May Part 1 – Happy Friday


Thursday is my dressing change day, which I was really looking forward to. All the sweating lately has made it really itchy, and it peels in corners as well as turns my skin a orangey brown color, probably from all the dead skin. A powerline in the chest already isn’t the best accessory I would like to wear, as I would much rather have a nice pair of earrings, but if it looks gross it makes it all that much worse to have. 


I had all the intentions of recouping from the trip and sleeping the morning away, but I ended up getting up early. Did I clean? No. I did however, decide to take a shower. I had to rush out, and lay down as soon as possible. Dr J has recently confirmed that when this happens, it is a seizure stemming from my brain stem. Makes sense, as afterwards I have an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion, one that I have felt many times before after my other types of seizures. 


I laid down for a bit, then took all of my seizure meds as soon as I felt like I would be able to get up without toppling over. 


While getting dressed, I noticed I had a few big bruises on my legs. I am usually oblivious to these sorts of things because I take literally a one minute bath most days, so I never actually look at my legs, so I am still wondering if it is from my rubber legs at night bumping into things or not. Who knows. War wounds. They will probably be there for awhile, my last big bruise on my leg literally lasted over a year. 


I went to work to do a few projects that need to be done, but that came to a quick halt as I just can’t seem to remember how to do some programs I use anymore. Even looking on Google, Excel seems like a bunch of gibberish to me. Back in 2007, I got a job at a bank, to work on loans, and also with the intentions of teaching their staff how to use that program, so it is funny to me now that the spreadsheet seems completely overwhelming to me. So I played on the computer and had a cup of coffee instead, until I had to head over to the hospital.


Once my dressing change was complete, I felt so much better. A much better looking accessory. I caught up with Helen, my nurse, and told her everything about my trip. As always, she gave me a hug and then I was off on my way.


A friend was suppose to take me to get pedicures together, but she ended up canceling on me. Although I really wanted to go, I really wasn’t too hurt as I was pretty tired. I figured there was a lot of things I could do at home, but I never ended up doing a thing. These trips to DC wipe me out for days. 


As it was Thursday, it meant Grey’s Anatomy and Black Box. I keep preparing myself for heartache when Christina leaves the show, but for the past couple of weeks she still hasn’t left. I think next week will be the week of the waterworks for me. LOL


I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me.  I had to keep getting up and adding a layer of clothing to me as I was freezing, but all bundled up like an Eskimo I finally fell asleep.  


My alarm went off, and I laid in bed for a good solid half hour before getting ready. I took a quick bath and threw on some old clothes, I wasn’t really to worried about it as it was physical therapy day. 


I did my best to stay focused at work, but ended up getting really shaky and lightheaded. Fortunately, everything was just about done. I hate on Fridays going to physical therapy, the front door is locked in the building when my appointment is, so I have to take the stairs up there. I guess it is a good warm up, but it didn’t help with the dizzy shaky situation. At least I was there early, so I could sit and relax. K. wanted to know about my trip, and a report back that Dr J was happy about my progress with physical therapy and the improvements that I have made. Of course, Dr J was really happy that it is making a difference for me. 


I did a lot of leg exercises for the day, and I must say I kicked ass. 😉  One of the exercises, standing on one foot and going heel to toe on the other foot while holding onto a bar, I ended up being able to do it without holding onto the bar at all. K was pretty impressed, telling me he didn’t even think he could do that! That’s right. Kimmiecakes kicked ass. My balance on the bosu ball, doing squats while on one foot was amazing. Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t even stand on that half ball with two feet, not even trying to do a squat!


I did some core exercises, and we decided to call it a day. He told me if I keep it up in the next few weeks he thinks I will be done with physical therapy, as I am improving strength and balance wise pretty quickly, I just need to get better neurologically, but that is where Dr J comes in and is working hard at that. 


Yes! That is great! I am really happy with myself. I got home and before I called it quits for the day, I at least decided to change my sheets on the bed, which is really hard for me to do (sad I know but especially after PT it is a task and a half), and I took care of my antibiotics and supplies from my two suitcases that we bring with us to DC. I had all the intentions of making a nice dinner, cooking down San Marzano tomatoes with some onion, gluten free pasta and spinach, but some gluten free pastas are just terrible, and this was one of them LOL. It is either hard as a rock and not cooked, or complete mush, no in-between. This was complete mush. Boo. 


I am now so tired and sore, and another headache as well as my Bartonella soles are creeping back in. I am doing a lactated ringer, and trying to find something good on TV. I think I am striking out on that one. 


I am a little bummed. I was looking at my antibiotic schedule, thinking I had one more week off. Nope! It all starts again on Monday. I don’t know why I really am bummed, as the weeks off seem to suck all the same. But I guess that means I will be done this months treatment just a little sooner, and I will do my best to enjoy the weekend! 


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