May Part 9 – PT Graduate


Please forgive me if my writing is a rambly mess, I am having a day. 😛 But I am doing my best.. 

I woke up on Friday morning and went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and began to undress and noticed the plastic part of my dressing had a huge hole in it, leaving my insertion site exposed. No good. Very not good. I immediately called day surgery and the nurse told me to cover it, which I already did with press and seal wrap and to come right there. Okay.. so a pit wipe down and face wash in the sink and away I went. She took care of me, and I was in and out of the hospital, but the stress already got to be physically. It seemed like the longest walk down the hallway and I could feel my body rocking back and forth as soon as I sat in my car. 


Gosh darn it. Why does this have to happen on my physical therapy evaluation day?! I really didn’t need that way to start my morning, especially having to take my Coartem, which can be a doozy on me neurologically…


I tried my hardest at physical therapy to get through everything, and I knew I did much worse than the past two weeks. At least K. knew I was having a day, and he based his evaluation on the past few weeks as well. The final verdict was that it was my last day needed for physical therapy. WOOHOOOO! I am so happy that I have made it this far. He recommended to continue with my exercises, and try to build up endurance. 


He said even if I needed to, wear my sunglasses in places to try to keep going. I have the strength, I just have so many neurological issues holding me back. And so I am going to try to work at it, little by little, to be able to do more again. I have already tackled running a few errands, such as the bank and the pharmacy, but I would love to be able to tackle the grocery store. I only picked up a few small items when I finally tried to do it on my own, but I paid for it dearly. K. said I will know what I can do, and warned me not to overdo it. In my mind, you never know until you try. In the meantime, I am going to make sure I have a chaperone at all times but I would love to at least start with walking. It is something. Baby steps. But I am getting there. 


I was definitely done for the day after my last PT session. I was that gross person that went into the bank with my tank top on, drenched in sweat, because I didn’t want to run home and change, and I absolutely needed to deposit my paycheck. At least it wasn’t too busy in there, and I tried to keep my back away from their view. 🙂 


All evening I was ticking. Ahh! Ahh! *Thriller dance*.. I wonder to myself if this will ever go away, or if it will be a part of me for the rest of my life. Things could always be worse, but I wonder. Doing research, technically I would have a diagnoses of Tourette’s as I have been doing this for well over a year (even though I know this is Lyme and Bart related), but I guess I don’t need any more “terms” added to my list of things that are wrong with me. 


It was another tossing and turning night, and I got up pretty early for a Saturday morning. It stinks, it is my day that I can sleep in without worry, but I seem to be waking up early, even for me. I know it is good to not waste the day, but I know I desperately need the sleep. 


Yesterday was the last day of Coartem for me, the last day of antibiotics until I go back and see Dr. J. I am hoping this break goes smoothly, so I will have good news to bring him. I know this round of Coartem has been my easiest yet, but I did terribly on Flagyl and with the first few days of IVs. Hmm. I am going to focus on detox and keep working at trying to build some more endurance to be able to do more things. I have my goal of the summer in mind, and I am going to do it. Just you wait. 🙂


Dave and I went out to dinner with the “make a wish” couple last night, and it was low key and perfect. On the way there, the light was bothering me terribly, even with sunglasses on, as it was fluttering through the trees into my face. It always makes me feel like I am going to pass out, and that is usually when I have a drop seizure. I closed my eyes on the way there and kept to myself to try to not think about the lights in my eyes. 


I was pretty excited, I got a lobster for dinner. It has been years since I have had a lobster. 🙂 It was slightly embarrassing having to have help break it open, especially considering my Dad has been in the seafood business since before I was even born, but for some reason I just wasn’t functioning right to figure it out. The goofy lobster bib I wore probably didn’t help give me any more “cool points” aside from not being able to get the lobster open, but I think lobster juice on my tegaderm on my chest would probably not be one of the wisest choices. It was delicious though!


I was glad to have gotten out and saw my friends, and Dave and I just watched a few shows until he went to bed. My mind was still going, so I ended up watching a movie, “The Vow”, as I do enjoy a good chick flick with a cute boy in it. 😀 


As for now, ringers for the rest of the month. My lesson is learned, I won’t be doing them right before bed anymore, but wish me luck on my break, this is THE test to see f I am officially ready for my line to come out. My notes from Dr J seemed promising, but as I know things can change. 


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