May Part 4 – Here Comes Flagyl


Yesterday was day two of my antibiotics. I got up early, and was probably at work earlier than I have been in at least 6 months. Woohoo. I was really surprised, there was no ton of bricks that hit me after starting treatment for the day. YES!


I took a quick bath, shaving my legs and armpits, as I would be seeing Gayle in the afternoon. I looked in the mirror to put on some moisturizer and put my face on, and saw my hair literally looked like Cameron Diaz’s hair in “There’s Something About Mary”. I kept trying to comb the back down, used dry shampoo… nothing. After fiddling with it without success of taming my grease pit hair, I gave up and decided I didn’t care anymore. Screw it. I am not going to be entering any beauty pageants anytime soon. 


As soon as I got to work, my light in the office that is suppose to be unscrewed wasn’t (I should really have this in a contract haha) , so I had to step on the swiveling office chair to get it unscrewed so the light didn’t bother me. I did it like a champ, but getting down was a different story. I stepped down, and one flip flop decided to fling across the room, the other stopped dead in its tracks, jamming in between my toes, and I almost went for a good tumble. Oops.


I got all my work done, and it was time for my massage with Gayle. I didn’t get to see her the week before, as we were in DC, and she was on vacation (kind of worked out perfectly), so she had some work to do. Even just starting treatment, I definitely had a lot of detoxing to do. Sniffle sniffle. My circulation in my feet was horrendous, but I was pleased that everything else wasn’t all that bad. A lot of tenseness in my neck, but the knots seemed to come right out and the pain instantly went away. 


I made sure I would elevate my legs for the night to try to improve my circulation. It is also a good excuse to try to get Dave to rub my feet and legs, being the good guy that he is. He had an appointment with her in the evening, so I figured it would be a bad day to ask. 


Work is really kicking his butt this year, and I feel really bad about it. I am hoping in the fall, as work slows down for him, and that I will keep improving more and more, he will be able to see Dr S, and get an official diagnosis and begin treatment. We will see though. 


My nighttime infusions didn’t go as smoothly. I was so nauseas. It was one of those times that I literally could not move from my spot on the couch, in fear that my dinner would come right up. I kept up with my nausea meds and went to bed early. I could barely keep my eyes open. 


Today is my Flagyl and Diflucan day. Woohooo. Just kidding. As you already know, I hate Flagyl. It was also my ultrasound day, to see if there is anything going on down there. I got absolutely no sleep, tossing and turning between feeling that lump in my throat you get with nausea, and neck and back in pain. My massage just didn’t work this time around. Not to mention my feet were FREEZING! Okay. I will stop complaining. Maybe. Okay probably not. But hey it’s my story. 🙂 I kept trying to move my feet onto Dave, to try to warm them up, but I am sure he was dreaming of icicles, as he kept moving further and further way. 


I decided to get up, as it wasn’t too far from when my alarm was going to go off. I had to drink 32 ounces of water for my ultrasound, and I decided to start as my appointment was two hours away. 


Not getting any sleep already made me feel lightheaded and downright terrible, fluish and hungover, and even just KNOWING I would have to take my Flagyl, I started to dry heave. That was beyond unpleasant as I had to down two bottles of water. Gag gag gag. I sat down and played around on my computer as I had some extra free time before I had to leave, and the metallic taste just wouldn’t leave my mouth. 


On my way to the hospital, I realized even after the large amount of water , I didn’t have to pee. Not even a little. Uh oh. I was hoping this wouldn’t be an issue, and fortunately it wasn’t. The woman did ask me to go to the bathroom, which was basically a light trickle LOL but I guess that was okay because all the tests got done and she didn’t say anything. 


She was one of the grouchy ones, that kind of acted like I was an idiot. To be fair, I was being an idiot, as the antibiotics were kicking in and kicking in HARD. She probably thought I was high, even though I really felt like I was. I couldn’t remember the right way for the gown, she told me to go to the bathroom and I forgot, so she had to have me go back in, and I totally forgot to tie the back of my gown, so she definitely got to see my heiny when I was coming back from the bathroom. Oh well, whatever. I asked if she saw anything, as the staff has all probably worked there for years and years, and she kind of rudely said to me, “The doctor will do it”. Well okay then. During one of my previous ultrasounds, the woman tilted the screen toward me, and showed me everything while she was taking the pictures. I was curious to know because my transvaginal ultrasound was pretty darn painful. A few days wait I guess. 


I went to work as soon as I was done my tests, and by then I was ready to turn around and go home. Walking into the office, I was out of balance, so I would take a few extra steps to the left or to the right. High and drunk. LOL 


Luckily, just about everything was done for the day, so I buttoned up everything that had to be done in the office, and made my way back home, with a few errands to do along the way. Even just sitting at the drive through at the bank, I was completely out of it. I kept trying to justify just going home and missing out on the pharmacy, but I always feel like an ass when they special order something for me, which was my ringers, and the box takes up space so I don’t want things to be in the way. I also had to get my Mom a Mother’s Day card. The pharmacy is really nice, and helps me bring the box out to my car. When I went next door to a store that carries cards, I prayed that I wouldn’t fall down. My mouth began to get really dry, my eyes dry and blurry, and I was so foggy. I picked out the best card that I could, and sat outside in my car, drinking some more water to try to quench that dryness in my mouth. 


The rest of my drive home was a long one. I kind of felt like yelling “weeeeeee!” while driving, as that is kind of how I felt. I made it home safe and sound, and planted my butt right on the couch. I keep having to shake my head and readjust my eyes, as they keep on going in and out of blurriness.  


My head is pounding and I am running a fever of 99.7, so I will need to keep an eye on it for the rest of the day. With an IV line, this is especially important. With a fever of 100.5 with an IV line, one should go to the emergency room. Maybe that is why my head is pounding and I have that high feeling. 


The game plan for the rest of the day is to relax. Hopefully after some rest ( a nap might be in my near future), I will feel a little bit better. The positive side of Flagyl is that Dave picks me up Chinese food, as it seems to be a miracle to getting rid of nausea. Not to mention I love me some egg rolls. 😉

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