May Part 3 – Back to Reality


I had the day off, and was able to sleep in with absolutely no interruptions. Ahhhhhhh yes! I got up around 11:30, which is late for me these days, as I use to be able to sleep all day if I had the choice. I did my core exercises that I am suppose to keep up with in bed before I finally decided to get up for the day. I don’t mind the exercises, as even though I am not doing a whole lot, in my head it makes me feel like I will be ready for beach season.. even though that seems to be getting pushed back further and further for me.  


I sat and relaxed, and had my coffee that Dave got for me, that I had to reheat as I was sure he bought it several hours before. I decided to start my antibiotic protocol a day early, as I knew if it hit me like a ton of bricks, which tends to happen on the first day it could make for a long Monday morning, so I popped my Ributin, as well as all my seizure meds. And it starts again! Break time is officially over. 


Laying there for who knows how long, playing with my iPad, looking at hairstyles, shoes, anything that came to mind was the rest of my morning. Dave came in with a smile on his face, “What the heck are you doing? The day is almost over!” Yup.. I knew this, but I was so relaxed and my mind needs that terribly. 


I decided I would take on the task of washing the curtains and the windows as my day off activity. Dave helped me with the curtains, as it probably isn’t wise for me to try to stand on a chair, and I threw them in the wash. 


Dave left to do some errands for the day, so I washed the windows. Not all of them, as I began to get exhausted. The Ributin was kicking in. I could feel that heavy pressure in my head, but I was at least feeling like my cognitive functions were pretty good, I was not in complete outer space. I will take it! Any sort of improvement is an improvement.


When Dave got home and took care of groceries, he took a minute to sit down before he went back outside to tinker, pressure washing the house to get it clean, and other yard work now that it is really beginning to feel like spring. I started having my tics on the couch, raising my arms, and having my outbursts. My head was kind of bobbling around, so I knew I was done for the day. I made Dave stay inside with me for a little bit, and made him put all the curtains back up when they were dry. 


After resting on the couch, I felt a lot better. Overdoing it on the first day back to the grind probably wasn’t wise, but I needed to feel like I accomplished something for the day. My nighttime IVs seemed to go really well. Afterward, I didn’t have my usual rubber legs, and wasn’t in any tremendous amount of pain. I ended up staying up late to watch a movie, and the nausea set in, but I feel like sitting upright seems to help a lot instead of laying flat. So when I got into bed, I propped my head up with pillows, and was able to fall right asleep. No sleep medications needed.  


Monday was an anxiety ridden morning. After my day off, my papers were all misplaced, and a report that I had been working on had literally vanished into thin air. I got pretty angry, to the point of classic Lyme rage, calling my Dad hoping he would know exactly where it was, but no such luck. I was thumbing through everything on my desk, the trash, etc. It was gone. I was so frustrated because I know I had a big week ahead of me, and redoing things just sets me further behind. Lesson of the day: don’t touch my desk. Roar. 


I headed to the pharmacy to pick up some supplements that I need, especially because I have blood work to get done at the end of the week, so I need to get cracking on them to see if they are helping. Of course they didn’t have any of the supplements I needed. They ordered them for me, but it added one more notch to my anxiety. 


Checking the mail was probably not the best thing while feeling stressed out. Bills bills bills.. and then some more bills. It will be a tight month, but we will make due. No splurging this month. So that means Kimmiecakes needs to not look at shoes online this month anymore. LOL. Shoes are my heroin.  


My mind and heart were racing after going through the numbers and getting all my ducks in a row for a month. It was definitely time for an Ativan. It seemed to calm me down some which was a relief. 


You will probably laugh at me for my last stressor of the day… trying to cook dinner. Roasted chicken is probably one of my favorite dinners, but for the life of me I can never remember which way is the bottom and which way is the top to cook it. I have been called out quite a few times on my upside down chickens. I stared at my chicken for a good few solid minutes, turning it each way, trying to figure out which way was up. Chef Ramsey would probably slap me in the face if he saw me struggling to to decipher what way was what. The peanut gallery, aka Dave, didn’t tease me when dinner was ready, so I must have gotten it right.  


I was glad I didn’t do any treatment for the day, as I think my head would have probably exploded. Other than that, I seemed to be doing okay. My body almost felt fluish, that achy sort of feeling, and I got a headache. My ringer seemed to help, and I decided it was best to get to bed as early as possible, as I had day two ahead of me. 


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