May Part 2 – If You Can’t Take the Heat


Do not call me before 11:00… Ever. My Dad called me to let me know he picked up the mail for me. I know it is a nice thing to do, but I couldn’t help laying in bed, completely angry with him. I had all the good intentions of sleeping the morning away. Argh. 


Even though I was sweaty from sleep (thanks Babs) , and from PT, I decided against a shower or at least a hair washing. That’s what dry shampoo is for. I felt yucky but I figured tomorrow is another day. 😉 


I was really sore from my session the day before, and I was kind of out of it when I finally got up. It was a gorgeous morning. It finally felt like spring, almost summer with the temperature being in the 70s. I always thought the warm weather would do me good, easing a lot of my joint and muscle pain, but I now have the feeling it is going to be a lonnnng summer. I had trouble breathing, and I was a human fireball. The AC was cranking in my car, directed to my drenching armpits, sexy I know, and my windows were rolled down so I could breathe. And it isn’t even summer yet. Like I said, I think it will be a lonnnnng summer ahead. 


I made it to my Dad’s to get to work, and he asked how I was. All I could reply was “ugh”, and he replied, “What is ugh?” After a few seconds of processing he was talking to me, I said to him, “I hate the heat.”  “Well, It is going to be a long summer.” With kind of a look like I was a teenager wearing a pair of shorts with her ass hanging out because I was wearing a tank top, he said to me,  “You have your line showing.” “Dad, it’s hot.”  


I’m not wearing a turtleneck to cover everything up. Everyone will just have to deal with it. I suppose to be fair, with the heat and sweating, and probably scratching in my sleep again has left it with red blotches and that yucky brown color. Whatever. 


I did my work to prepare for my day off. My drive home was pretty long, as I was still lightheaded, and was starting to feel depersonalized again. As soon as I got home I took an Ativan and laid down. It started to rain and cool down so I could finally breathe again as I opened a window in the living room. 


I had cleaning plans, so I swept and vacuumed, and called it good. That was enough for the day. I could feel my eyes getting blurry and my body turning into the tin woman. 


I checked on what Dave was doing outside, and he was doing some things on his “honey do list”, that list you want your husband to do so you make sure he gets it done as it is on paper (you should try it ladies, put it on the fridge and underline it LOL), like spraying around the house, as we get tons of spiders. And yes, these are real spiders, not the hallucinations that I have . This spring and summer should be interesting for sure. There might be a lot of confusion, as I am stomping my shoes on the floor trying to kill all the spiders that are nothing but a figment of my imagination. 


I could feel my glands were swelling a little and the muscles contracting in my face. This is a case of mild Cerebral Palsy, nothing serious, but just enough to be a pain in the ass. Luckily when this happens it seems to go away in a couple of hours. Until then, I was Stallone’in it.


Even though I was done for the day, pretty fried, we had plans to go to the restaurant that I had worked at for several years as they just reopened for the season. I had to leave after my diagnosis and the beginning of my treatment back in September 2012. I left in tears because I loved it there, as they are like a second family, but I knew I just couldn’t do it anymore. I had all the intentions last year expecting to be well enough to go back to work this year. A year later, nope, not happening.


It was so good to see everyone. I missed them so much. I was really happy to catch up with the girls. Some of my past customers, including Dave’s boss were there, as well as Phil, a customer who has a summer lake house nearby from me, that I have become friends with over the years. 


I knew what they were going to order, what they were going to drink, as well as Phil’s pain in the butt two sides of salad dressings he always gets. My mind is still there, somewhere in there at least, so maybe the owner will let me get a electric scooter so I can be a waitress again. LOL Probably not. But I would love it! 


After we left the restaurant, we went to the little grocery store in our town that I had conquered going shopping at a few weeks ago to rent a movie. Unfortunately, the machine was broken, but Dave saw and started talking to a friend that he hadn’t seen for a very long time. The lightheadedness that I knew I could black out and collapse from kicked in, so I had to get back to the car while Dave was chatting away. Dave returned, at least with ice cream in hand. 🙂 


I just had a few bites of ice cream, as I am figuring out that I am beginning to have issues with dairy (it’s too bad because I am a lover of anything cheese), and we just watched documentaries on TV. I went to bed happy, knowing I could really sleep in as it was finally a day off.


4 thoughts on “May Part 2 – If You Can’t Take the Heat

  1. We are finding with the kiddo that if we give him a couple extra probiotics about 15 minutes before eating dairy, he can handle it pretty well. May be something to try if you know you want to eat some cheese. 😉

  2. Kim, you are still family even if you’re not working at the restaurant. You looked good, admitted to being tired when I asked, but according to this blog I’m surprised you stopped by. Good news – you walk so much better than you did when you worked at the restaurant the last year. Shows we didn’t know how sick you were then & how far you have come now. Keep up the good work!

    • I never share my sob story of the day lol but yes it was a long one. I just wanted the best food in town and to see you guys 🙂 Thank you! I am getting there.

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