March Part 12 – Hi Ho Hi Ho, Off to Dr J’s I Go

The past few days have flown by for me. Saturday was my official panic day as we were going to leave New Hampshire and stay in Boston for the night to make our morning flight to DC on Sunday morning. Last minute packing, buttoning things up at work knowing I would be gone for a few days, wondering what I am going to forget.

When I was getting our things and my medications ready after I got home from work and Dave had already left to bring Chance to my parents, I remembered what I had forgot but Dave was already on his way home. My Dr J papers. Ugh! I wrote on a white piece of paper what would be on the sheet I forgot, but it didn’t stop my anxiety from getting even worse. The “make a wish” couple stopped by the house at just the right time before we were going to leave or I just might have bitten Dave’s head off.

I didn’t sleep very well on Saturday night. Not because I was nervous about my doctors visit, because I really have come to terms with whatever is meant to happen will happen and I can’t change anything. I was cold, I was sore and I was frazzled that for some reason we would miss our flight, even though Dave isn’t a heavy sleeper like I am, and he has never been late for anything. Kimmiecakes these days on the other hand? Well, I think you know the answer to that one… πŸ˜‰

We got settled in our hotel in DC, then decided to do some gallivanting. We usually fly in, go to my appointment, and fly right back home, so this was nice to have some free time. We took a taxi and went to the Air and Space Museum. I didn’t do very well there. I became really lightheaded, my legs were like rubber and I lost my balance making me keep on bumping into people. I kept on sitting down but after my third sit down I told Dave to go and venture as I really wanted Dave to enjoy it, and at that point of trying and failing I just wanted to go back to the hotel and go to bed.

And that is exactly what I did as soon as we got back to the hotel. I was asleep for a few hours until Dave got me up wanting to grab dinner. We ended up going to a little Thai restaurant, as we have both never tried curry. I loved it. I honestly can’t think of a think of a time that Dave barely put a dent in his meal. LOL I guess you can’t knock things unless you try them.

The second I got back to the hotel can you guess what I did? Another nap. Dave got be up a few hours later again, to go down the street to grab a drink and go to the store. I really hope something was good on TV while he sat and hung around the hotel. I felt kind of bad but I think even traveling at this point is quite enough for me. We got back and I got ready for bed, and not too long after was back to sleep.

Dave woke me up this morning to let me know he was going to go for a walk and bring us back coffee since our hotel’s coffee is pretty disgusting. I dozed back off again, losing track of time, and heard a knock at the door. I figured it must have been Dave, with coffee in hand, so I got up to go open the door for him. By the way, I did forget something else. Pajamas. I slowly made the way to the door, as it was around the corner, and said, “Harrroooo???”, only to have the door open by an Asian housekeeper with her key, with me standing in the room in a tank top with no bra, and a thong on. Oh. My. God. She exclaimed, “I so sorry, I so sorry!”, and got out the door as fast as she could. What a start to the morning. LOL

When Dave did get back, he just about died laughing when I told him of my morning as we sat and enjoyed our coffees. Before I knew it, it was time to head over to Dr J’s office for my appointment.

We were a little early, and I could feel the tics building up inside of me. Ahh! Ahh! *thriller dance* I have been much better this month! I guess I was a little more nervous than I have been letting on. Either that or the elevator got to me. Either way, I think I scared the other people waiting a little bit. Lyme manifests everyone differently, and although Dr J has seen others with Tourrette’s like symptoms, it is not very common.

We went over everything about the past 5 weeks. He felt my throat and thinks it is blood vessel inflammation causing issues. He suggested me doing TWO lactated ringers on my off days instead of just the one, which sucks because they are monstrous bags, but hey, whatever. He almost seemed excited when I told him about the Lyme rashes on my back. He said that the lactoferrin and xylitol break up bioflm, and my immune system is doing better and fighting off the Lyme.

He decided to do a full exam on me while I was there. I think the very first time in OVER TWENTY YEARS, I had reflexes in BOTH knees. Now that is an improvement. He felt around and I still have a lot of nerve ending issues in my back. My right foot looked like it had a delayed response but there was no response in my left foot when he tested the bottoms of my feet.

He had me walk the hallway so he could see me, then wanted me to walk heel to toe with my eyes closed. Yup. Not happening. Dr J had to hold me up, I couldn’t put my feet like that at all, and I guess I was less than a foot away from hitting him in the face. I would call that a bust.

Dr J recommended physical therapy for me and wrote out an order. He gave me a sheet of things to work on for balance and getting back some stamina as well as starting the physical therapy. In the next few days I will have to find out who is the best person to see in my town and get started. He also gave me a paper for more lab work to be done to see if there is any other reasons for exhaustion or any of the other symptoms I am going through. A lot of thyroid and vitamin testing, among other things.

Dr J kept me on the exact same protocol as I had this past month. The only thing that he changed is to add one more antibiotic to my “off my antibiotics” weeks.

I didn’t get the words, “you are getting your line out”, but was told to call a week before I am to come into the office again. If I do better than this time and have even less reactivity, he said he would set up the appointment to get my line out. He said I very well could use a month or two more though. He just wants to make sure I am really ready, and I get as much out of the IV treatment that I possibly can. So that isn’t a no, but that isn’t a yes either. It is putting it in my hands and I will have to be honest about it. I was really hoping for a definitive date and time of getting my line out, but he is completely right. And so I wait. Wait and see what is in store for me this month. Wish me lots of luck. πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “March Part 12 – Hi Ho Hi Ho, Off to Dr J’s I Go

  1. Kimmie – that is very good news! IV still in, but the end is so close! It might not be so bad keeping it in an extra month or two knowing it is your decision when it comes out.

  2. Sounds like you are making progress Kim. So happy! As far as physical therapy check out Josh at action sports, he is so good and a great sense of humor. He is the best and he has a place in wolfeboro.

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