April Part 7 – Job Well Done


Last day last day! I slept in a little later than I wanted, holding onto my cell phone that I use as my alarm and resetting it later and later so I wouldn’t have to get out of bed just yet. 


I let my dog out, and took my Marinol. I did my IVs, and started to feel wiped out, and the feeling of nausea came back to me. At least I knew that I would have a few weeks before I had to do any more IVs, other than my lactated ringers for detox. 


As soon as I got done my IVs, I had to quickly get ready as it was nearly time to leave for my dressing change, and then I had to head over to Dr S’s office for a chiropractic adjustment. It was such a beautiful day outside. I was excited it was the first day that I didn’t feel like I had to bundle up in my peacoat and scarf. The snow is melting away, which means flip flop season is coming right up! 🙂 


My back is doing better than last month, yay! I will take any sort of good news and improvements, considering it has been a tough treatment month for me. I wasn’t very talkative and could remember for the life of me why it has been a hard month. LOL I just couldn’t think. Blah. And that is exactly what I told him.  


I kind of wanted to try to go to wing night with Dave, but I had the feeling the dinner could go either way. I miss going up there, but if I fade fast, I fade fast, and I didn’t want to ruin Dave’s time talking to his friends. I don’t know if it is the elevator or the lights that kill me. I am glad I made the decision to not try and go this time, as I was starting to get tired from my two appointments of the day. 


So leftover meatloaf it was. I had good intentions of picking at some spring cleaning, but before I knew it, Dave was already home and it was time to take my nausea meds and start my IVs. 


I will be relieved to throw out this trash bag of my weeks IVs tomorrow. My box next to our bedroom holding all my supplies and antibiotics is empty. All that is left is my saline and heparin flushes. And that puts a huge smile on my face. I made it, I made it! IV week complete 🙂 


4 thoughts on “April Part 7 – Job Well Done

    • Thanks Jane. I am feeling pretty yucky but had a decent morning yesterday. I think overdoing it doesn’t help. I will be able to tell more once I am done everything next week 🙂

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