May Part 6 – IV Time


For the next four days I will be doing a pretty heavy IV protocol. The first week of treatment I think of as prep, breaking up all the biofilm and spirochetes, and the second week is a full attack on the Lyme and the coinfections inside of me. 


I took my time getting up, as it was the first day of IVs. I am glad that my protocol has been shortened because I am not handling the toxicity in my body very well, but all the same I didn’t want to start. It takes roughly three to four hours a day to do all of my medications. If I looked at the calendar and saw how many days I have done treatment, almost entirely from December 2012 until now, my mind would probably blow up counting the hours I have been stuck to my IV pole, or holding a syringe and doing a count for my infusions. Blah. 


My first IV bag went okay, probably because I am mostly use to it, but the Cipro IV hit me hard that morning. My head was bobbling around, and I could feel the right side of my head beginning to build pressure. I am going to go with my gut that I was having some sort of brain swelling, as that tends to happen with me. 


I knew I needed to snap out of it. I desperately had to take a shower, and go to work. I stood in the shower, and held onto the walls, feeling the warm water on me, and trying to do my best to concentrate on getting out of this terrible feeling I was having. And you know what? It worked, for the most part. The mind is a powerful thing.


I sat by the computer screen at work, and felt my eyeballs and throat beginning to feel incredibly dry. It seemed like no matter how much water I drank, it wouldn’t quench my thirst or get that gross feeling out of my mouth. I didn’t really mind though, at least I was getting water in me. I know sometimes I don’t drink as much as I should. 


I actually worked all afternoon. Even though I wasn’t feeling great, I was still able to get everything done, and I was feeling pretty good about my work. Sometimes I get really worried that I will make mistakes. You never want to make mistakes doing a bookkeeping job. It is annoying to the vendors having to call and get you to correct the mistakes, and your customers could get angry and not think you are very professional. Makes sense, right?


I had a nice dinner date with Dave. We both had a simple dinner, just salads, so we could be in and out of there so I would be home in time to do my nighttime IVs. What the fudge! I feel like I just did them! Oh wait… I just did. LOL I feel like I count like the movie “The Ring” when I have IV week. “Three Dayssss”. 😉 Okay.. I think it is that movie, but I am kind of loopy as I am writing this now. 


Our friends offered an invite to watch the Bruins game, but I knew I wouldn’t be home in time for when I was suppose to start my infusions, and I knew all the noise and TVs around the room would have been a bad time for me. Too much going on around me seems to confuse my brain and I instantly feel like I am going to pass out.. or end up having a seizure. Dr J thinks my pass outs are seizures, so either way… not the best idea for now. Even though I would have loved wings and seeing my friends that I really miss. 


Although I got cold, my nightime IVs went really well. I never even felt different after doing them. Usually with my Tig, my body turns to rubber for the rest of the night, with a side of nausea, so I was rather pleased that at least the nighttime went really well. 🙂


My happiness only lasted awhile though. Today I woke up with oral thrush. God damnit! I wonder if it had anything to do with my extremely dry mouth the day before. This sort of thing can happen with antibiotics. Luckily, I have a tincture Dr. S made for me to help. This is the worst oral thrush I have ever had, as it is on the roof of my mouth, my tongue, and I can feel it down my throat. It kind of feels like I had an extremely hot slice of pizza, and burnt the ever living crap out of my mouth. 


My morning IVs were rough again. I was glad they weren’t quite as bad as yesterday, but I never seemed to snap out of the daze that I get in once I start my Cipro IV. It is a love hate relationship. It messes me up entirely and it gives me tendon issues for the time being, but after the fact, it clears my mind like no other treatment. I think I have a serious Bartonella overload, but at least I know it is working because even though it is tough, I begin to feel a little better. I suppose it is worth it. Only two more days. I will rock it. 


I did okay at work today, but toward the end of buttoning up things for the day, I really started to feel bad. I began to get floaters in my eyes, and my hands were shaking. I am a little worried because my Dad says my right arm is swollen, so I will have to keep a close eye on it. 


I made it home, and now I am planted on the couch. I am trying to get my butt up and get going, the house isn’t going to clean itself, so here goes nothing, mind over matter, I will get it all done. 🙂 


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there! xoxo

7 thoughts on “May Part 6 – IV Time

  1. Hang in there, I have been in treatments since 2010! I know it’s tough but it will all be worth it some day!:)

  2. Hi! I have Lyme and Co’s for over 25 years. Hard to believe after this much time I am not dead or cured yet! 😉
    I just read this after reading your blog about investigating the MTHFR mutation issue. You are an incredibly bright and insightful writer!!
    I thoroughly relate to your words!
    Thank you for sharing your journey through your writings! God bless you!
    XO 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

    • Thank you! Ugh. I too have had Lyme and Co’s for 20 years but wasn’t too symptomatic until my early 20’s. I hope you didn’t have to suffer for that long 😦 Best wishes and kick some ass! 🙂

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