay. Time to get my ass in gear. 


Dave and I decided on a Walmart trip. I was actually pretty excited. Excited for Walmart is a little sad, but when you really don’t get out much doing anything is pretty exciting, and I welcome a break from the couch. I still can’t walk around that much or stand for an extended period of time, so I used one of those little electric carts to get around. I brought my sunglasses inside since bright lights usually do me in, but I was lucky and didn’t have to put them on. 


We had no agenda. We only ended up getting our spoiled written animals food and treats, and lunches for Dave for the week. I did get some funny looks when I was in the cracker isle, since I absolutely suck at driving those carts, hitting displays and whatnot, so I parked it and got up and grabbed a box of Triscuts. LOL. I think one of the things that people always assume is that people needing wheelchairs are paralyzed or something of that nature, when in fact, there are other reasons that one can be in a wheelchair. For instance, there was a girl that I use to see out when I use to sing karaoke and have drinks with my friends. One week she would be in a wheelchair, the next she would not. I believe she has MS and has good days and bad days, just like I do. People should never assume or be an ass and stare. Oh well. 


Dave and I got an early dinner, since I made us miss out on the breakfast or brunch we had planned. When I got home, I was beyond exhausted from the trip and freezing. I noticed my toe split again.Thanks ACA. I haven’t even bothered to look at my feet to see the other damage. I know it is starting and it is honestly just going to annoy me more than it already has. 


My blood draw was still not working as I checked it at night, and that meant one thing. A visit at the hospital the next day. Eight months with this line and it still flushing very well but cannot give blood really isn’t too shabby. I can’t be too upset as many can have much worse happen to them. Either way it is always a little nerve racking when your line isn’t working 100%, considering it is in my chest and all. 😮


A visit with H. is always a good one. She has been an amazing advocate for me at the hospital and has been there since day one of my IV treatments starting in December 2012. It is hard to find people that not only care about their job, but care about the lives they effect and genuinely care about their patients. She does. 


Here is myself with H, as well as my declotter thingymabobber.. As you can tell I really have no clue what it is really called. After a few tries, there was no success so we decided to keep the fluid in there by keeping my line clamped, and hope it would do it’s thing when I tried later. 


When I got home I checked all my messages. I have come to find a lot of people who also see Dr J, and it is wonderful to be able to talk to each other and support one another. My friend just had a visit to his office and I was checking up on her and part of the message I got was,  “T-u so much for being there for me so much of the time. I told Dr. J how much I loved you and your sense of humor. He loves you too. Big smile from him”. Hearing something like that from someone who has also been through many of the same struggles and seeing the same doctor so she understands really means a lot to me. It made my day. And it made my day that Dr J doesn’t think I’m a POS lol. Especially after the negativeness that I have dealt with the beginning of the month. 


I spent the evening writing, and not wanting to overdo anything. I had just started my first day of Coartem, and thus far, I was handling it very well. I think part of it that helped was it was not a strenuous work day, short and sweet, and I did in fact lay down for quite some time in the comfy hospital bed trying to get my line unclogged. 


At the end of the night, I ate… a lot, since I had to take my night dose of this antimalarial, used to treat Babesia. I am always suppose to take it with food, but what I can’t understand mentally is that when I see those little words on the prescription bottles, I immediately think I need to stuff my face. At least it was good. French onion dip and chips. Okay Lyme diet police, yes I know this isn’t a superb choice but it is just so darn good. 


I tucked Dave in at night, reminding him that the CD I had made him for his birthday was in my car. His response, “Keep it in your car.” I guess that would be a fail on my part. Pshh. He doesn’t know what he is missing out on. 


I stayed up late, and was having some foot issues, but oddly enough I didn’t feel “bad”. But I didn’t feel “good” either. More of a Cipro/ Bartonella reaction to me, I kept feeling like I was seeing things out of the corner of my eyes. Rather annoying. My legs were a little rubbery, but with the foot pain I got around just fine to be able to get ready for bed. This has honestly been the easiest start of Coartem that I have ever had. 


I remembered right before I went to bed to grab an empty syringe and try to get a blood draw. Alcohol swab for 15 seconds. Shit. The line touched my sweatshirt. Swab some more. Break seal on syringe and get it ready to hook up. Hook up syringe. Unclamp. Pull syringe. Holy moly it worked! Blood! Hip hip hoorayyyy! No worries left for the day other than if I could get to sleep. One less thing on this girl’s mind is always welcomed. 🙂  Two days of Coartem left. Let this be a piece of cake.

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