April Part 16 – So Ready for the Weekend


I did not want to get up and out of bed for the life of me. I stumbled around to get ready, slacking on the hygiene department (I figured eh, Saturday is shower day), and heading out the door to go to work.


While getting my coffee at the gas station, I started to sweat buckets and got really busy. Once I paid for my coffee, I put my seat back in my car and waited for awhile before I decided to drive off. 


As soon as I got to work, there was a few notes on my desk about billing. One was a simple oopsie, which was my fault as I must have had a dyslexic moment, so I set aside my note so I could fix it when I send out my next check to that vendor. The second note, on the other hand, is from a vendor that really sucks. I mean REALLY sucks. Sending the same bills three times in a row on the same day, sometimes not sending invoices for weeks, sometimes e-mailing them like they are suppose to, sometimes faxing them.. etc. etc. etc. 


Of course, after careful checking, this was a mistake on their end. I kind of figured with their bookkeeping history. Trying to explain anything from the accounting side of the office is like speaking a foreign language to the boss, so I immediately got really frustrated. He finally understood what I was trying to say, and the error on their part, not mine (ha!), and gave their bookkeeper a call. 


Well, I sure am glad he has pretty much taken over all the phone calls for me, as she was about as dumb as a box of rocks. I even had the information in hand of the canceled check from the bank, and she just couldn’t grasp that she was mistaken. Then she proceeded to say we skipped another invoice, when our drivers weren’t even in the city that day to take an order. At that point I turned into a full Lyme rage, shouting over my shoulder at my Dad on the phone with her. “WE HAVE THE BANK STATEMENTS, HERE IS THE CHECK NUMBER, I DON’T KNOW HOW WE CAN MAKE IT ANY CLEARER TO YOU!!!” 


Yeah. Box of rocks. And that probably wasn’t very professional of me, but that is why I no longer deal with those type of phone calls. As you can tell I am a little bitter even talking about it. I have bugs eating my brain and I am still better at my job than that. Maybe she has bugs eating her brain too? 


I got shaky and stuttery as this lady probably blew a fuse in my brain, so I really didn’t want to do a heck of a lot more. At least by the time I was done dealing with all that, it was time to leave for physical therapy. 


I have been really burnt out, with all of my appointments I have had lately, so I had a big plan in my head to ask and see if K. felt it would be okay if I could do physical therapy one a week instead of two at the end of our session. When he was ready for me, he told me it was assessment day. Rut roh!


Starting out just over a month ago, I could only stand on one foot for two seconds. This time, he stopped the stopwatch at 30 seconds and I was still going strong! My right leg is a bit weaker and I wasn’t able to do it as long, but that is great! My eyes closed… not so much. But considering he never had even had me attempt to do it the first time I saw him, with an “incomplete” last time, even a few short seconds was pretty good for me. I even did a few squats on one leg! 


K. knew I wasn’t really feeling well that day, he could probably tell just by looking at my paleness and raccoon eyes, so he decided that was enough for the leg exercises and we focused more on core and pelvic exercises for the day. 


I asked K. the big question, if I could only go once a week and work on a lot of the exercises at home, and I got the okay! Yay! I am really happy progress and now this will be a lot less stressful with one less appointment a week.


The complete exhaustion kicked in as soon as I got home. We kept it simple and did breakfast for dinner, but I didn’t feel like eating. Eggs make me really queasy, I think mentally, as they set off my first gallbladder attack. I figured it would save some room for popcorn later. 😉 🙂


After dinner I hooked myself up to a lactated ringer and ended up with a splitting headache. I use to never get headaches, so when I get one I am the biggest baby. Cut my leg off, okay. Migraine, it is the end of the world. LOL My feet went numb and I decided it was best to just try to go to bed. These ringers are definitely getting me all detoxed out, even though it is making me miserable I know it is what is best.


I went to bed hoping Dave and I would have a nice little date night on Saturday. He didn’t know it yet, but he was going to take me to the movies. Haha. And so, I had something to look forward to over the weekend! 


I slept like I had never slept before. Well, I thought so, but Dave told me the entire night I was scratching at my line in my sleep keeping him up and driving him insane. Scratchy scratchy 🙂 I think it is all the sweating I have been doing lately. Gosh, I will keep my fingers crossed I can get this sucka out before it gets really hot. 


It was a really rough morning when I finally got up. My whole left side had no feeling. Total numbness. I decided to just lay in bed, and see if it would go away. It got better after a little bit, but I was still pretty weak.


I had that horrible feeling when you get up too fast and get really dizzy. Is that normal for everyone? I don’t even know. But I had that feeling. My legs could barely hold me up when I stood, trying to get my contacts in and brush my teeth. They were shaking and I wondered if I was going to have to lay on the floor. 


Couch time it was. I tried to get up severest times, and I really hated myself for not trying to take a shower the day before. I was pretty gross. But I really didn’t really know if I would make it in the shower being barely able to even stand.  


I got this. Okay maybe not. I put my patch on to keep my line dry and stood facing away from the shower, with my legs apart to try and get more balance. And then the wave of complete dizziness and blacking out hit me again. All I could think was how much I hoped I could at least be able to finish my shower.


Buck naked and soaking wet, I had to go lay down. I didn’t even have the time to dry off a little bit. I regrouped, after who knows how long and finally got ready. I usually blow dry and straighten my hair, but wet frizzy hair would have to do for the day. I wasn’t going to push it any further than I had to for the morning. 


I made it to work and sat for awhile. Hot cold hot cold. Ugh.  Even though I felt pretty terrible, my mind was pretty clear. Dizzy yes, but my brain was still in there somewhere. And so I worked. And also printed out my papers for Dr J’s office for my appointment that seems to be coming awfully fast. 


As soon as I hit print on my papers for Dr J, the anxiety set in. The anxiety I always get before I leave. Ahh!!! I have to fill out all this crap! What do I need to bring?! I should find my bloodwork papers and bring them with my forms. Where the hell did I put them!? Oh shit I need to do laundry. My house Is a wreck. I have to get my plane tickets! I don’t even know when my flight is! 


And it goes on and on and on. 


When I got home, Dave was all dressed in clean clothes. If you know my husband, he pretty much lives in his clothes that he wears to the sand pit he works at. “Where are we going?” “The movies? Please??!” “Okay. I want Italian.” He called and made the reservation and we had our plan.  He was cold from being in the rain all day, and I was just miserable, so we relaxed for a few hours before getting ready to leave. An easy night and time to get away is always welcomed. 


Our dinners were good, and they had a variety of gluten free options to choose from. It was delicious! Pasta primavera loaded with tons of veggies. We watched “The Other Woman”, which was very funny. Even my very grumpy husband was laughing. Kimmiecakes approves, if you are looking for a movie to go see. 


It is really nice to be able to go to the movies, giving myself another option to do to get out of the house. For a long time, my tics were so out of control, so a movie was definitely not an option. Maybe this summer I will be able to do even more! 


When we got home, we both laid on separate sides of the living room, both of us all bundled up with blankets, and we didn’t have much to say. But I guess you don’t always need to. In that moment, we were both happy. 🙂 


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