March Part 7 – Don’t Forget About Me

 Lightheaded and shaky. Yup, it’s the day after the antibiotics. I slept until I heard a knock on the door, which meant my juices came in for the day’s juice cleanse. I have been doing a day of juice cleanses once I am done my antibiotics until I go and see Dr J to try to detoxify as much as I can. 


It was snowing in the morning, so I didn’t really make it a point to do anything for the day other than go and get my dressing changed at the hospital and see Dr S for my adjustment . I looked everywhere for my package of new dressings that I am not allergic to that I bring to the hospital, and could not find them anywhere. I checked online to make sure I actually ordered them, as it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility I THOUGHT I ordered them but never really did, but found my confirmation e-mail with my guaranteed Tuesday delivery that never happened and it was already Thursday. 


Okay… itchy dressing it is. I was hoping they would come in soon enough after in case my skin starts blistering again and then I can get Dave to change it for me. Luckily, the hospital had a new type of dressing to try, and I hope it works out better than the other ones that I have had. It just is discouraging because my skin has healed nicely and it seems like nothing else seems to work. I can already tell it is going to be itchy. 😦 


It dawned on me when I got home, my propane delivery that was suppose to come the day before STILL hadn’t come either! What the fudge! Why is everyone forgetting about me??!!! I called and they apologized that they forgot my delivery and promised it would come the following morning. Okie dokie. 


I saw Dr S and by that time, I was really starting to fade fast as I was pretty tired from going to the hospital and I think my body was in starvation mode from doing my juice cleanse LOL. Probably not, but I was feeling pretty hungry this time around doing my cleanse. As always, it is good to chit chat with him, and he gave my back quite a few cracks, and he could tell exactly where it was hurting in the middle of my back, so he used the extractor on it. I am not sure what it actually does, but I will take his word for it that it works. 😉


When I got home, I didn’t do anything at all. Other than detoxify all evening on the toilet. Ugh. The only thing that I knew I had to do was to try to stay awake since it was Grey’s Anatomy night. Yeah, I know. Maybe it’s not “cool” anymore, but I am a die-hard fan. Grey’s and my Killer Wives show on LMN. Addictions. 


I was in bed pretty early. I am not sure if it was exhaustion from my first day of having a break, or the fact that all I could think of was food. Cheese. Breakfast sandwiches. Candy. Chinese food. I needed to be stopped before I ruined a day of cleansing, and so tired and hungry, off to bed I went. 


Friday morning wasn’t any better than Thursday to be honest with you. I woke up shaky and light headed, and my stomach was in knots. Regardless as to how I felt, I had to get up and get ready for work. I always feel like the world’s cruddiest employee when I see my fellow coworkers have already come and gone from work, even though they are truck drivers and I do office work so it is different jobs, but I always use to be in the office before they even got back from their trip. Such a slacker these days.. you know.. the past year and a half or so. 


I kept my windows rolled down on the way to the post office and to work, since the shaky and light headed feeling always scares me and I start to feel myself overheat. It was freezing out, so I was definitely having a change from feeling like I am a human icicle that I have been feeling lately. 


Work was good although I really didn’t have a lot of motivation. Entering invoices, looking at puppies. Entering deposits, check Facebook. You get the idea. At least I got everything done, and I got it done right. It has been a week or two since I have made any mistakes on my paperwork, which is pretty exciting! 🙂 I usually have bouts of dyslexia so this is a nice change of pace. 


After work, I swung by a little sandwich place and got Dave a sub, and myself a salad for dinner since after I have a cleanse I am not suppose to eat “junk”. After all, you just cleansed your system, stomach, and intestines, it kind of only makes sense to eat light the next few days, right?


I lost my mind when I got home. No propane delivery. We were getting really low and after Wednesday of them not showing up and it was almost 4 on Friday with no delivery, I was kind of thinking that I was going to freeze to death over the weekend since we would have no heat or hot water. I called the company, and was put on hold. In the meantime, I was texting Dave in a Lyme rage telling him how I wanted to rip the dumb lady’s face off. That’s where the Lyme rage went! Deep down inside of me, slowly brewing and waiting to explode. 


I figured it was better to kill more flies than honey than vinegar, and kept my composure, even though it is awfully hard to when you have been keeping your head really low because they keep forgetting to deliver your propane when you already have enough temperature control issues. I think it worked, since a few hours later, they showed up. It is going to cost me a fortune and the bill will be hanging out with my millions of other papers for a little bit, but I will figure it out. It wouldn’t have seemed that bad if they didn’t let my tank completely empty! Oh well. Heat is on. Warmer and more comfortable is okay by me. 



As I said, I am not suppose to eat junk, but Dave was cruel and unusual and brought home a big bag of peanut M&M’s, along with a big thing of ice cream. I don’t really care about ice cream, but the candy was calling my name. Oh my dear lord. They tell you to eat light for a reason. My stomach hurt so bad! I stayed up late and did a lactated ringer to try to detox while trying to find a comfortable spot to lay down yet failing miserably, and was so mad at myself for having no self control.


Another late night, but I knew that I had Saturday to sleep in. Cheers to the weekend! 


2 thoughts on “March Part 7 – Don’t Forget About Me

    • it is a great show! Dave makes fun of my love of Grey’s quite a bit though. Way better than Gold Rush though 🙂 Glad I am not the only one to not turn down candy either!

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