April Part 4 – It’s IV Week!


I was sorely disappointed when I got up on Saturday morning and there was no coffee waiting for me in the living room. I had forgotten that Dave had to take our devil cat to the vet’s office, so he really just wanted to get her home after her shots. Getting use to this nice gesture has gotten me to be quite spoiled as now I expect it. LOL


I felt so much better than Friday, my bombing of antibiotics. I took my time getting up, relaxing in my pajamas, watching TV, and doing some writing. After awhile I decided it was finally time to get up, took my allotted shower with my Anchor Dry patch, as those suckers are expensive and it is a chore and a half for me to try to do my hair. 


At work, I was really happy that I had a clearer mind and accomplished a lot. I knew that it would be a possibility that treatment would be harder for me this week, so I wanted to be over prepared.


Dave called me when I was still working, saying that he was on his way home from helping a friend work on their truck. We ended up showing up at the hour just about at the same time, and he had already began formulating dinner plans. 


We had a simple dinner with the “Make a Wish” couple. And that was fine by me. After work I was feeling pretty pooped so the easier the better. I just wanted to get out of the house for a little bit, and it is always a bonus to see our friends. 


When I got home, I hooked myself up to a lactated ringer, since I would not be able to do one until Friday as it would be IV week, and opened up my notes from Dr J that had been sitting on the counter for a few days. Everything was pretty short and sweet. Dr J went over the appointment and my concerns for last month, and the physical that I had. He had noted that I had tenderness in a few areas, particularly my back and neck, having a little dysmetria, and also how some things in my upper extremities had improved such as strength. I had a laugh from my note that said, “She can tandem walk a few steps with her eyes open, but does very poorly with eyes shut.” I think he may have been talking about when he had to hold me up and I accidentally nearly clocked him in the face. LOL 


I called it an early night since I wanted to be in tip top shape for the morning. The second phase of this month’s treatment is 5 days of IVs, only IVs, with no oral antibiotics. It wasn’t too bad last month, at least compared to the month before, but I never really know how things are going to play out. 


The morning consisted of my Mero and Cipro IVs. I did have coffee waiting for me so it was a good way to start my day. 🙂 The Mero went very smoothly, as it usually does, but about halfway thru my Cipro IV I was ready to fall asleep. My eyes immediately felt heavy as soon as I started infusing. I had to force myself to stay awake, as much as I wanted to give in, as it was a work day. Boo.


I took a crapy bath, put some clothes on, and headed out the door. Sitting in my car before I pulled out the driveway, I pulled some hair out, loose flyways but I couldn’t help from yanking them. Although they are just flyways I am sure you probably aren’t suppose to yank them all out. It has become another strange new obsession of mine. Another strange new obsession. 


It was another long drive to work. On a positive note, at least I could remember where I was. I was lucky there was not a lot to do when I got to work and I had gotten ahead. I looked at a report I had been working on for the end of the quarter, and just kept rechecking and rechecking my paper, forgetting what step I was on and how I was suppose to do tho specific report that I have been doing for 7 years. I was feeling a little forgetful and figured I would not be of good use, so I finally gave up and figured it would be alright to wait another day.


Before I left, I decided to check my credit card account online as I have to try to figure out what I can pay every month. Hotel and airfare sure do add up having to travel every month. Username. Okay… blahblahblah. Security question. What is the name of your paternal grandfather? That answer is incorrect. I try my other paternal grandfather, since my Dad was adopted, with another incorrect. I then realized it may be case sensitive and try again. Your account has been locked. Please call our customer service Monday-Saturday… SHIT! And then it dawned on me, that was not my username at all! Oops! I am so so sorry to whomever’s account I locked. :\


As soon as I made it home, I didn’t even need to tell Dave how I was feeling. He just knew. I laid on the couch while he did laundry, and then cooked us dinner. To earn a bigger gold star, he sorted through peas and cut up the ham he cooked, as well as onions and carrots and put everything in the crockpot for pea soup so I wouldn’t have to worry about Monday night’s dinner.


While I was doing my nighttime IVs, Dave went into town to pick me up a frozen yogurt frappe at a little restaurant that just reopened for the spring and summer. I am sure you all already know IV times make me pig out, and I think after enough nagging about wanting one, Dave just wanted to A) get out of the house and B) shut me up. lol. I owe him big time for being so great and put up with me. Dave seems to be showing more and more symptoms of Lyme, so I have the feeling I will be having to help him out too one day. Hopefully he will never have to feel what I have felt, even though I feel like he has to a certain extent because he has had to go through it with me. 


I looked over my notes from Dr. J again while Dave was watching his Sunday night shows, and honed into the very last part. It really sounded like in the notes he really wants me to keep my line in as the last note in my letter read, ” If the patient feels like she has done extraordinarily well on this cycle, and is confident we have concluded IV therapy based on this, I have asked her to contact the clinic ahead of time so that she can arrange to have her powerpicc removed.” Nope, not this time. 


2 thoughts on “April Part 4 – It’s IV Week!

  1. What kind of diet are you on?, I would try to keep your sugars to a bare minimum, it feeds the Candida, don’t feed the monsters. Sugar is my one and only true love. It is very, very difficult to get off it. Being Dairy Free cuts the milk sugar lactase, but so many GF items have sugar, so difficult for me. So, I get coconut ice cream with Agave, well that stuff is worse than cane sugar they say. So I eat an orange, but mostly lemons, new found love for cooked beets, one Banana has about half the fructose your supposed to take in a day. A root broth that I am mastering is turnip, white beet, parsnip, celery, cucumber, add turmeric, salt/pepper to taste, and lots of organic chicken broth. Cook until soft, mix some blended carrot soup in it and oh boy, serve with rice and cooked spinach with some sunflower, or whatever green sprouts are in season. I eat it three times a day. GAPS diet has worked well for me, I use maple syrup or honey if I have to splurge, sugar just hypes me up and clouds my mind further. I have to cook most of my veggies, poor tummy. Keep in mind most of your immune system is in your gut. Good luck with the IV, I’m on a 3 month Cefuroxime, seems to have started helping after about a month, also you can do Bouhner protocol while on abx, when I started the Bouhner protocol is when I first started getting a little relief from my crying fits of pain, which peaked the weekend before starting my antibiotic. I was literally desperate beyond all belief, willing to see any doctor for anything, luckily an LLMD came to my rescue, honest to god, I was about willing to literally give up on life most of the first three months of this year. I honestly don’t know how much longer I would have lasted, the ER doctors yelled at me, and so did a PCP, I am afraid to go back to the ordinary medical system.

    • Oh I am aware of the diets I splurge once in awhile. I am low dairy, low sugar and gluten free. I also don’t really eat a ton of red meat anymore. I’m a big fan of green juices.

      This is my 9th month of IVs with Dr J, but had a Picc for 5 months before.

      Yes the ordinary medical system has failed us. I am even afraid to mention Lyme to any doctor unless absolutely necessary for the fact I am afraid I will be treated differently.

      Good luck with treatment 🙂

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