April Part 14 – Funny Feet


It was a night and day difference from the time I got up from the day before. I was still feeling weak and out of it, but I was able to function somewhat like a “normal” person, and at least take a bath. I forgot deodorant though, but hey, no one is perfect. 😉


I kept it simple at work. I basically did the bare minimum (sorry boss) as I was afraid I was going to overdo it, and it was physical therapy day. While I was getting changed for my PT session, I decided to show my Mom my feet, as they are beginning to change shape. My right foot, which is much more noticeable, is starting to have a bone kind of sticking out and my little toe is going underneath my other toe. The tops of my feet were grayish blue, and my toes were bright red. My Mom, who just turned 60 gave me a “Gee, even my feet look better than that!” LOL Thanks Mom. But she is probably right, especially considering I didn’t have my nails painted like in this picture I took today.


She suggested I look it up online to see what I could find. I could always look on WebMD, but it would probably tell me that I am a leper and my feet are going to fall off. That website can make anyone turn into a hypochondriac. From what I was looking up, it could be some sort of an arthritis thing, and maybe hereditary. Either way, I am still going to rock flip flops and not be scared of my oddly shaped feet. 😉


Physical therapy went well. I had a different person this time, but I liked him a lot too. We focused mostly on leg and balance exercises, and started working on some pelvic exercises. These exercises almost looked like I was doing absolutely nothing at all, but I could definitely feel it. 


I decided to stay in my sweatpants, as it isn’t a fashion show at the Kimmiecakes residence, and sat outside for a bit as it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. When I came inside, I opened all the windows to let the air in, which I love because it means that spring is really here, and hey, who doesn’t like fresh air? 


Instead of taking it easy like I wanted to, I swept and picked up a bit. I kept it to a minimum but I am really getting angry at myself for the house not being as clean and tidy as it use to be before all of this. 


I went through my mail and checked my phone messages once I was done cleaning up a bit, and saw that hospital bills and credit card bill came in the mail, and got a phone call about my septic tank getting pumped. At the end of the month, my propane is delivered and my mortgage payment is due. AND, next month is my car registrations and inspections. I began to stress out about money, I am officially broke as a joke. Oh well, we will make it work, we always have. 


Dave’s Mom sent him home with leftovers from Easter dinner, so it was nice to not have to worry about cooking for the evening. I was done for the day, physically and mentally. Even though I am not doing a full blown workout, it still makes me really tired, and seeing dollar bills ripping up in my head was no help either. 


After Dave went to bed, I went right for the snacks. Dave’s Mom still gives us goodies for Easter, and Dave got a box of Slim Jims. Okay.. I will just have one…. okay maybe two.. before I knew it the box was gone. I ended up sticking all the wrappers back in the box in hopes that Dave wouldn’t notice, but the next day he completely called me out on it. It was a factory error I swear! 


I called it an early night, with a belly full of Slim Jims, as it was going to be another busy day ahead. 


8:00 on the dot again! Wow! An hour before my alarm was set to go off! I was feeling really groggy, but happy to be up earlier. I got all my clothes ready, and decided to paint the toenails of my deformed funky feet. I was told later by Dave that it was a terrible choice in color, as my blue feet seemed to blend with my purply polish color. Pshh. He kept playing with them, pushing on my toes, as they wouldn’t go back to the color of the rest of my toes. Circulation? Who knows. 


My hands seem to be doing the ACA thing this time around. I kept splitting the skin open on my hands, as my skin seems to be really thin. At least I know this will go away, as it is just a herx rash. 


I got a lot of things done at work, but my fingers were bothering me, between the tearing, numbness of the tips of my fingers, and joint pain in my fingers, so I made a lot of mistakes on my paperwork typing away. That is why we check things! Even though I made a few oopsies, I was pretty happy for the day, as we picked up a new customer that just opened up, and they seem to be doing really well. If they do well, then we do well. Sell more fish! 🙂 


I was pretty pissed when I left work. I got everything all set up so my coworker didn’t have as much to do tomorrow, but then I saw that he was on vacation. So I NEED to be at work on time. I am a little afraid of that considering I was actually up early today. Darnit. And upon looking at some of my older work, I will need to fix some things. Dyslexia. Putting the wrong amount of checks in the printer so all my check numbers were off. That sort of thing. Lots of things to do!


My massage went pretty well. Gayle said she noticed a lot more muscle tone in my legs (yay to no dimple thighs) LOL and of course my toe temperature was off. I definitely had a lot of connective tissue and head tension going on, which I guess was to be expected with my brain swelling and killer headache. 


Being another beautiful day, when I got home, I opened the windows, and decided the least I could do was vacuum. I sat outside with Chance, and gave him a good brushing to try to keep my carpet cleaner, and he absolutely loves it. With our Easter ham leftovers, I decided to make a gluten free pizza and throw the ham on it. It was a hit, and Dave is pretty darn picky about gluten free things. I guess I am too, but if I am doing my best to not eat gluten (I am not a Saint but I do pretty friggin good), I don’t have much of a choice. 


Dave left for his massage and so I decided it was a good time to hook myself up to a ringer and read a bunch of gossip magazines that I hadn’t touched yet. This bag seemed to go pretty fast, so I am assuming I am a bit dehydrated. 


I am pretty sore tonight, my joints, back and neck are not feeling so hot. My eyes are getting blurry, but I am assuming that might be because of trying to read my magazines, even though to be honest I flip through unless I find something interesting and just look at all the pictures. I am trying to decide if I am going to take my optional antibiotics of the week, Ributin and Micocycline tomorrow, and I am thinking I might need to because of the pain levels. We will see. Gotta go though, I feel an argument coming on about who gets control of the TV now! 🙂 


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