April Part 15 – Where Are You, Blood?


Wednesday during the day I seemed to be doing a little better, well, much better than the weekend. I was tired, but that is nothing new. I had to get up earlier than usual as we were one man down at work, which took a bit of effort to try to get out of bed, but considering I am a grub and decided to not take a bath, I was out the door in no time at all. 


I had the option to take Minocycline and Ributin for the day but decided against it. I really wanted to take it, but I think a big part of feeling lousy the past few days was a major toxicity issue, so I thought “decompressing”, as Dr. J would call it, was the best move to make. I figured I could always take it further on in the week, but I am actually now kind of interested in how I will do without anything, just to see. Last month I ended up taking my optional antibiotics because of major pain issues, so I really didn’t get much of “time off”. 


I did a few hours of work, then decided to call it a day. I had in the back of my head to not overdo it, as I have a buttload of appointments this week and Wednesday was my only appointment free day. I got home and decided to switch the laundry over and spend the rest of the day laying down with my legs elevated, as they were beginning to bother me again. They didn’t seem to be swollen like they can get sometimes, but maybe the edema was going to come back. I have been doing a lot of IV fluids so I would not be surprised.


Dave was pretty disappointed when he got home, as there was only leftovers for dinner. Sorry babe! I decided to microwave a can of green beans, so appease him and make dinner more “complete”. That didn’t seem to work. LOL 


As if the boring leftover dinner wasn’t enough, Dave found that I ate his OTHER box of Slim Jims, and didn’t even leave him one. I was going to pick him up one today at the gas station where I get my morning coffee, but let’s face it, I have zero memory. There’s always tomorrow. 🙂


I completely forgot to do a ringer for the night (bad Kimmiecakes), making me mad at myself, as my head was pounding, but I wasn’t going to stay up any longer to do one. A flush and a heparin, and I was off to sleep.


Holy eventful day today. I am wiped out. I set my alarm for 10, all excited to be able to get 11 hours of sleep, but woke up hours earlier than that. I guess it wasn’t a bad thing, so I could take a good bath, minus the hair washing (that is what dry shampoo is for), and shave my legs. I had a gynecologist appointment, so I figured a good bath was a MUST. Haha. Not to mention my cat decided to puke in nearly every room in the house, so I had some cleaning up to do. Splendid. 


I ended up going to work, just basically making an appearance, to try and work on a spreadsheet on Excel. I use to be so good at that sort of thing but I can’t remember any of the formulas anymore. I just plug in things hoping an “error” doesn’t come up. 


My first appointment of the day was my dressing change. Everything looked good, with my exception of my skin being really dry. When my nurse changed the cap she tried to do a blood draw without any success. She tried again and again, making me cough to the side, raise my right arm, just about anything she could think of but nope, not happening. Pshh.


She called Helen over to try her magic and she didn’t have any luck either. “Do you have time to do a declot?” “Ugh. Yep.” And so the little contraption was added to my line and there I waited. At least Grey’s reruns were on. 😉 When I was laying waiting for the declotter to work, I started to get really tired and wanted nothing more than to go home and take a nap. I felt a little shaky, but I didn’t have a choice but to “mind over matter” it, as I had another appointment to go to when I was done getting my line up and running again.





The first try and VOILA! It worked! Usually it takes two or three tries, so this must have been a new fibrin sheath causing the line to not be able to do a draw. I got ready to leave and gave Helen a big hug, as I always do. Okay… off to appointment number two…


My second appointment was with my gynecologist. I have to get my Depo Provera shot every couple of months, and it was also time to do an exam. I hated the drive, as it is the furthest I have driven since I got really sick back in 2012, even though it really isn’t too far away, maybe 15 minutes away. LOL. I guess writing that makes it sound a lot worse, but someone who feels like her head is in the clouds and is playing a video game driving down the road some days, needs to REALLY limit herself to where she can go..


I got there a little early, signed in, and was able to get right into my appointment. Yay! I like early and not having to wait! We sat and talked about my recent medical history, and my “lady parts” issues. I told her everything I could think of. Spotting for the past month or so, cramping, pain during the rare occurrence that I have sex, no enjoyment whatsoever.. etc. etc. etc. 


Then it was time to get up in the stirrups. The fun part. Not going to lie, everything was pretty uncomfortable. She said she didn’t feel anything that was large or abnormal, but I was definitely still spotting. She had me get dressed again, and we sat and talked about what to do. She thinks possibly my shot is causing the spotting, but said maybe an ultrasound to have peace of mind to see if my cysts have shrunk or not wouldn’t be a horrible idea. So that is the plan. In two weeks I get to pay the hospital another visit and get an ultrasound to see if there is anything going on. Dr J did say the cramping could be neurological pain so I am hoping it is just that. Lasers up my hoo-ha just seems really scary to me. 


It was a long drive home. I was exhausted. I really wanted to stop in and see Dave as it is wing night and I keep missing it, but about halfway home I knew I needed to go home or something bad was going to happen. I can tell if I overdo it most of the time now if I am going to have a seizure or not. I said no to seizures, and headed straight home. 


I am trying to stay awake now, even though I want to take a nap. I know if I do I won’t be able to get to bed early tonight, and I have been getting much better at that so I don’t want it to change. My body is feeling the day, my feet are numb and cold, my thighs and back are killing me, and I can feel myself slightly rocking back and forth again. At least I am home now so I can just relax. Grey’s Anatomy (yes I am obsessed) and a new show (Black Box??) are on tonight, and I think there might be waterworks. Christina is leaving the show. Damn you Grey’s… Anyways, I can hear my tummy gurgling so it is time to figure out something for dinner. Have a good night everyone! 🙂 


5 thoughts on “April Part 15 – Where Are You, Blood?

  1. I’ve been catching up on Grey’s as I took time off from watching it. I have been watching the re-runs on Lifetime, and it is on last season I think… I want to watch tonight, but I don’t know if I have missed too much and would be lost.

  2. Hello from Spain! I am now 12 weeks with IV, dont Know how it will go… I’m also hooked on Grey’s Anatomy, after all does not seem to tire of doctors … I just wanted to say hi, I’ll keep reading you!

  3. I’ve had the lasers a couple of times. They helped me tremoundsly. I am in the 5th day of the 30 day cleanse. It tastes blah, so far it has been gentle. I’ll keep you apprised. I think Im loosing weight. Will have to find the scale to confirm. I am shaking more. Detox, detox thats the goal.

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