April Part 1 – Back At It

As soon as I heard my alarm, I rolled over, shut it off and curled under the blankets. It was so warm and toasty in bed, and just wanted to cuddle up with my dog. I hate being a grown up and having the responsibility of going to work. Pshh. 


After a little bit I got up and started my morning routine. I was back to the grind. On the plus side, I wouldn’t have to look at a antibiotic schedule sheet, as everything would be the exact same as the last protocol that I had. 


I took my first antibiotic of the day, Ributin, which is kind of similar to Rifampin, and within an hour I felt like I was burning up, even though I wasn’t running a fever, and could barely concentrate. When I was at the store to get my morning coffee, I let out a big tic. Ahh! Shhh! Cheryl, the cashier exclaimed “Holy moly, you just scared the shit outta me! It’s been awhile since you’ve done that! Off your meds?” “Nope… just started.” Ugh. 


It was a really good thing that I finished most of my work the day before. I was having a really hard time getting everything done and keeping my mind from wandering, even when it was easy things like licking envelopes. There was some organizing I wanted to do but I was really fading fast. My whole body was starting to feel like rubber, and I still had some errands to run. I was going to pick and choose which errands I was going to do, but I ended up getting them all done. Don’t be a baby, get this shit done. 


I went to the bank for work, just the drive thru, then my bank, the post office, and then the pharmacy. My mouth felt really dry and my windows were rolled all the way down. I can do this, I can do this. I think I was pretty visibly doing poorly as the post office lady ran up and grabbed my mail and said she would take care of it for me, and the bank let me go right through even though there was someone else in line ahead of me. There was no wait at the pharmacy fortunately, as I could feel my legs starting to buckle. Make it to the car, make it to the car… 


As soon as I got home I sat on the couch and watched TV. I dubbed on the computer, with a pillow underneath my arms to keep them from being complete dead weight. I was pretty much useless for the rest of the day. Luckily, Dave got everything done that needed to be before starting my IVs. 


The IVs went much better than the rest of the day had. It seemed like my infusion went pretty quickly, maybe because the bags are much smaller than my lactated ringers. My legs were complete rubber and I got ready for bed then watched some TV, Deadly Wives, one of my new favorites, and after a long day I called it an early night. I was hoping that this wouldn’t paint the picture of how the rest of the month is going to go… 


I felt so much better getting up on Tuesday morning. It was a nice change of pace since it’s been a rough ride lately. I was actually up when my alarm went off, and had no trouble getting ready in the morning. I took the extra time trying to get my toenail polish off that has been half grown out for months to paint them sooner or later, and I ended up giving up after I realized I couldn’t bend down and was getting too tired doing it. Maybe I will just paint over it when I am doing better. 🙂  


Gayle had her work cut out for her when I went for my massage appointment. My hips and thighs were really tense, my back was all messed up, and I have edema in my right leg again. Poo. I think it is probably from the lactated ringers and I am retaining the fluids. 


I knew it would happen eventually, I started getting really tired and feeling lousy again. I had a hair appointment after my massage, which worked out perfectly as I wouldn’t have to worry about washing my hair later on, so I could just relax for the rest of the night. 


I think it helped to feel better as long as I did for the day because the weather has been beginning to feel a lot more like spring. My joints and stiffness seems to do much better when I am not as cold. I still have to wear a lot of layers as I am either freezing or having a hot flash, but I am looking forward to more warmth. 


I only did one lactated ringer that night, as I am still thinking two is way too much for my body. I will have to run this by Dr J next time I see him as I am pretty sure the line is going to have to stay in unless I have some miracle recovery in the next 2 weeks. I could barely keep my eyes open on the couch with Dave, and actually got to bed before midnight! I tossed and turned for awhile, but I was happy I could go to bed sooner and not be up for hours on end, which is why I am usually up all night.  


One of my thoughts running through my mind while I tossed in turned was that I completely forgot to start my lactoferrin and xylitol protocol on Monday that I am suppose to do alongside my other antibiotics. God Damnit! I knew I was forgetting something! And I thought it was fine to not have to look at my antibiotic schedule. Oops. 😦 Now I have in the back of my mind that this entire treatment month will be a wash because I didn’t do this for the first two days. I am sure it will be okay, but I like to follow everything I am suppose to. Biofilm busting will begin on Wednesday. 🙂


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