April Part 10 – Toughing It Out


I didn’t get to bed as early as I liked, even though I was completely miserable, I think I had a high on enjoyment of having such an accomplishment. Also, I was glued to terrible lifetime movies. 


I was feeling like I could slept for a few more hours… or days..when I had to get up in the morning. Monday was my first Coartem day. Time to kill some Babesia!


I got ready for the day, wanting to wear my sweatpants for physical therapy but decided against it. No sweatpants! I am not going to fall into the sweatpants trap. Haha. I feel like once one starts wearing sweatpants on a regular basis in public, it is an addiction that is hard to break. Say no to sweatpants. 


It was time to take my morning meds, so I ate I banana to have something in my stomach and was ready to rock and roll. Here goes nothing!  I felt okay while I did my work for the day, but as soon as I left work to run work errands I felt like I got hit by a ton of bricks. 


I felt beyond dizzy and weak. I was out of it and could feel myself rocking back and forth on the ride home to change real quick. I looked in the mirror, and saw a zombie in the mirror, pale with big circles under my eyes. 


I figured I would go pee before I left, and out of it kimmiecakes forgot to take her underwear off to go pee. Oh geez. Then, it was clean up time and I headed out the door. 


Oh crap. Physical therapy is going to suck. If I can’t even take my underwear off to take a piss how the hell am I going to get through this?! Why does physical therapy have to be twice a week! 


My mouth kept drying out, everything I looked at seemed to have a glaze over them, my heart was racing, and I was sweating buckets. Luckily this time I remembered to just wear a tank instead of a tee shirt to keep me a little cooler. I really wished they told me I came in the wrong day. That didn’t happen of course.


K., my therapist, could tell it was a rough time for me, and he told me to tell him if it was too much, but I told him I would push through. And I did! He focused on leg and balance work, basically doing the same exercises I had already done, and added another one to the mix.


He kept core to a small amount and kept it the same. Before I knew it my session was over and I waddled my way out to the car. 


I think the exercise did me a bit of good, as the whole feeling like death thing subsided, even though I was really sore and tired. I was glad that the dizzy feeling went away. That feeling doesn’t seem to go away if I sit or lay down.


I cooked a really healthy dinner, kind of a vegetarian chile, with a salad to go along with it. Simple and easy, and good for me. I didn’t do anything for the rest of the day, I just sat and relaxed. I made Dave take care of dinner and do laundry, as the thought of even moving seemed seemed like a huge chore and a half. At least I have a good one who doesn’t mind taking care of me. He also gets brownie points for cleaning the kitchen for me. 😉 


Well, although I had a rough patch, I think I did pretty well for my first day of Coartem. The bout that I had in the middle of the day was pretty terrible, but I was glad I made it, and especially glad that I made it through physical therapy. It is making me realize more that I will be able to push through things, and  be able to try new things. Although I may need a lot of help still, I need to continuously set short term goals, to be able to reach my longer term goals. Maybe next time I will see if Dave will go with me to drive out of my little bubble? That would be a great mission! With help I really hope to achieve these goals.   


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