March Part 9 – Eventful Day


The weekend had come to an end. St. Patty’s day. My maiden name use to be Irish, but I’m actually not Irish at all. My Dad was adopted hence the Irish last name. But who needs to be Irish to celebrate with drinking festivities?! Well.. no drinking festivities for me, but I do appreciate the food. As you all know, I am a girl that LOVES to eat. 😉

I had quite a day already into the late hours in the morning. I decided to make my hotel reservations for Boston as it will be a two night get away when I leave for DC for my next appointment, and I forgot all about booking that hotel.

Of course, there was issues with making my hotel reservation. I was trying to book it online, checked everything about a million times since I am horrible with dates, and we definitely don’t need a suite or anything fancy, and clicked the “make reservation” button. “Your request could not be completed, please try again”. Okay… so I filled everything out again. “You have already reserved this date, would you like to continue with this reservation?” Son of a bitch.

I ended up calling their 24 hour line, and apparently there was a similar name on the computer, I am Kim Martin, there was a Kim Martinau that booked the same hotel on the same date. Hmm. What a quinky dink.  Their computer was thinking it was the same person because the name was so close.

After talking to someone, on the phone at 2 am, I found out my hotel room was indeed booked more than once, and then my additional over the phone reservation. It took forever for the guy to understand that I was not this other person, from Canada. “Is this your credit card number?” “No.” “Are you from Canada?” “Nope, not from Canada.” He was still confused that I wasn’t the same person but I think I got it straightened away.. hopefully… but all I know is if there is anything wrong I will Lyme rage their ass! 🙂 No one wants to see me in a complete rage. Kimmiecakes, with a sweet demeanor can get rather nasty real quick.

I was worried, browsing Facebook at night to find out a acquaintance of mine was shot multiple times. He dated one of my friends for years, and we went to the same College so we bumped into one another now and again. A really nice guy, so I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to hurt him. It made me sad, so I made sure before I went to bed I said a prayer for him.

You should all be proud of me! I got up when my alarm went off! Just kidding. Don’t be proud. As soon as it went off, I put it next to me and fell asleep for another hour. Darn it. I could take Minocycline since I am on a break from the antibiotics, to help level me out, but I decided to avoid it. I think Tuesday will be the day that I will break down and take it since I am feeling the pain from not being on any antibiotics right now.

I took a quick bath and got dressed in my green. 🙂 Did you wear green?


I took my first plethora of pills (it is sad even OFF antibiotics I still have to take the entire pharmacy), and headed off to work. I did a lot of my usual Monday work the day before, so I got everything done and then started to clean up my desk with papers stacked sky high. It bothers me, but I get so tired once I get everything I need to get done, I just need to go home and lay down.

On my way home, I went to Dunkin Donuts to get a small cup of coffee, and the shortcut road I went on to get home had a small labrador with a red collar in the middle of the road. I stopped, and put my hazard lights on, and had to close my eyes as someone came right around the corner and the poor little guy almost got hit. I think the only reason the dog didn’t get hit was I laid on the horn to try to get their attention. It makes me angry when this type of thing happens.  Mistakes happen of course with responsible pet owners as dogs can get away, but too many people just plain shouldn’t have pets. I called the police station as soon as I got home, less than 5 minutes away, as I couldn’t get the dog to come to me as he was really skiddish, and it would break my heart if a dog got hit. I let Chance out of “his room”, and gave him a great big hug, and hoped the little guy was going to get back to his owners safely.

I was so sore when I got home. After calling about the dog, I laid down on the couch and didn’t want to do a darn thing. I still had a mess on the floor from Chance’s toy destruction the day before, but I couldn’t get myself up to vacuum. Everything in my body was screaming at me. The back of my neck, my lower back, in which I was still scratching at, my muscles.. I felt like I got hit by a bus.

Luckily, I didn’t have to work on cooking a boiled dinner, since Dave cooked everything the day before. All I had to do was heat everything up in the microwave. Thanks babe! 

I pretty much molded myself to the couch, and did absolutely nothing. I was mad at myself, I didn’t even feel like hooking myself up with a lactated ringer. Shame on me, I know better. I will be sure to detox my butt off the next few days to offset my bad decision. I could feel myself do the thriller dance a few times, but it honestly doesn’t even phase me anymore, and I don’t think Dave notices anymore. There has definitely been huge improvements in this department though. A few tics, whatever. No biggie.

I lost all the feeling in my feet when I got up to tuck Dave into bed and gather my pajamas for the night. Enough to do the crab walk and hit my shoulder on the doorway. Yup. I think I am going to have to go on my antibiotic tomorrow to be able to function a little better, and it isn’t fun to be in any more pain.

I am up late once again, and I can feel the tenseness in my head. I don’t really get a ton of headaches or migraines, but I feel this weird painful pressure kind of like my brains are pressing hard against my skull. That probably makes no sense, but I guess that is the only way to describe it. I am trying to work up the motivation to finish getting ready for bed, but being under the blankets on the couch seems mighty nice rather than getting up and getting cold. Okay well. Wish me luck. Must. Have. Sleep. 🙂

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