May Part 5 – Week One Down


I had a hard time for the rest of the night. I was blurry and spacey, and began to stutter like crazy. The nausea kicked in again a few hours after dinner, so I can only imagine what my stomach would have been like WITHOUT my Chinese food pig out.


It was another night with little sleep. I got a phone call in the morning, my visit with Dr S for an adjustment had to be rescheduled. Boo. My back could certainly use some TLC. My massage doesn’t seem to help with the back issues lately so I think an adjustment is long past due. Next week. 🙂


While trying to take all my pills (Flagyl at least went down easier this time!), I was freaking out as I had butterfingers all morning, and I dropped one of my Lamictal pills. I have a dog and a cat, so finding the pill was pretty important in case they wanted it to snack on. I searched EVERYWHERE and I still can’t find it. 😦 I am hoping it fell behind my bookcase, and I am now going to assume it did, as both my fur babies seem to be perfectly in tact. Lesson: Always take your pills over a table or counter, so this sort of thing doesn’t happen. 


The usual hour after antibiotics kicked in on me and I had a hard time for the rest of the day. I had to go to drop off my Mom’s gift for Mother’s Day at my Dad’s, and I dubbed at work for maybe a good solid two minutes before my brain fried and I couldn’t even remember what I was trying to do, staring blankly at the computer screen. I had to call in a tax report for an over the phone payment, and twice I had to redo everything with their stupid automated system, because my numbers didn’t add up. Third time was a charm!


Then I was off to my dressing change. Helen could tell I was under the weather, as I kept stuttering everything to her and my eyes were glazed over. At least I knew this was the last day of week one’s treatment, so I could grin and bear it. This week I am trying a new tegaderm, as the other one seems to be getting really irritated and gross looking, so fingers crossed it will hold up and not give me any issues. Knowing I am running out of options in this department and having my line in for a couple more month’s really stinks.


I swung by radiology to see if my ultrasound results were ready, and they were! The cysts I had seem to have completely disappeared, but written in bold letters on the bottom of the report read, “Impression: endometrial stripe measures 7mm, recommend clinical correlation.” Hmm. Of course my gynocologist isn’t in her office, and she already told me she gets the results much later than I do, so I am waiting on that so see if there is anything I have to worry about. Hoping it is no big deal. 


I ate all my leftover Chinese food and bundled up on the couch when I got home. I was still running a fever, so everything was achier than the norm, and I was kind of out of it. I waited until right when I went to bed to take my last Flagyl, and did the happy dance in my head that was all over with for the month. 


Today is my day of freedom. This means I am almost halfway done this treatment for this month. Even though the past couple of days were really tough, this month seems to be flying by.


With no sleep again, I had a hard time getting up and going. I was kind of wandering around my house figuring out how to get ready. Where are my clothes? Ok I got them. Turn bath on. Oh wait I didn’t get my clothes. And so on. 


It was an adventurous morning just trying to get to work. The gas station I usually go to was having issues, so of course everyone else was swarming all the other gas stations. I would have waited on getting gas, but I am forgetful and my tank was literally below the empty line. Oops. 


Work seemed to go fine, but like a ton of bricks, I immediately found myself completely exhausted. I had to go to physical therapy right after I was finished, and I really don’t think I did as well as last week. My legs were wobbly and everything was much harder to do. K. seemed to still be happy with my progress, and we will be evaluating again next week and hopefully setting up a workout plan so I can just continue with working on my exercises at home. Fingers crossed. I think I might be on Coartem that day so it might not go in my favor… but I am going to think positive. 🙂 


PT for the afternoon completely wiped me out. I haven’t done  darn thing from the moment I got home. I don’t even think I let the dog out into his pen in the backyard. Sorry Chance. I made Dave cook dinner, but I think that was okay by both of us, as it was a breakfast for dinner kind of night, and he nitpicks my breakfast cooking techniques. 😛 A lactated ringer and a movie sounds perfect to me, as I plan on staying at my usual hangout spot for the rest of the  evening until I can get to sleep.


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