6 thoughts on “At Least My Little Someones Get Joy Out of My IV Treatment

  1. I’m sooooo happy to see you and your love ones happy!!!!!! I have been struggle w Lyme for the past two years on an off last four days been blahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! But I’m happy to see smiling Lyme patients happy with b.s we go thur!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting to this group I just joined but you give me hope that one day I’ll be myself and I’m not alone Thanks

    • You have to have humor to get thru this mess. Thank you so much I am glad you enjoy. So many people are struggling but I hope my posts make people feel a little less alone. You will get better. It takes time. Well wishes and prayers. xo

  2. That was great! My chocolate lab who is always at my feet is going crazy barking, running from window to window looking for that barking dog.. Lol.. She woke up out of a dead sleep while I was watching the video, too funny! 😂

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