March Part 6 – Mission Complete


My mind has been kind of groggy lately and I have been lacking any motivation. My house is dirty, piled high with junk, and I have so many clean clothes in my hampers left unfolded it is driving me crazy. What can you do though. On a really good day I will take care of everything, well, lets be honest, some of it, but I have still been waiting on that one for awhile now. 


My stomach has really been bothering me. Nausea even though I don’t have a reason for it, since I have taken this medication with no problems in the past, and the tummy pains have once again returned. 


Tuesday was massage day. I was pleased to hear that my legs looked better than the week before, and my circulation wasn’t as “off” as it usually is. Elevating my feet laying on the couch must really be making a difference. I will take it. I don’t really know a lot about edema, but when I have it, my legs are in a lot worse pain. 


It was Dave’s birthday. Thirty one years old. I tease him every birthday, joking it makes him sound way older than myself, who is only 26. I now that really isn’t that big of a gap, but it is still fun to tease him nonetheless. Back when I was in high school, our friends use to tease him that he was robbing the cradle lol. 


 I felt bad that I didn’t do anything for him, except make his favorite birthday dinner: tomato soup with macaroni in it. Yup, you read that right. He could have had a big steak..lobster…whatever, but he likes his Campbell’s soup with macaroni. Kind of a relief for me with the lack of motivation and trying to cook a nice and fancy dinner. He got no card this year, since I didn’t know how I would do in the store by myself, but I did go to the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts and got him an ice coffee. Yayyy.. good wife? It’s about the best I can be right now. It is frustrating that although things hard as hard for me anymore, I still am not very functional. I hope that changes soon. 


I was freezing at night, and laid on the couch watching TV. Time went by, hour upon hour until about one in the morning, and I realized what time it was and I really had to try to go to bed. My massage stuff was still on me, my hair separating and could stick straight up on its own. I felt gross but decided it could wait another day. 


Wednesday finally came. My last day of treatment this month, although I have the option to take Minocycline if the pain levels are really high. I am use to saying it has been a really long month but to my relief it hasn’t been nearly as bad as what I am use to. That is a good feeling to have a break from hell and in the back of my mind it reminds me that I am getting closer to where I want to be even though I may not feel like it some days. 


I was late for work that day (surprise surprise), and stayed long enough to do payroll and everything I might miss out on the following day because I knew a snow storm was coming. 


I would be doing a juice cleanse the next day, as I take special precaution now once I am done my protocols after my seizure, so I ate very light to be safe. I talked to a fellow Lymie whom also sees Dr J, and I told her about the tick I had on me right before treatment started again. I have two weeks until I am back to DC, and she gave me the advice to contact Dr J and let him know about it, and to see if I needed to do anything different for the next few weeks. 


It was kind of nerve racking, but she was right. And so I messaged him.  I would lose my mind if I went to his office and found out I needed to have my line in longer, because I failed to mention it and I should have been on treatment until I saw him again. I was beyond happy when I got my reply back, that all the antibiotics I have done this month should suffice for any new tick bites. That is true, I do tend to have whoppers of protocols. But I would rather have it that way. Kill the bastards, in all ways, shapes, and forms, and go after the co-infections while I am at it. I don’t dilly dally. I wanted to be better like yesterday…


I was pretty sore by nighttime. I bundled up to watch TV, my body feeling heavy, doing absolutely nothing. I took my last dose of Coartem and then I realized shaking the pill bottle after my four pills that I was done. 


Done for the month, and now I wait. I wait until I go back to DC, wait and see how I do the next few weeks. I need this to go well. Better than before. This month was not nearly as bad, so the optimist side of me is thinking my time off will be better too. I am getting better.

2 thoughts on “March Part 6 – Mission Complete

  1. By the way I think you sound like an extraordinary wife – you know what he liked and you set out to achieve making it for him. You’re fu*king awesome so don’t beat yourself up. Don’t get down. Stay positive. He’s still there, right? You’re both still fighting this thing. You keep up the treatment. You get well. Smile each day when you wake up despite felling like hell because you have things to live for. Stay strong Kimmie!!! :))))

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