April Part 5 – Sirens


I felt a lot better on my second day of IV week. I still don’t think I will ever get use to IV mornings. Ugh. I took it very easy for the day. I had some help in the office so I was able to finish all the quarterly reports that needed to be sent out, and my Dad brought them all to the post office for me so I wouldn’t have to try and stand in line to get everything certified. 


Dave had taken over making dinner so I wouldn’t have to try to put something together, especially because my first day of IV week went so poorly. One less thing. 🙂 


I did my leg exercises that I learned from physical therapy, and I could feel searing pain in my thighs. I know I am building muscle and this is going to be tough, but am looking forward to the end results. I desperately want to go to the ocean once it gets warmer out, and be able to walk the beach at sunrise. Not only am I going to have to get more physical strength, I am also going to have to be able to get my butt out of bed early to be able to do that. It is always good to have goals. I feel like without them, it is easier to lose motivation. 


My nighttime infusions seemed to go by very quickly. I can start to feel the nausea of my IVs, even with my nausea medications, so that makes it a lot more unpleasant. My head was pounding after my Tig infusion, but I think it was tenseness in my skull. I massaged my temples and the back of my neck and it seemed to really help. 


I called it a early night. I was beginning to get really uncomfortable with my legs, and my mind was beginning to get really foggy. When I was trying to get ready for bed, my mind was playing games with me. I kept hearing the TV, even though it was off. People talking and a little music in the background. I laid in bed unable to sleep, thinking that sirens and firetrucks were driving by. I had seen a police and firetruck drive by my house several hours earlier, so perhaps it was engrained in my brain. 


With the noise of sirens going off in my head, I was finally able to go to sleep. I would have preferred to hear the ocean waves as it was keeping my motivation to work hard for my therapy, but I guess I can’t pick and choose what my mind wants to do. 


Today got even easier for me. I ended up sleeping past my alarm, but got roughly 10 hours of sleep Winning. I think that made a huge difference in how I was feeling. I was able to get my clothes together without feeling lightheaded, and let the dog out without a break in between. My infusions seemed to take much longer than they did the day before. I was running behind as it was massage day and I still have to go to work, so it gave me anxiety as they were taking FOREVER, and I just wanted to get ready for work. 


While I was waiting for my infusions that were taking an eternity to finish, I booked my flights for DC. It is a few weeks away, but I like to get things done ahead of time instead of a last minute thing. I was so shocked at the prices of the flights. I stick with one airline, as they are much faster to get thru their lines, have more legroom, and are all around much better and more organized. I didn’t shop around because of this, and as I need my wheelchair if I use any other airline because they are not well run, and I just plain don’t want to get in a wheelchair ever again. Cherry blossom season? I am not really sure, but it was a hit to the wallet booking our flights. Not to mention I still had a credit card payment to make. :-\


Then there was the juices for detox. I have been doing them for a few months now when I first start my breaks, and it seems to be really beneficial. What an expensive morning.


I got a lot of help at work to get things done on time for my massage, which ended up working out perfectly so I didn’t have to go back to the office. There was a lot going on with my body, a lot of tenseness. Gayle noticed my thighs were definitely tighter, so my little exercises seem to be working really well. That’s progress! And maybe just maybe I will look good by summer in my short shorts. 🙂 


I felt like an ass when I was getting ready to leave. Remember my expensive spending spree of the morning? Well, I forgot my wallet. And I am missing one of my checkbooks. God damnit! At least Gayle was cool about it, especially because she will be seeing Dave later and I can give him a check. He has been going every other week to see her, and it seems like it has been helping with his pain issues. One day it will be his turn to get well again. But in the meantime, we will address his symptoms and not the cause. Even though I knew she would get her check later, I was having a ton of anxiety because I hated to forget my wallet to pay her when I was there. 


I had a burst of energy, even though after massage I am suppose to take it easy, and decided to do a little bit of cleaning even though it ended pretty quickly when my feet began to go numb. I can’t stand the house being yucky, and it is time for spring cleaning. I’ll get it all done even though it will probably be summertime by the time I finish. 


I am doing my nighttime infusions now. It is making me pretty nauseas and wonky feeling.. I don’t know if wonky is a word but that is what I am going to use. I feel like I am going to have an eating season once I am done these, as it seems to be the only thing that helps when I can’t take any more nausea meds. 


Tomorrow I am expecting the IVs to be even easier, even though I feel like nausea has set in for the rest of the week. It should be the time that I get my bloodwork results back, so I will be hounding the hospital. As odd as this sounds, I have my fingers crossed that something pops up in my results that can explain why I am not getting better as fast as once expected. Hoping for an easy fix, and not just struggles with my treatment. 




7 thoughts on “April Part 5 – Sirens

  1. Would you mind sharing what detox juices, ect., you utilize? I am always looking to improve upon my detox process. I begin a dr ordered 30 day cleanse a week from now. I am trying to wait until my hubby and I’s 14th year anniversary is past Thank you!

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