March Part 8 – Out and About Wears Me Out


Saturdays are quite possibly my favorite day of the week. It is the official “sleep in day”. Dave knows to leave me alone, and my Dad has MOSTLY gotten accustomed to not calling me until 11 or so, although I am usually in bed still when he tries to call. 


Dave, being the best husband ever ( I might be a little biased), bought me a coffee and left it on the stereo in our living room to have when I got up. Of course it needed to be reheated, but it was still just as good. I laid on the couch and watched a show on Animal Planet in which they surprise a deserving person with a puppy. I kept tearing up every single show when they either talked about why they were surprising that someone or when the moment came that they surprised that person. Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with me?! LOL I am blaming it on Lyme and co’s messing with my hormones. 


After getting ready and my coffee/puppy cry fest, I got my butt in gear and went to work. I was feeling pretty spaced out and blah but I did everything I needed to finished and made my way home. 


As soon as I got home, I was done. DONE. I was so tired. Within minutes of getting home I was out like a light in bed with my dog, Chance, and Dave joined us to take a nap. What an exciting crowd we are! I forced myself to get up a few hours later because I really wanted to go and do something, even though I wasn’t feeling very well, just to get out and do something. We got a quick bite to eat and watched the new 300 movie. On our way home we swung into a restaurant in our town and saw the “make a wish” couple, had a drink and listened to music. As soon as I got there I instantly felt a wave.. kind of the uh-oh I don’t know what is going to happen wave, but luckily it subsided. There was so weird lighting and it was dead in there so there wasn’t too much talking which I think helped out a lot, even though there was a small live band playing. We were home just before 11, and I was POOPED. I knew I would hate myself the next day but I was happy to get out of the house, and that was in fact the first night I went “out” to a restaurant/bar even for a little bit since the annual Halloween party we go to, and my benefit before that. Three times in the past year. I am living on the edge I tell ya. 


I vaguely remember Dave telling me to wake up and that he was off to watch the snowmobile races that go on every Sunday the next town over. He should have dragged me out of bed. 2 1/2 hours after my alarm went off, with Dave trying to get me up somewhere in between, I finally got up. I always get so much anxiety when I first read the clock when I get up in the morning and realize I am am ridiculously late for work. 


I woke up covered in sweat. Those with Babesia know how this can be. When I say covered in sweat, I mean my shirt was soaked, my back of my neck and hairline completely wet. Gross. That always sucks when you can’t take a shower like a normal person, and my chest feels so gross since I am pretty limited to wiping it down, or using my hygiene tool these days… an alcohol pad. LOL I am not exactly a catch at the moment. Ah. The joys of Babesia. 


I scattered around trying to grab clothes, skipping a bath and quickly brushing my teeth and slapping on deodorant although I really needed a bath, took my morning pills, and away I went. I was really late, but of course I still stopped and grabbed a coffee. 🙂 I knew that I was paying for the night before, feeling beyond exhausted, shaky, and my legs like rubber. All my joints weren’t very pleased either. I felt like the tinman (errr tin woman?) when I walked into the store to get my coffee as my news were throbbing. I suppose the knee pain offsets the rubber legs. At least with the knee pain I at least know my legs are there. It was another drive with the windows rolled all the way down to rid myself of a hot flash. It seems weird that every time I finish Coartem I get my sweats again. Babesia herx? Not really sure. Feeling bad didn’t kill my spirit though, as I stayed in a pretty good mood for the day.


I came home after doing some work for the following day, anticipating I would once again be late, because, let’s be real here, I was probably going to be. Although I wanted nothing more than to curl up on the couch, I decided to fold laundry, so now I only have one full “clean clothes hamper”, and set up a bag of clothes to donate. That was beyond the highlight of my day. I hated myself afterward, since I already knew I overdid it, but at the same time I loved myself to do something that I had been wanting to do but just didn’t have any spare energy after I had gotten home from work. 


The bonus of the day, Dave made dinner! Corned beef and cabbage. Even though it wasn’t St. Patty’s day quite yet, I didn’t mind, and corned beef tastes way better the second day, so there will be plenty of leftovers. Good boy Dave, good boy. 


We watched Chance play with his new toy that Dave picked up for him on his way home from the snowmobile races, a big stuffed duck. Within a few minutes, my living room looked like a cloud. Fuzzies EVERYWHERE! We always have so much fun watching him get intense and rip his toys to shreds, then Dave takes the squeaker from the toys and teases Chance, making him run around barking in excitement. 


My back was driving me nuts, making me itch like crazy. It almost stings to touch but once I do I can’t stop scratching. I waited until there wasn’t as much red for Dave to get a picture, since we always bring pictures to Dr. J so he knows what I am talking about, as seeing is believing. I think I grossed him out with my much needing a pedicure blistery, split open vienna sausage toes last month. 


On my back last month I had red Bartonella bumps that hurt and itched around the area. So this is different since it is brownish splotches.  I asked a few people what it was, and several responses I got were EM rashes, which are the Lyme rashes, that can reoccur, or possibly a herx rash. I almost thought it was another yeast rash, but having many skin conditions over the year I could easily rule that one out. Whatever it is, I got to leave it alone! At least I got some suggestions to try to heal that skin. 


It was another SVU and Lifetime movie evening. I kept my feet elevated to try to get rid of the rubbery feeling, and stuffed my face with chips and dip. I swear Dave is fattening me up on purpose knowing swimsuit season is right around the corner. Well okay, that probably isn’t the case, since he has to live with me, but he keeps buying me crap that he knows I am going to pig out with. Maybe it’s because he loves me? I wish I could go grocery shopping again. No pig outs. 


I finished watching movies then worked on a little bit of writing, which I am doing now actually! Now it is St. Patty’s day. 🙂 I have my green Red Sox teeshirt set aside for whenever I wake up later… don’t forget to wear your green! 🙂 🙂

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