April Part 2 – Starting Physical Therapy

I was so nervous waking up on Wednesday morning. It was the day I would start my physical therapy. I was honestly not really afraid of the physical therapy part, but rather the going to a new place part. I get a ton of anxiety when I have to go anywhere new. 


I was pretty grouchy and combative to my Dad when I was at work. I was definitely taking out my nervousness and anxiety on him. Lucky him. He was telling me how it was nice to have me in earlier, and I took it as I was a piece of shit that is always late. ROAR! “No, I was saying it was nice to have you here, I wasn’t saying anything else.” Well… okay then


The physical therapist was really nice. He actually has had another Lyme patient that I know, so he wasn’t really in the dark about Lyme, nor was he a dink about the existence of chronic Lyme. Hooray! That is always good to have someone that is “on your side” in any sort of the medical community. 


He went over my paperwork a bit and asked me questions. I told him everything I could about me, from weakness to joint pain also my rubber legs. He asked me what my goals were by doing physical therapy, and I told him I wanted to be more functional. I want to be able to run more errands, walk around a store, grocery shop, and have an easier time trying to do things around the house. 


He thought some gentle work would be the best choice, and did some tests to see where I was at. I was feeling loopy when I was talking to him and I think stress exacerbates how I am feeling and symptoms, so I could feel my body rocking back and forth while talking to him and he had to repeat a few things as I couldn’t understand what he was asking me.


Then came the part where he had me do things so he could see what my biggest issues are to focus on to see where we should start. 


 I could only stand on one leg for 10 seconds on one leg, 8 on the other. I had to hold onto the table doing a lot of the leg exercises. I had reflexes in my knees again while he was doing a little examination, which is really an incredible feat for me. 


My flexibility was better than he thought it was going to be, but just as suspected, I have major core weakness. I couldn’t reach him laying down on my side, nor could I do a single sit up. 


He decided core, balance, and leg and hip work are a must. He gave me some exercises to work on until I see him again, next Friday, but after that, I will begin to go twice a week.  I will only be working on my balance and legs at home, 10 to 15 minutes a day. I have to hold onto a counter, get on one leg and with the other go back and forth 10 times, then side to side. I will have to split it up time wise as there is no way I can do it for that long, but I think this will be doable and I hope it will get easier and easier pretty quickly.


I got a little sad when I got into my car that I even have to do this. I was so sore from the little time that I had done anything in there. I use to be so active and it just doesn’t seem fair. But that is life I suppose. Even though I am having a really hard time getting up and going again, I didn’t really understand how much work I have ahead of me. It’s like learning to ride a bike all over again. 


The rest of the day I did absolutely nothing. The little bit of activity I had completely wiped me out. I ended up doing my IV antibiotics a few hours earlier than I normally do, and I really ended up wishing I hadn’t. My stomach was turning, and was one of those times that I couldn’t decide if sitting upright or laying down made me more nauseas. I took more nausea meds and decided I would hit the hay. Thursday is my day I get to reunite with my best friend Flagyl, so I knew I could use all the sleep I could get. 


9 thoughts on “April Part 2 – Starting Physical Therapy

  1. Don’t be sad you have physical therapy; think of it as going to the gym & you have your own personal trainer after a long winter of laying around. This is a big step forward.

    • I know it is, it is just hard to fathom not being able to stand on one leg for more than a few seconds when I use to work out like crazy and run around the restaurant. I need one of those electric scooters so I can go back to the press lol 🙂

  2. So what *do* you take for nausea? Something OTC? Or has your doc prescribed something? I’ve decided that if I need to do another month of the regimen my doc has me on, then I’m gong to have to ask about how to keep the nausea at bay. It’s kicked my butt this month.

    • This is my 9th month with IV antibiotics with Dr J, but I already had 5 months IVs via PICC before I saw him. Unfortunately the doctor I had before made things a lot worse, which might be a possible reason I am a little behind getting better. I am though, which is amazing 🙂

  3. I think the physical therapy will be so good for you. Some of those exercises are going to wake up muscles that have not been used in a while. Think of it as non-medication therapy! 🙂

    I’m not trying to sound condescending – but I’m really proud of you. You’re an inspiration!

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