April Part 8 – Time for a Break


I was excited to have a little break before I start my three days of Coartem. It has been a really rough month for me, so I really don’t know how the Coartem will hit me. I am really hoping it was the other co-infections that are causing me so many problems, as well as my vitamin and hormone issues, rather than high levels of Babesia. Fingers crossed everything will be okay. 


I woke up feeling pretty good. I laid in bed for awhile, but didn’t feel the usual dizziness and weakness that I do every morning. It was another beautiful day, so I was pretty happy about the snow melting, and my joints seem to like this weather a lot better. 


Work went well. I finished everything I needed to pretty quickly, and then headed off to my second physical therapy session. 


Well, the feeling good wore right off as soon as I walked to my car to make the drive into town to my appointment. The dizziness and cloudy feeling returned, so I wasn’t remotely looking forward to my appointment. 


The elevator ride did me in, as well as it being warm in the waiting room. I could feel my heart racing, and I started sweating a lot. I began to not be able to see straight, and kept saying to myself, don’t black out, don’t black out, please don’t have a seizure.. I was glad K. was running behind, so I had a little bit to sit and feel a little bit better. 


I still felt pretty poorly when he called me to come into the physical therapy room, but I knew I wanted to make the most of it. I grabbed a cup of water and pushed myself to do a good job. And I did. 🙂 The leg exercises seemed to really work, as this time I barely needed a bar to hold onto without losing my balance. He then had me work on a few other leg exercises using a step, and I did pretty well. He noticed my right leg is a lot weaker than my left, so I must be putting more pressure on that leg to walk. Makes sense, as my tendon issues and plantar fasciitis seems to bother me a lot more on my right than my left. 


He could probably tell I was feeling it, as I was pretty sweaty from even this small and light workout, and asked if I wanted to call it for the day, but I wasn’t going to give up. He decided I could start doing core exercises, and he started me off with just one and said I could work on this at home. I lay on my back, and have one knee bent, and lift my opposite leg and go forward and back with it. I could definitely feel it. Maybe I will have a good beach body for summer?! 😉 Yeah right, but one can only hope. 


I was really pleased to hear that K. believes that I will be able to bounce back after seeing me do my exercises and knowing how active I was before I was sick. I would consider myself to really be active before I was sick. I am hoping he will be right, and seeing even the improvement of not having to use the bar to hold on in just a week’s time, it seems pretty promising. 


After I was done my session, I was so tired, and my legs were really sore. I cooked a quick and simple dinner, gluten free mac and cheese and I baked some broccoli, and I don’t think I left the couch for the rest of the night, other than bathroom trips and to grab my supplies to do a lactated ringer. 


I didn’t get to sleep in as much as I would have liked to today, but took advantage of the extra time I had in the day. First thing first, I did my core exercises laying in bed. I decided I would skip out on the leg exercises for the day, as they were really sore. K. said it was okay to skip a day or two, and to just do what I can. I felt alright, but noticed my ears seemed like everything was muffled. Eh? I can’t hear youuuu!!!??? I guess that is better than blurry vision, and at least after a few hours my hearing came back. 


I swiffered my floors, dusted a little bit, vacuumed, picked up some things that needed to be thrown out, and put a load in the wash. I felt like a rockstar because that is a lot for me to do. There is a million things I would like to do, like wash my curtains, but I will have to pick at my spring cleaning. I am hoping I will have a better break than last time, and be able to accomplish a lot of the spring cleaning that I want to do. 


I took a shower, covering my line with an Anchordry patch, and gave my hair a really good hair washing. After my sweaty PT session and a few other days of dirty hair, it was definitely time. It was getting pretty stringy. LOL 😮 


All the things I accomplished in the morning were way too much for me. I felt so exhausted but I needed to get to work. At least I knew I would have Sunday off. Yay! I am hoping Dave will take me somewhere, maybe to the grocery store or something. ANYTHING to feel NORMAL. Of course after sleeping in and laying on the couch with a coffee for half of the morning. 🙂


Once I got into action at work, I immediately began getting really frustrated. I realized there was a lot more things that I needed to get done, to be able to take the day off and have my coworker come in, and to work on Monday’s bills, not to mention the work I needed to have done for the day. Oy. 


Looking through my papers, I noticed a report that needed to be filed on April 1st. Well, April 1st is not April 12th. That is when I immediately started to panic. I wished so badly that I had brought my Ativan with me, but I had left it at home. And so papers began to get pushed and fly off the table, and I could feel the tears building up in my eyes. It was a report that could only be filed online, and my state has a pretty piss poor system to be able to file anything. My Mom came in to help me figure it out, as I was already in the angry set of mind, that I wasn’t really going to accomplish anything. I needed to go home. 


My Dad needed a ride into town as he just got his car fixed, and I was taking my frustrations out on him. He is one of those front seat drivers, and always turns the radio off. Just driving me crazy. I was glad when I dropped him off so I wouldn’t be mean to him anymore. 


It was a relief to come home to a house that no longer seems like it would appear on an episode of hoarders. It was time for an Ativan, and I am hoping tonight Dave and I will be able to get out for at least a little bit for dinner, so maybe my mind will calm down and I won’t be such a grouch. ROAR. 


I think I am getting emotional not because of work, as I would normally shrug things off, but my mind is just in need of a good detox. Another lactated ringer tonight, and Dave will have to agree with everything I say or I will surely take everything out on him. 🙂 


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